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The Hunting Trip Part II

I could smell the aroma of bacon wafting up the stairs as I slowly woke up. Rolling over I wrapped my arms around the person lying beside me, thinking it was John. Opening my eyes, I looked at him and realized that it was Darryl. Embarrassed I quickly rolled away from him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him, snuggling up to me and caressing my hair. I realized that we were the only ones still in bed. I could hear John and Chris talking downstairs.

“Fuck me,” Darryl whispered in my ear, grabbing my hand and placing it on his stiff hard cock.

I was not sure what to do. The four of us had spent all night fucking and fondling each other, but what was the etiquette for the next day. John was not here to be a part of it. Would this be wrong to have sex with someone else? It is not like I would be cheating on him. He is married after all.

Grabbing a condom, I slipped it on Darryl’s cock. Straddling him I slowly sat on his cock. Slowly I rode him. His cock slipping in and out of me. Speeding up the pace, I fucked him harder my tits bouncing. Within minutes I feel him tense beneath me, and then relax. “I am so sorry,” he blushed. “I last longer than that. I don’t know what happened.”

I laugh and shrug it off, and reassure him that it is fine and he can make it up to me later. Rolling off of him, I grab a vibrator, and rub it over my clit, finishing myself off. He watches me as I play with myself and I reach climax, squirting all over the bed. At that moment Chris enters the bedroom, cheerfully letting us know that breakfast is ready.

In the kitchen John is wearing nothing but a white apron standing at the stove frying bacon. He turns to me with a big grin and comes towards me, his cock standing at attention under his apron. Grabbing me he brings his face close to mine and kisses me, his cock poking into me. He looks at me in my boxers and tank top that I threw on before coming down. “You have too many clothes on,” he jokes.

Raising my eyebrows and giving him the once over, I say “you don’t have enough clothes on.” I turn around and grab a rubber spatula, slapping him lightly on the ass with it.

Darryl and Chris watch us as we playfully pick on each other, laughing to themselves. John and I come back to reality, and the four of us sit down to the breakfast nook and share breakfast and conversation. After cleaning up from breakfast, Darryl and Chris head back to their cabin.

Finally just the two of us, John and I head to the shower together. The hot water sprinkled down on us as we held each other and kissed passionately, fondling each other. Grabbing me by my shoulders he turned me around, my back facing him. He put his hands around my waist and holds me close to him, his hard cock poking into my backside. Gently he traces his fingers across my abdomen, down my pelvis and down the inside of my thighs.

Biting my neck he pushes me against the wall, putting his hands between my ass cheeks spreading me open. Getting on his knees, he buries his face between my ass cheeks, licking my asshole. My body tenses instinctively with this invasion. He spreads my legs open wider, spitting between my ass cheeks. He takes his thumb and slowly rubs the spit around my asshole to lubricate it. I start to relax as I think about how much I trust John and know he would not do anything to hurt me. As I am thinking this, I feel a finger enter my ass. A strange sensation goes through my body. My pussy throbs and tingles with anticipation as he slowly fingers my ass. Spitting on me again, he inserts a second finger into my ass, massaging me slowly, helping my muscles relax.

He fingers my ass slowly and gently, stretching me out, the whole time asking me if I am okay. “Are you ready?” he asks me in a soothing tone. I moan a semblance of a yes. Pulling out his fingers, he stands up grabbing the lubricant on the shelf. I feel the cold lube running down my backside, between my ass cheeks, he massages and rubs it between my legs and inside my ass crack. He then squeezes some onto his cock, stroking himself. He pushes me against the wall, using one hand to hold my arms over my head, and the other hand to guide his cock between my ass cheeks. I feel the head of his cock penetrate my ass. I squirm slightly beneath him, breathing in my ear he reassures me that it is okay. His cock goes in deeper, a dull ache goes through me as he stretches me open with his thick cock. Slowly and gently he fucks my ass, each pull out, results in the next push being deeper and more intense. My heart beats rapidly and my breathing is shallow as I experience this new sensation. Each pounding of his cock in me more intense and pleasurable.

“Harder,” I gasped.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, fuck me like a dirty whore!”

Taking my hips he pulls me slightly away from the wall positioning me in a standing doggy style position. I place my hands flat against the wall to steady myself, he pounds his cock harder and harder into my ass. The pain so unreal but so amazingly pleasurable. His balls slapping against my pussy, stimulating my clit as he fucks me, grabbing my nipple with one hand and his other hand on the back of my neck. Bending over me he bites my shoulder as I feel his body shake and his groin muscles tense up. I feel him explode and blow his load inside of my ass, his cum oozing out as he pulls his cock out of me slowly. We both crumple into a heap on the floor of the shower stall, the warm water still flowing over our sweaty, shaking bodies. We hold each other for a moment and relax. John is the first to get up and pulls me up to my feet. “C’mon we have to finish getting cleaned up. I have something special in store for you, baby.”

