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A Lingerie Thief's dream come true..........

A Lingerie Thief’s Dream Come True! By Phantomwatcher2006

For some time, I have been posting pictures of my hotwife Mandy and her exquisite lingerie on the internet, and have had a great many expressions of interest from practising and wannabe panty collectors, etc. This story starts with an email from one such contact, who had begun a story which he invited me to continue ……Let me know what you think- and if you would like to share similar fantasies with me… email

Anyway, I had visions of creeping into your garden late at night. Cumming across Mandy’s washing line. Complete with a Basque. Several pairs of nylons, a long leather skirt a couple of black satin bras and several pairs of black panties. I would carefully unhook them from her line. Suddenly the light in the kitchen comes on. I look for a place to hide and quickly get out of sight. All the while holding onto my precious ‘cargo’ with one hand. And teasing my rapidly stiffening member with the other. I see Mandy at the sink with her yellow rubber gloves on. God she looks beautiful. She has a black top on that shows her cleavage to perfection. Suddenly the kitchen door opens. Again I think I’ve been spotted. However, it’s you Mark. You come up behind your wife cupping her gorgeous breasts and rolling each nipple between forefinger and thumb.
Mandy has given up trying to do the dishes and is holding onto the taps with both hands and from the way her eyes are closed and the contours of her mouth. She is beginning to enjoy. Suddenly you switch your attention to her skirt. You ruck her skirt up with one hand and give her clit a diddle with the other. Until she’s rising and falling with every thrust of your finger. I am quite close to coming and have the gusset of Mandy knickers clamped firmly to my nose inhaling the faint aroma of her quim that is just tangible on her knickers. I have a mixture of her panties and stockings wrapped around my cock to make it feel like Mandy pussy as I watch you at play. Imagining it’s me making her squeal. You grasp her wonderful hips and pull Mandy onto your cock. I can tell by the look of shear enjoyment on Mandy face as you start to pound her. Suddenly she orders you to stop. Bends down. Unhooks her panties. Opens the window and hangs them out. Presumably to air. She then positions herself doggy style for your enjoyment as I take her panties from the window ledge. Sucking the freshly made aroma of her juices from the material. All the while listening to Mandy cumming on the end of your cock.

Mark’s continuation :-

Mandy gets a great buzz from being tied up and blindfolded, often out of doors. As a culmination of her sexual pleasure on this occasion I lead her into the pitch-dark back garden, fetching some rope from the shed, and with practised hands, tie her down on her back across the rectangular patio table, beneath the pergola. Slipping a blindfold over her eyes, I then loop ropes over the pergola and around her ankles, hoisting her legs into the air, splayed as wide apart as they will go. Her arms are pulled out either side of her and tied with bonds to the legs at each end of the table. Mandy’s head lolls over the other side of the table, her hair hanging towards the ground. The table is the perfect height for really good penetrative sex…

‘What the fuck are those dogs barking at?’ I think, glad that I left them locked indoors – or they would have gotten in the way for sure, once I settle down to munching Mandy’s succulent pussy. They must have heard cats, or something, outside. I glance around to see if I can see what has alarmed them, unable to discern anything in the shadows, then think to myself ‘What a shame – Mandy has taken in a lot of the lingerie that she left on the line earlier, - I do enjoy staring at it when I am pumping my cum into her pussy. Ah, well – I wouldn’t have been able to see it clearly in the dark, anyway.’ Teasing Mandy now, I say to her ‘Now I’m going to leave you alone for a little while – tied there with your naked glistening pussy exposed to the night air, while I go in and get that cat o’ nine tails, your vibrator and my camera from the bedroom. I may be a little while, ‘cos I need to take a comfort break, too. Just imagine if our neighbours look over the garden wall – they won’t believe their eyes!’ I go indoors; driving the whimpering dogs away from inside the back door, and chuckling to myself, make myself comfortable in the bathroom. Finishing my task there, I pop into the study and quickly dial up the ‘net, telling all my usual contacts what mischief I have planned for the evening. Most of my panty-pals were on-line but, unusually, I wasn’t able to reach Chris, with whom I have spent many a happy hour wanking over pictures of Mandy and her lingerie.

