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First time in months..........

Im sonia saxena im 19 and new to this site....This story is abt the time when i hadnt been fucked in last 3 months. SO as soon as i went to my house in Auckland i had gona to a party and gotten an invitation frm a nice tall lean handsome guy with a muscular body.
SO i wore my best tight short shirt and my shortest jeans skirt with no bra and panties i had to smile at myself.
As soon as i entered his house i knew im gonna have a lot of fun.
We took a seat at his sofa and he got us some drinks and we started talking. After smtime it came to sex and i started telling him what i cld do and tried to make him horny.
After a few drinks he came up behind me and rubbed my shoulders. so i took his hands and put them in my T-shirt on my tits and he squeezed them. and started playing with my nipples and he bent down and kissed me deeply on the mouth.
i took off my shirt and dropped his pants and was amazed to see the nice inches thick and 2 inches wide pulsating pole of muscle which pulsated in my hand.
I took it in my mouth and sucked on it.
He was playing with my tits with one hand fucking my head with the other.
I cld taste his precum.
He then picked me up in his arms almost easily and sucked on my nipples and licked my tits squeezing them all the time. Then he unzipped my skirt and dropped it. he ran a hand on my thighs and then burried his head in my pussy and started flicking my clit with his tonuge and then fingered and licked me deep inside as i had an orgasm. Then he again brought his cock close to my mouth and i sucked on it for some time. then he spread my legs wide and slowly stuck his cock in my pussy.....I had been waiting for this for so long. It was great as he had a huge cock. He then pushed his whole cock in me and started fucking me quickly....I was moaning with pleasure and i lost the count of the number of orgasms i was having. I cldnt help but admire his stamina. I cld feel him getting him harder and harder and finally as he unloaded a huge amount of cum in my pussy as i gave a final loud moan of pleasure. then he pulled out and Brought it close to my mouth. And i din hesitate to immediately take his 9 inches in my mouth and sucking on it. after smtime of fucking my head again he again let out 2 or 3 loads of hot cum in my mouth as i swallowed them.........
now i was happy as after a really long timt i had been Really had been filled in my PUSSY...........

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