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When the Bouncers Bounced Jess

this story is completly fictional.

"god i hate this fucking weather" said jess as she looked out of the window of her one bedroom flat.
the weather wouldnt usualy bother her but after her supossed friends cancelled going out everything seemed to annoy her.
jess sat down on the sofa and stared at the pack of cigarettes on the coffee table
contemplating whether to have a ciggie but instead chose to open the wooden box next to it.
inside was her usual saturday requirments,a rolled up five pound note and a bag of charlie ."fuck it, said jess as she opened
the bag and poared a little onto the table and snorting a line alot bigger than she usualy would.
she put on her coat,grabbed her keys and headed towards the door."mmmmm"she thought while turning around and looking at the
box again.jess placed the d**gs in her pocket and went out.

after a few in her local and the acasional line in the toilet jess still found she was angry with her friends for
canceling on her.the nest hour was a bit of a blurr as she drank and drank in the pub ironicly called the cock in cider
if she only knew what would unfold later into the night.

it was 12 oclock and jess was now in a nightclub.'its not much fun on my own' thought jess as she leaned by the bar
looking at all the people with their friends.'one more line wont hurt'she thought and headed
towards the toilets.she entered the cubicle only to realise there was no lock on the door.probley to stop people doing
d**gs inside.but this didnt deter her and she did the line anyway.
just as she did the line through the now very used fiver the door was thrust open and there stood one of the bouncers that
usualy stands outside.he grabbed her by the arm knocking her precius contrtaband to the floor and walked her out of the
toilet heading towards what jess thought was the front door but she was lead past the door and past the bar into a back room.
very confused jess entered the room without a word.the room was dark with bottles in crates in the corners and a table in
the centre of the room.

jess was thrown towards the table by the burly looking bouncer"hey what the fuck"said jess now becoming worried of her
situation,SLAP was the echoing sound as she was slapped in the face so hard that she fell to the floor
."a fucking gobby one aye" came the voice of the muscular bouncer "we'll soon sort that out"juss looked up to get a proper
look at her attacker but it was to dark and the affects of the d**gs had made her so dizzy.
'ok boys we have a 712 here can you give me some assistance'said the bouncer on his radio.jess curled her legs up towards
her chest and sat there for what felt like forever when the door
was opened and in walked 3 more thugish looking men,she couldnt make out there faces in the dark only there outlines and
the small glow from there radios.

another voice said"oo another one that will be the third this week"suddenly a hand grabbed her hair and pulled her up to
her feet "o god whats happening" thought jess
"ok lets do this"said another voice, a deeper one this time.jess was bent over the table her jeans ripped from her
quivering body leaving her exposed to these foul men."please no" said jess knowing what was going to happen.a hand grasped
her ass painfuly hard sepaerating her cheeks and thrust 2 fingers inside her hot pussy jess went to scream when a hand
was thrust over her mouth and a voice whispered in her ear,"if you make another sound il shove one of these bottle down your
throat"the tone of his voice said that he was serius so jess bit her lip to keep quiet as this foul man thrust his
fingers deeper inside her.agaist all odds jess found she was getting wet "o god how can this be turning me on"
thought jess while on the outside she was crying.
jess was to far in though to hear the zip undoing of the thug and she only noticed when the fingers were removed and
replaced by what felt like 10'inches of hard cock "ooooooooooow" shouted jess as he began thrusting."shut her up will ya"
said the brute now pounding her pussy from behind.jess found her hair being pulled again and tasted a saltyness on her lips
followed by a mouthfull of man meat.terrified of what would happen if she turned away she began sucking the throbbing
manhood now inside her may have been the slap or the drink or maybe the coke but jess found herself enjoying her
prediciment,her pussy being fucked by a hard cock while another cock slightly smaller in her mouth.

After about five minutes of this brutal fucking jess could feel an orgasm coming.all the signs were there,her pussy was
soaking in sweet juices, a warm feeling forming deep in her pussy."ow yes" said jess in a quiet voice.'discusted in her
self jess had relised she said that out load."i hope they didnt hear that"."shes loving it boys lets up the ante"said
the man who had removed his cock from her mouth and was stroking himself next to her head.the bouncer deep inside her
withdrew his wet cock and laid on the floor while another guy grabbed her and f***ed her onto the lap of the now lying down sooner had she sat on him he had rammed his cock back inside her and began pounding her once again.
the same man placed his glistening cock inside her mouth again making her choke.jess could feel the orgasm coming again
maybe this time she could achieve it but
as the began to shake with the impeding orgasm she felt something around her tight virgin ass.
"oh my god theres another one of them"thought jess.there was a third man the biggest of all of them why hadnt he joined in
earlier.the sound of a man spitting was all jess heard before a hand grasped her hips and thrust his cock up to the balls
into her tight rosebud.the pain was overwhelming and jess tried to f***e him back out of her but the brute under her was
grasping her so tight she couldnt move."he must be the width of a can" thought jess through the pain."fuck yeah mate there
aint much room left inside this one now your in her ass"said the man with
his cock in her pussy.

all three men thrust inside all of her holes for what felt like forever but eventualy the man pounding her red used pussy
began to grunt and his grip tightened as he emptied his load deep inside her.jess began to cry again knowing that she hadnt
taken her pill that day."oh god"jess thought.the man removed his cock from her sloppy snatch and pulled away from under her
leaving the other to ravage her swollen ass and mouth"oh youv cum have ya, i could use a bit of that,this bitchs dry tight
ass is rubbing my dick raw" said the brute who was deep in her still tight back passage.jess felt so relieved as he
pulled his monster cock from her ruined ass but before she knew it he rammed it in her lubed with the other mans
creamy cum the brute began to thrust much faster than he had before and suprised, jess found the pain subside a little and
she began to feel the pleasures of a full ass.the man in her mouth began thrusting harder until he couldnt resist any longer.
he f***ed the now exhausted jess's head into his groin spilling his seed down her throat.jess felt every injection of hot cum
ooze down her throat,she couldnt believe she didnt gag but enjoyed the feeling of the man spilling his seed deep into her
belly.the only one left was the huge cocked man in her ass so jess just layed there waiting for the ordeal to finish
but a feeling of warmness spread across her whole body,her nipples became hard "oh fuck my first anal orgasm"thought jess
as he continued to reap the benefics of her virgin ass "aaaaaaaarh"shouted jess as she came all over this thugs hard cock
but what she hadnt relised was this r****t had cum inside her at the same time,all of the sweetdeposit oozed out of her
red swollen bum pushing his cock out and making a dripping mess that slowly oozed and mixed with what was left of the
previus ocupent of her pussy.

completly drained jess just layed there trying to get her breath."that was the worst experience of my life but why do i want
more"thought jess as she lay in the pool of a mixture of her own juices and thick cum.
the last thing jess heard before finaly fainting was "iv called the cops,they will take her away as an addict who got violent
but the best part is lads,they all want a go on her before they nick be continued

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