Outside, in the deep shadow cast by the shed, you think over what you have just heard. Surely this is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed! But if you move in on Mandy too soon, she will realise it cannot be her husband, because of all the things he had to attend to. Wait too late, and I might return, and you would lose the chance to ravish her.

You count to three minutes, then stepping from the shadows you move stealthily towards the table, approaching Mandy’s head. Your still-rampant dick is exactly level with her chin, and she starts as you gently stroke her face and hair. ‘You were quick’ she says, ‘Mmmm’ is the only sound you make in reply, before sliding your throbbing member between her glossy lips and deep into her warm wet mouth. Mandy works expertly on your cock with her tongue, rolling your bell-end inside her mouth, and sucking as only a well-experienced woman knows how.

Mandy tries to say something but only strange spluttering noises emerge from around your cock. You notice she is sniffing curiously at your scrotum which is sliding backwards and forwards over her nostrils. You reach forward and grab hold of her beautiful breasts, massaging them and tweaking her nipples which are stiffly erect in the night air – your changed stance effectively muffling whatever words Mandy is trying to spit out alongside your rock-hard cock.

The sheer pleasure of playing with her magnificent breasts and the sensation of warm suction surrounding your cock is bringing you towards orgasm. From experience, you know you must be leaking a lot of pre-cum, and you can hear Mandy repeatedly swallowing hard. However – you know that tonight might be the only chance to savour her pussy – the flavour of which you have only tasted second-hand on her damp panties earlier. So, reluctantly, you withdraw your vacuum-hardened shaft from her delicious mouth.

‘Mark’. – says Mandy, ‘I don’t know what your playing at, but pretending to be someone else by putting different body splash on your balls isn’t funny! I know I like those games sometimes, but being blindfolded and trussed up out here like this – well, it’s a bit creepy! Mark – Mark! For God’s sake say something! Mark! Stop fucking about I don’t like it! - MARK!...........’

Becoming alarmed by Mandy’s rising tide of protest, you glance nervously around to see if she has attracted anyone’s attention. Then a brainwave hits you. Withdrawing from your pocket the pair of soggy, precum-dampened panties you previously had wrapped around your cock, you quickly shove the slippery garment into her mouth to silence her. Realising that just the one pair, being too miniscule, would not be sufficient, you f***e another three pairs into her mouth, then tie a gag around her head and over her mouth using one of the seamed stockings you had also purloined, holding the panties in place and effectively reducing her shouts to muffled grunts. Satisfied with your handiwork, you walk around the table to the other side where Mandy’s legs are tied wide apart and stretched into the air, exposing her pouting, perfumed pussy. By this time, Mandy’s body is thrashing about, her temper getting the better of her. Leaning forward, you place one hand beneath each of her buttocks and lower your face towards her glistening, gaping vulva. Licking your lips in anticipation, you savour the delightful perfume wafting from her pubes, then tongue outstretched, you plant your mouth firmly against her slippery snatch. As your tongue enters her soaking wet love tunnel, probing and licking her sweet tasting secretions, Mandy stops struggling, her now-stifled protests turn into a murmur of delight and she thrusts her pussy towards you, coating your face with her glistening juices of desire. Running your tongue backwards and forwards along her crack, you lick deliberately slowly from her bum-hole to her clitty, pausing there to nibble and suck at her love-bud. Mandy starts to thrash about again, this time not to escape your ministrations, but with ecstasy as she gyrates her pubic mound against your mouth. Slipping first one finger, then a second into her vagina, you begin to finger-fuck her, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and strength. Squeals emanate from her throat, barely muffled by those cum-soaked panties in her mouth, as you bring her towards her orgasm.