My mind wanders, wondering what else he has in store for me. This has already been such an amazing weekend and it was only Friday, and there are still over two more days left. Can it really get any better than this?


“C’mon, sweetheart! I want to show you this place before it gets dark,” John yells to me from the bottom of the steps, as I am pulling on my jeans.

I come down to see him standing at the foot of the stairs with an orange vest, and orange toque. I laugh uncontrollably, as I realized how much he looks like my father in this getup. “Oh my god, John, you are such a hick.” I say sticking my tongue out at him.

“Oh you know you like it,” he says, grinning. “Don’t I look like your daddy, hmmmm? Doesn’t daddy’s little girl want to get a spanking?”

I blush, and look at the floor, “yes.”

I think to myself, why do I tell John about all these sick twisted fantasies I have. Especially the daddy ones. He has never let me live that down and constantly throws it in my face about how I told him the first night he and I fucked, how he reminded me of my father. After I had said it I realized it was possibly the stupidest thing I have ever said after having sex with someone. But I could not help it, he did remind me of my father, and my god that turned me on even more.

“Well daddy is going to take you in the woods and show you something special. Maybe if you are a good little girl, daddy will let you play with his shot gun,” he says to me grinning from ear to ear.

I stick my tongue out at him and jokingly tell him to shut up.

As we leave the cabin and head towards the woods, I notice he does have his gun case with him as well as back pack. “What is in there?” I ask a little concerned now.

“Well I thought I would bring my gun just in case we ran into a deer, I am here to hunt after all. And you will find out soon enough what is in the backpack,” he says. “Oh and you should probably put this on too, just in case there are other people out here hunting,” he says as he hands me a bright orange scarf.

We hike for about forty minutes when I hear water running. We walk into an opening. It is beautiful. Just as I had described to him as a setting for another one of my fantasies. I looked around, and it was to the tee how I had imagined. I never thought that such a place existed. There was a flowing river, with tiny waterfalls, chunks of ices and twigs running with the current. There was a huge moss covered flat rock about the size of a small room, and surrounding us were big beautiful pine trees, except for one bare scraggly oak tree with only two thick branches stretching out reminding me of a crucifix. Now I understood what he had in his back pack.

“Take off your clothes!” he harped at me authoritatively. The tone of his voice made me jump, he had never spoken to me like that before. A lump formed in my throat, almost as though I was going to cry. And that is what he wanted, I had told him before how my father would make me cry just by using that tone in his voice, and now John seemed to have that tone down pat. “I said take off your clothes!” he yelled more aggressively this time. Tears welled up in my eyes. “Are you going to cry? Cry you little brat!” he yelled gruffly, his eyebrows furrowed. My god I was terrified and just wanted to cry, but my pussy throbbed and became moist the meaner and gruffer he became. Of course he counted on that, it was all a part of the fantasy.

Coming towards me he pulls me by the hair. I start to laugh at him hysterically, I can see on his face that he too is stifling a laugh, but he wants to keep this act going, so he slaps me lightly across the face. “Don’t you laugh at me!” Playing along, I apologize as he unzips my jacket and starts pulling at my clothes.

Standing there in the middle of nowhere in the woods completely naked, I expected to be freezing, but my adrenaline pumping keeps me warm. I was anticipating his next move and wanted to ask him what was going to happen next, but I did not want to ruin the moment. He stands there, for what seems like forever just looking at me standing naked in a snow covered forest in the dead of winter. Finally he takes a blanket out of the bag and places it on the flat rock.

“Sit down!” I do as I am told. He takes the orange scarf and blindfolds me. He then grabs my arms and ties my hands behind my back. “Stay there! Do not move! I‘ll be back in a minute”

“What, wh….where are you going!? You can’t just leave me here in the middle of nowhere naked and blindfolded!” I stammer, my heart beginning to race rapidly in my chest. “John? John!” he does not answer me. He is gone.

He is gone for what seems like an hour, when I hear a noise behind me. “John, is that you?” No answer. I feel a hand stroke the side of my cheek. I relax. “Ok, John, you have had your fun, I am getting cold, let’s--” My sentence is interrupted by a hard cock entering my mouth. I gag and sputter on the cock in my mouth.

“Choke on that cock bitch!” says a voice I don’t recognize. I start to squirm and panic. I am about to bite down on the cock in my mouth and try to escape, when a soothing voice whispers in my ear. “It’s okay, babe. I am here, relax.” I realize then, what I really knew in the back of my head, that this was all a part of the fantasy. Untying my hands and removing my blindfold, John pets me on the head like his pet, making soothing sounds as if trying to calm down a c***d.

My eyes focusing and adjusting to the dusky light around me, I see more than just two people are here. Standing around me in a circle are eight men, fully dressed, with only their cocks hanging out. They are all wearing ski masks, except for John and Darryl. I notice another figure in the distance tied to the oak tree. The person is completely naked, and I realize it is Chris. Her perfect body tied to a crucifix, a huge smile on her face.

