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Cum on me

I have always been a good girl. I was a good c***d and a good young lady; finally I ended up a good wife, being the perfect hostess and mistress in the bedroom to the man who broke my heart.

Since we split I have come to recognise I have a slut within me, wanting so badly to get out. I joined a couple of on line dating sites, thinly veiled as dating sites but really just sites to pick up people for sex.

At first I was a little shocked by just how upfront people were about what they wanted but as I spoke with people, made some cyber friends and had some good cyber sex, I got more into the swing of how much fun it could be.

One morning I was lying in bed. It was early and hot and I couldn’t get back to sl**p so I decided to get onto the laptop and see how busy the sites were at that unearthly hour.

A few of my ‘friends’ on and I caught up with them. Then I received a message from a new man. He told me he was away on business and couldn’t sl**p and we started chatting, the chat quickly becoming sexy and in the end down right filthy!

As I lay there naked and rubbing myself I realised how much I missed having a cock in me. My husband had been distant and not very active in the bedroom at the end of our relationship, as it happens just not in our bedroom!
It had been a few months since I had cum with anything but a rabbit and this man was making me realise I wanted a cock badly.

To cut a long story short he was staying in a hotel not too far from me and I asked him if he would like to meet for a coffee at motorway services quite near to his hotel. I don’t know what possessed me but when he said yes I told him where and said I would see him there in 60 minutes.

I didn’t think too much about it, just dressed in demure but sexy clothes and drove to the Starbucks. I’d told him mine was a latte and approached the man who fitted the description and was sitting alone with 2 coffees.

We chatted and drank our coffee. As we flirted I felt him slide his hand under my skirt. He had chosen well with the seat, a fairly secluded booth and gradually he made his way up to finger my already wet pussy.

We carried on talking quite normally as he bought me nearer to orgasm, until I had to say to him ‘do want to find somewhere quieter’

We drove to a secluded spot I knew from walking my dog and before long we had licked and sucked each other and I was bent over his car with his cock pounding in to me hard from behind. As the fucking got harder and I moaned louder he suddenly said ‘oh you like that don’t you slut’ and before I could think about what he had called me I replied ‘yes, fuck your slut harder.’

He turned me around and lay me back on the bonnet of the car, ‘let me see my slut’ he said and watched as I gasped. He fucked me more slowly but very deep until my tits began to bounce. ‘Do you like me drilling your hole hard?’ he said and I just sneered at him and said ‘is that your best?’

He grabbed my tits to brace himself and I felt him pick up the pace more and accompany this with a stream of abuse that would normally have upset me but on that day it turned me on, so much that I came all over his cock as he continued to fuck me hard and deep until he could stand it no more and spunked all over my tits.

He stood me up and kissed me and apologised for his language but I told him not to worry I had loved him calling me his cum whore and thanked him for agreeing to meet me and making me his slut.

We exchanged numbers and agreed we might meet again if he were in the area.

I drove home full of mixed feelings. It had gone against anything I had done before but it had felt so good. I got into the shower and went to work, good me was back but I knew that another side of me was out of the closet and I loved it and wanted more.

Over the next few months I repeated the event in one shape or another. I began to be conscious of my safety and of practicing safe sex. I carried condoms with me and always met men after long get to know you chats and in public places.

A couple became regular meets but that sort of took the fun out of it. I found to my mixed horror and excitement I liked fucking strangers and having them treat me like a whore. Friendships began to creep into the couple of men I saw regularly and some of the excitement was going.

One night I talked to one of the guys about this and shared a fantasy with him about being gangbanged and cum on by a large group of men who I had not met before. He told me to tell him more and before long we were masturbating together with that image in our head.

He messaged me a couple of days later asking me if I wanted to make it happen? ‘How?’ I asked and he told me to message all my friends on the site and see how many would like to meet for some fun. He told me to give my email address (a made up on, not my personal one) and see what response I got and we would take it from there. We had become friends and he said we could use his flat and he would make sure I was safe.

I pondered but thought it would be an interesting exercise, even if it came to nothing but to my surprise I got 15 men say they were interested. I told him and he asked if I wanted to do it for real. I heard myself say yes and so we set about making it happen. (To be continued)

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