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The Hunting Trip

It was beautiful. The snow all around us, the mountains, the trees, it was so quiet and serene. As we pulled up to the cabin, I was awe struck by the size of the “camp”. When he told me he wanted to take me to his hunting camp, I expected a little shack in the woods. I never expected the monstrosity before me.

“I thought you told me we were going to your hunting camp? This is a cabin, a mansion even!” I stated excitedly.

“You wait until you see the sauna and guest house, oh yeah and the pool house,” John laughed.

I of course thought he was joking, until we got out of the car and headed up the stairs to the front doors. On the side of the cabin I noticed two other buildings, both just slightly smaller than the cabin.

That is when I noticed a car parked behind one of the smaller buildings. I looked at him questioningly. “Oh my wife’s cousins are staying in the guest house. Don’t worry they won’t tell her I am here with you. I spoke to them about you all ready, they are just gonna keep their mouths shut and do their own thing,” he said winking at me mischievously.

* * * *

Inside the cabin, he took my suitcase and jacket and told me to get comfortable, as he disappeared up stairs. Looking around I could not believe the beauty of this place. The floors, walls and ceilings all made from oak and maple. The main area was an open concept living/kitchen area, with high cathedral ceilings. A fire was all ready burning in the beautiful brick fireplace. Looking out the huge French doors to the balcony, I could see the snow capped mountain peaks behind the tall glistening pine trees.

Startling me, John cleared his throat as he came down from up stairs. “I see Darryl and Chris started a fire for us.”

John opened the French doors and walked out onto the balcony, gesturing for me to join him. The air is crisp and my nipples become erect as I step out into the cold. He grabs my waist and brings me in close to him, his warm breath on my neck as he slowly nibbles at my neck, working his way to my ears, and then kisses me passionately on the lips. My pussy starts to throb and moisten, as I feel his cock become erect beneath his pants. “Ready for another round, are you?” I ask.

On the drive to the camp I had sucked his cock while he was driving. Which was quite a distraction on these windy roads, we had almost ran off a few times, but that made it all the more exciting.

I looked up at him and could tell he was thinking about the drive here, as he daydreamed, I slowly unzipped his jeans, getting down on my knees on the snow covered balcony. Pulling his cock out, I grabbed it and started stroking him gently. A moan of pleasure escapes his lips as he grabbed me by the hair on my head and shoved his hard cock in my mouth, gagging me. Fucking my mouth, I lick and suck on his cock, fondling his balls with my hands and rubbing my thumb around his asshole. Slowly I insert my thumb in his asshole, rubbing and caressing inside as he moans, my mouth still around his cock. Suddenly I feel his sphincter tighten around my thumb as he spasms and ejaculates in my mouth. His salty cum fills my mouth as I suck and swallow. I look up at him and see his eyes roll into the back of his head as his cock slowly shrinks in my mouth.

Releasing his cock from my mouth, I wipe the stray cum and drool from my lips. I get off my knees and stand up, looking him in the eyes, I kiss him and share with him the little bit of his cum that is left in my mouth.


After a bottle of red wine, supper and some snuggling on the sofa in front of the fire, John suggests that I go check out the hot tub or take a jump in the pool while he cleans up a bit. “I will join you in a few minutes, babe,” he says to me, winking.

He throws me a set of keys to unlock the pool house. “Just lock the door behind you, get naked, and I have another set of keys and will let myself in. Just go relax and make yourself comfortable.”

Inside the pool house I am in awe once again. The back and one side of the house is a tainted glass, that you can see out of but no one can see in. A fire place crackles in a corner, where there is also a sitting area similar to the layout of the main cabin. In the middle of the big open room is a swimming pool shaped like a crescent, with a hot tub placed in the middle of the crescent. Beautiful tropical plants decorate the walls and floors. In another corner there are lounging chairs and an armoire with towels and thick warm comfy bath robes. Grabbing a towel I strip down to nothing and slink into the hot tub.

The warm water surrounds my naked body. Immersing my self completely, I close my eyes and relax, thinking about the beauty of this place. I think about the possibilities of what can happen this weekend. All of the sex, exploring, and adventure that John and I can have. I think about one of my fantasies that he promised he would help me fulfill this weekend and my pussy starts to tingle with anticipation. Slowly I begin to rub myself, fantasizing about being naked in the woods, bound to a tree, while John teases me, flogs me, and fucks me.

Moaning I play with myself, inserting two fingers inside of me, rubbing my clit with my thumb. My eyes are still closed when I hear a noise, I grin to myself, knowing that John will come in and find me playing with myself. Minutes pass and it is so silent in the room, I must have been mistaken about John being here. I open my eyes, looking up to find a beautiful, voluptuous red head standing outside of the hot tub, watching me. She has her hand on her breast, under her shear see through black cover-up, her shaved pink pussy in my eyes view. I jump, startled, embarrassed and wondering who this beauty before me is.

“I am ssssorry,” she stutters, still looking at my naked body, not at all hiding the fact that she is aroused. I start to reach over the side of the hot tub fumbling for my towel so I can get out and cover myself up. “No, don’t,” she says. “There is no reason why we both can’t enjoy the hot tub. I am Chris, I am staying in the guest house.”

When John had told me that Chris and Darryl were staying in the guest house, I had assumed it was two men staying to go hunting for the weekend. I had never considered that Chris would be a beautiful woman. I felt a twinge of jealousy that John had never thought to inform me of that. ‘

I think about her joining me in the hot tub for a moment. What harm is there in it. I am sure that once John comes in to find me, she will leave and go back to her cabin.