For a moment my mind wanders to what a strange sight this must be. Then my imagination wanders to movies and books I have read. What if this is some strange ritual and I am being sacrificed to some unknown deity, or these men are going to **** Chris and I and cut us up and s**tter our pieces all over the forest for wolves to eat. I laugh out loud, and remind myself that this is John I am with. He would not do anything to hurt me. It is all about me this weekend. He is doing anything he can to help me fulfill my crazy little fantasies, but of course he is adding a few of his own ideas for his pleasure.

The eight men stand around me and start stroking their cocks. I am in heaven as I watch all these cocks stand at attention for me. I look up at John, he is looking down at me, his eyes sparkling and just smiling at me elated as he strokes his cock. Suddenly a masked man takes my by the arm pulling me to my knees. “Get on your hands and knees bitch!” this stranger orders me.

I look up at John frightened looking for his go ahead. He smiles and nods at me. “It is okay baby, do what he tells you.”

Getting into doggy style position, my ass up in the air, the masked man who gave me the order, puts on a condom and walks behind me. I feel his hard cock enter my pussy. I squirm, slightly, beneath him. “John, make her stay still. I want to fuck her, she is not to move!” I look at John, I feel my eyes get huge as he sticks his cock in my mouth and holds onto my back. The man behind me fucks my pussy holding my hips, I try not to move as he ordered, but it is so hard not to move my hips to the rhythm of his cock pounding me. In front of me John holds my back and head as he fucks my mouth.

The remaining six men move in closer and stroke their cocks over me as John and this unknown man fuck two of my holes. Suddenly John pulls his cock out of my mouth, placing his hand under my chin, he lifts my head up as he blows his load all over my face.

Behind me the stranger fucks me harder, pulling onto my hips, that gives me the indication that it is ok for me to start moving. I gyrate my hips and ride his cock. I feel the head of his cock hit my g-spot. My vaginal walls tighten around him, my buttocks clenches as I prepare for orgasm. I feel his body language tense up and spasm indicating he is about to cum as well, he pulls out of me ripping off the condom releasing himself over my ass cheeks. At that very same moment a gush of liquid comes out of me as I orgasm. My knees grow weaker and I flop down exhausted from the intense orgasm, my eyes closed, for a moment I forget about the other eight men standing around me stroking themselves.

I grab Darryl’s cock and stroke him helping him along. I look over at John and he is sitting on a stump with the masked man, they open up a beer and chat. I am curious to know who these masked men are. I look up at Darryl and the other men, and one by one they release themselves over my face, in my mouth and in my hair.

I look over at Chris and she is still tied up in the tree, nobody paying any attention to her. That is when I notice the vibrator attached to her and I also notice that Darryl had a remote control in his hand. I smile and think of how exciting it would have been to be in Chris’ situation. To be tied up, helpless, watching someone else get fucked and jerked on by eight other guys, only to have a vibrator attached to you, while somebody else had control over it. I bet Chris just loved it.

I lie on the blanket, naked, and cold, covered in cum as I watch John and Darryl say their farewells to the men in masks. All of the strangers leave, not giving me a second glance. Except for one. The one who fucked me still sits on the stump, drinking his beer and staring at me.

John walks toward me with a big flannel blanket and a box of baby wipes. He throws them down beside. “Clean yourself up you slut!” he says sticking his tongue out at me and winking. I clean myself up, the best I can with what I have, watching as Darryl wraps Chris in a blanket and unties her from the tree. She smiles at him adoringly and collapses in her twin b*****r’s arms. Chris gets dressed.

I wrap myself in my blanket, feeling shy all of a sudden with my nakedness, as Chris grabs my clothes and walks towards me. She smiles at me. “That was beautiful,” she says. “Get dressed and go find out who that mystery man is. Darryl and I are going to go back and jump in the hot tub, I am sure we will see you later.” She bends over and kisses me on the lips, my pussy tingles as her tongue explores my mouth.

I watch Chris and Darryl walk away, as I get dressed. Wondering who, indeed, the mystery man is. Fully dressed, I am still cold, so I wrap the blanket around me and head towards John and the masked man. The stranger has the mask pulled up over his mouth so he can drink his beer. I look at his eyes, and my heart starts to race. I feel excitement fill my body. It can’t be? How did he get here? John doesn’t even know him. But it is.

“Mike!” I exclaim.

He smiles and pulls off his mask. His gray blue eyes smiling as he leans in to kiss me.

“How…. What are you doing here?” I ask him, looking over at John questioningly.

John explains to me how he knew how badly I had wanted to fulfill some of these fantasies and that I had always talked to him about Mike. They did not know each other, but one night while John was at my place, I was out of the room for a moment, so he looked on my cell phone and called Mike explaining what he wanted to do. So there he was.

I was ecstatic as I sat there glowing looking at John, my love, my best friend, and Mike, my dom, my master. Two people I cared about and trusted the most in my life.

We sat and chatted for a bit finishing our beer. John packed up everything and we headed through the woods in the dark back to the cabin. The whole time I wondered, what is going to happen next.

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