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The time I almost got caught.

I have a friend with benefits that is quite a bit older than me actually, we have an odd relationship I guess as far as an affair goes. We do not actually have intercourse.

We had met up to have our rendezvous and when we got to the house we started kissing and undressing each other, kissing exposed skin as we go. He loves my breasts and gets them uncovered as quickly as possible every time we are together so that he can suck on them and nip at my nipples to hear me moan for him. We continued to kiss as I run my hands over his chest and put my arms around him as he does me and he holds me tightly as he kisses me breathless. We start to stroke each other's naked bodies and as we get more excited we hold hands as walk over to the bed and lay down facing each other with his arm under my head and we continue to kiss as our hands caress each other. Slowly running our hands over each others bodies. I stroke his cock as he kneads my breast and kisses down my neck to suck on my breasts and nipples, biting quick and sharp on my nipples just the way I love.

He reaches down with his other hand and strokes me already soaking wet pussy and gets his fingers wet so he can thrust 2 of them into my wet pussy fast and deep making me moan again for him. He fucked my pussy with his fingers for a couple of minutes before pulling them out to circle them around my clit making me moan yet again(He loves to hear me moan obviously). He continues at my breast as he plays with my wet pussy taking his time playing with me. He will fuck my with his fingers stroking my g-spot and alternate with rubbing and flicking my clit. He kissed down my belly to lay his head down above my pussy so that he can get in a better position to thrust harder and deeper into my cunt, curving his fingers to firmly stroke my g-spot making me start to move my hips and thrash my head as I feel that lovely feeling of release starting to radiate from my pussy to the rest of my body. He strokes his fingers in and out of me faster as I start to moan and thrash my head until I scream out as I orgasm around his fingers and he continues to stroke my clit with his thumb as he slowly moves his fingers in and out of my pussy sending my into another, genteler orgasm until the spasms of my pussy slow down and are less intense.

He comes back up to me and kisses me again stroking my back as I catch my breath and smiling at himself for a job well done. And then teases me about cumming so hard that I cut off the circulation to his fingers and he may never feel them again. I giggle at this and kiss his jaw and start down his chest stalling to kiss his nipples and run my tongue around them and suck gently, flickering my tongue across them until they are stiff on my tongue. I continue kissing down his tummy to his legs letting my hair rub across his cock but not actually touching it with my mouth. I move down so that i am lying between his legs with my head directly over his cock and start kissing his thighs and all around his cock and balls but still not kissing them or touching them yet in anyway. Letting my hair run across his cock I stick out my tongue and take a long slow lick from the underneath side of his ballsack to the base of his cock up to the head where I run my tongue around the head before quickly taking him all the way in my mouth and as I bring my head back up I move my tongue back and forth on the underside of his cock firmly listening to his breathing change. I swirl my tongue quickly around the head of his cock and then grasping him firmly in my hand flick my tongue over the head, licking and sucking just the tip while my hand strokes him, occasionally taking him all the way in my mouth so that I can keep his cock wet for my hand to stroke. Then I released his cock so that I could suck and lick on his balls making him moan for me and watching his hands clasp at the sheets in excitement. I move back up to his cock taking him in my mouth and his balls in my hand as I start massaging them and working my tongue and mouth on his cock as I moan around him. Firmly pressing and rubbing my tongue on the underside of his cock while rubbing his balls, he starts to moan and his hips start twitching, he can't hold his arms still as he moans loudly and shoots his hot load in my mouth while I swallow it all. Continuing to suck and lick as he shakes and twitches for me until he starts to calm down and I stop tasting cum. Gently bringing him back down teasing him as he struggles to bring himself back under control. I kiss my way back up to him and he kisses me gently on the mouth as he strokes my back and holds me tightly.

After lying there for a few mins and enjoying the afterglow of great orgasms we know that it is time to go. As we are getting out of bed, we hear a car door and he looks outside and says his b*****r has shown up. we quickly get dressed and I put my panties and bra in my pockets and he has me hide in an unused bedroom. He texts me while I am in there telling me that his b*****r is showing someone a cabinet that he has for sale and he will try to get rid of him quickly. After about 15 mins of standing behind the door in the bedroom just in case, he comes to get me saying his b*****r is gone. He kisses me deeply and I go back to work, excited at my adventure and thrilled at almost getting caught. He obviously wasn't as turned on by it since it would have been his f****y that caught us but I have to admit I enjoyed the excitement.

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