Mandy’s back suddenly arches, and from somewhere deep in her chest comes a growling roar as she thrashes against the restraints, her head rolling from side to side as her pent-up sexual pressure is released in an earth-shattering orgasm. Mercilessly, you continue the sucking and licking of her clitoris, the thrusting of your fingers into her squelching snatch as her orgasm rolls on and on, making her buck and grunt like a wild a****l. Finally her contortions ebb away and she lies still, bathed in sweat, exhausted on the table. Drawing your fingers from inside her red-hot hole, you bring your face from her pussy, and feel the cool night air on the moisture coating your face. You grin, seeing her legs still splayed wide apart, and standing upright, you unfasten your trousers, allowing them and your pants to fall around your ankles. Your balls are aching so much you fear they might explode, as you stroke the length of your dick, gazing, mesmerised, at her dilated pussy and naked breasts, now more clearly visible, as the clouds pass overhead allowing the moon’s light to illuminate her gorgeous sexy body. How you have yearned for this moment – Mandy – bound and helpless – almost naked at your mercy.

Shuffling closer to the table, holding your rampart erection so close to Mandy’s pussy that you can feel the heat radiating from her body, you savour the moment, your eyes running up and down her beautiful body, soaking up the visual delights of your escapade. You let the tip of your dick make contact with her puffy pussy lips, pausing to rub it up and down her crack then, pushing it into her pussy gently at first, you feel the warmth of her wetness around your bell-end.

Then, liked a crazed demon, a red mist comes over your eyes and you know you want to take her violently. With a sudden thrust, you enter her fully, ramming your rampant prick as hard and as deep as you can into her belly. Holding her by the hips you fuck her viciously, your balls slapping nosily against her buttocks as the juices pour from her lubricated pussy. Reaching forward with one hand you begin to pinch her breasts and tweak her nipples really hard, pulling on them and stretching them away from her body. To your amazement, instead of protesting, Mandy appears to respond in kind, wilfully raising her buttocks and pushing towards each of your thrusts, to better enjoy the battering punishment your huge prick is giving her cervix.

You feel Mandy’s well-trained pussy muscles milking your cock with every thrust you make. Arching your back, you fuck her even harder, deeper and faster as your head spins with the unbelievable sensation of Mandy’s welcoming cunt wrapped around your cock.

The pent-up excitement of the evening’s perverted events has now built up to boiling point in your balls and suddenly, uncontrollably, you ejaculate into Mandy’s deliciously pulsating vagina. But this is no ordinary orgasm – Your mind blows as what appears to be litres of steaming spunk spew from your cock into Mandy’s capacious cunt. Your whole body shudders as it is racked with the sensation of unending spurting semen gushing in spasms from your abdomen into hers.

Suddenly, your knees weaken and you collapse on top of Mandy’s perspiration-covered body. Exhausted, even as you are, the close proximity of Mandy’s gorgeous breasts and pert nipples to your face, as you lay over her abdomen, causes an involuntary stirring in your loins once again. To your amazement, you find your prick re-stiffening and lengthening pleasurably inside Mandy’s cum-filled pussy. Pushing yourself back up into a standing position with your forearms, you re-commence your enjoyment of Mandy’s anatomy, your now ramrod-like tool once more thrusting f***efully in and out of her slobbering snatch. Gobs of spunk slither out of her vulva, slurping around your prick and balls, then slide down her bum crack, pooling on the table beneath the pair of you. You feel it running off the table and down your legs, splashing into your trousers and pants which lay crumpled around your ankles.

The sheer sinfulness of the situation causes your libido to rejoice in its resurrection, and you feel that a****listic urge once again to ravish this woman who dares to belong to another man.

Now your mind plays back fantasy after fantasy as you f***e your cock even deeper into Mandy with each thrust. She’s tied up – she doesn’t know who’s doing this to her – is this….non-consensual sex?! The exhilaration of the realisation of the very illicitness of the act takes your mind by surprise, and heightens your arousal even further, strengthening your erection to firmness you never thought possible. Unable to quench the exquisite concept of wickedness spinning in your brain, you lose control and yet again hose the inside of Mandy’s battered pussy with steaming hot jets of cum!

Your body racked by uncontrollable shuddering, your finally-softening prick slithers from Mandy’s seeping snatch. You bend and give her engorged clitty one final lingering suck and lick. Staggering backwards away from her abused body with your trousers tangled around your legs, you feel the wetness of your clothes, drenched with cum. Using some more of the undies you took from the washing line, you mop up your legs and clothing, and then dress yourself. You notice Mandy is totally motionless – you have fucked her into u*********sness! Moving around the table, you remove her gag and withdraw the panties from her mouth. Still she does not stir. You kiss her lips and noticing how dry they seem, you use her mouth to clean your soggy limp penis, drying it on her luxuriant, perfumed hair.

Noises inside the house alert you to my movements. You quickly look around to see if you have left any physical clues to your presence, then swiftly move back to the end of the garden where the washing line is situated, before disappearing over the garden wall, the way you came. I return to where I left Mandy and find her apparently asl**p. ‘Well, I’m buggered!’ I say to myself – ‘I wasn’t that long. – Ah well, I may as well enjoy myself, and I might even wake her up’. Putting down the whip, vibrator and camera (not much use without her interactive enjoyment), I insert my eager cock into Mandy’s pussy for the second time that evening; I notice that her normally tight, firm vagina seems awfully ‘loose’ – and extremely wet. ‘Mmmm, - she must have been having a really erotic dream to get as wet as this – what a clever idea to tie her up and leave her!’ I think out loud. Pumping my member into her snatch, the delicious squelching noises coming from around my cock increase my excitement and, after just a few seconds, my balls blow my load deep inside her. To my annoyance, Mandy doesn’t stir.

‘Charming!’ I think – ‘A bloke does his best and she doesn’t even feel it!’ ‘Oi! Wake up you sl**py-head’ I shout, and Mandy begins to stir, licking her lips thirstily.

Her voice low and shaky, Mandy mumbles ‘Mark – don’t ever do that again – I almost suffocated!’ ‘ ‘What?’ I ask.

‘Gagging me like that – you know I love to shout and swear when I’m cumming!’

‘Mandy – I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t gag you – you were sound asl**p when I came out and you were obviously dreaming!’

Releasing Mandy from her bonds and helping her to her feet, I notice how unsteadily she walks back to the house.

I begin to wonder to myself if there is something strange happening here. The dogs getting agitated like that, and Mandy imagining all sorts of nonsense. An instinct tells me to switch on the security floodlight and, as the 500 watt lamp illuminates the garden, I do a double-take when I see the washing line. Previously, I thought it was almost empty – but now it’s full again! And I could have sworn Mandy’s undies weren’t pegged out in that order earlier…Oh well, Mandy must be right – too much sex is making me go blind!

Switching the light off, we go indoors to the bedroom whereupon Mandy collapses in her usual ‘just-fucked’ posture on the bed. Proud of how I have obviously exhausted her with my proficient love-making, my eyes fall onto her naked pussy. Good grief! There’s a lake of cum pooling under her buttocks! If I did all that – well, - no wonder my balls ache so much these days!

My mind wanders over the evening’s events and a strange, exciting possibility occurs to me. Is it just possible…….? Someone else was out there – watching – or even… Oh my God! Looking Mandy over more closely, I notice how swollen and puffy her pussy lips are. Her nipples look really sore and there appear to be pinch marks on her breasts… and what’s that glistening in her hair…- and is that just lip gloss on her mouth…..? Inside my trousers my flaccid prick springs back to life again as I consider the possibilities. Has the good Lord finally sent me a playmate who wants to use my wife as much as I want to see her used? One who wants to play with and cum into her undies?

A plan forms in my head. This evening, Mandy was staked out like living a****l bait in a trap. Perhaps, when we next do this, we will again attract a b**st – a SEX b**st! Then, like a true naturalist, I will be waiting and watching with my night vision binoculars and infra-red movie camera – ready to watch and wank as the b**st feasts on Mandy’s succulent body!

Copyright: Phantomwatcher2006

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