She slowly lets her cover-up fall to the ground, and joins me in the tub, her breasts perky and full, bounce as she walks in. I expect her to go about her thing and relax on the opposite side of the tub, but she lays back and situates herself about two feet away from me. I am a little uncomfortable and aroused at the same time having this naked woman next to me. I try to make idle chit chat, but she moves in closer, brushing her hand against my breast. I am frozen, as she leans in and breathes in my ear, “have you ever been with a woman before?”

Shocked, I reply by shaking my head, indicating I had not. She grabs my face, licking my cheek, her other hand slowly caressing the inside of my thigh. She grabs me by the waist, and lifts me up to the side of the hot tub, the tiles cold on my ass and pussy. My instinct is to close my legs to hide my exposed pussy. Grabbing my knees, she opens my legs and pulls me down so my pussy is just on the edge of the hot tub. My pussy is just at her face level. It throbs with anticipation as she slowly takes her thumb and rubs my clit. Lying back and I just go with it, I expect her to bury her face into my pussy. I wait to feel the warmth of her breath on me, but it does not happen, instead I feel a wet coldness on my pussy. I realize it is lubricant. What is she doing to me? Rubbing me, she slowly inserts two fingers inside of me, I feel her long fingernails sc**** along my pussy walls. Then another finger enters me, then another. I feel my pussy stretch, aching from f***e. She rubs my clit with her thumbs for a bit, using her four fingers inside of me to stretch me out. Pulling fingers in and out of me, it feels so good, I want her whole hand inside of me. I want her to fist me. As though she was reading my mind, she bends her thumb, putting just the tip inside of me. I squirm from the pain. “Do you want me to stop?” she asks.
“No, please go on,” I answer.

I relax myself more thinking about John’s reaction if he were to walk in and see this. Would he be upset or extremely turned on. Was this idea? Did he set this up? He knows two of my fantasies are to be with a woman and to be fisted. He had promised he would help me fulfill some of my fantasies this weekend. He had to have set this up.

I feel her hand curl up into a fist as she slowly pushes her hand into me. It hurts like no pain I have ever felt before, but the pleasure takes over. Then the initial pain is gone, as her fist is inside of me, the opening of my pussy no longer being stretched, but I can feel her fist in me. He knuckles rub against my vaginal walls as she twists and turns her fist with a flick of her wrist. Slowly she pounds my pussy with her fist, speeding up, as her knuckles rub against my g-spot. The pleasure is overwhelming, her fist feels so good inside of me. I tell her to go faster and harder. She obeys and punches my pussy vigorously. I feel my body spasm, my vaginal walls tighten around her fist like a vice. Arching my back, she slowly pulls her fist out of me as I release and squirt in her face. She laughs with delight, as I soak her with my pussy juices. She buries her face in my pussy, and laps at me drinking it in. My body relaxes and my knees shake. She pulls me back into the hot tub by my feet and takes me in her arms, holding me tightly and kissing me.

We sit in the hot tub in silence for about fifteen minutes, as my body relaxes and I come back to reality. I realize about an hour and a half has passed since I came out to the pool house and have not seen John.

I express this to Chris. “Oh,” she says, “Darryl said he was going to go in and say hi to him and maybe have a beer. Time must have gotten away from them also.”

“Probably. I am sure they are talking about who is going to get the biggest buck this weekend and all that talk about guns and hunting,” I replied.

“Or perhaps not,” she replies.

I am confused by her statement, but do not bother to ask for an explanation. We get out of the warm hot tub and grab bathrobes from the armoire and head into the main cabin, the cold air shocks my body and I begin to shake. Once inside the warmth of the fire overcomes me and I relax again. John and Darryl are nowhere to be seen. Chris goes to the liquor cabinet and mixes us a drink.

“I am going to go find John. Maybe he is passed out upstairs, he doesn’t hold his liquor very well,” I state.

I head upstairs. I hear noises coming from behind the master bedroom door. It is open a slight crack, so I slowly open it and take a peak in.

I stand in the doorway, shocked and frozen at what I see happening on the huge king size bed. On his knees in doggy style position, I see a handsome man with red hair and a goatee. His build athletic and muscular. Then I see John, holding onto this man’s hips, fucking his ass. They don’t realize I am standing there until I feel Chris’ hand brush the back of neck. I let out a yelp and jump startled. The two men stop and freeze, John looks up at me. I expect to see a look of shock and shame on his chiseled serious face. But he just looks at me and winks, a mischievous grin on his face. He then continues to fuck this man from behind, just like I was not there. I turn around to run out of the room, not sure what to feel, but Chris stops me and grabs my hand.

“I see John and Darryl are catching up,” Chris says, leading me to the bed.

John watches me as he pounds his hard cock in and out of this man’s ass. That is when I realize that this man is Chris’ twin b*****r. What the hell is going on? Why is she here in this room, while her b*****r is being fucked by another man?

I try to be appalled by the situation, but my pussy will not let me. My clit swells and my pussy throbs, watching my lover fuck this guy’s ass. I start to rub myself as I watch, my arousal taking over. Suddenly John pulls out of the ass he is fucking, pulling off the condom quickly, and shoving his cock in my mouth. Before I realize what he is doing, my mouth is full of his thick salty cum. I start to swallow. “Don’t,” Darryl says as he grabs me by the face and kisses me, taking the cum in my mouth into his. He explores my mouth with his tongue as we swap John’s cum back and forth. John and Chris watch us as Darryl kisses me with f***e and passion. Finally the kiss ends and we both swallow the cum in our mouths. “Hi, I am Darryl,” he says. “I see you have already met my s****r, Christina.”

Chris laughs and winks at her b*****r, “oh yes we have met.”

Reaching across the bed, Darryl grabs Chris by the legs and pulls her close to him. Winking at John and smiling at me, Darryl buries his face into Chris’ pussy. I stare in shock and awe. That is when I realize how much Chris and Darryl do look alike. There is no mistaking that they are siblings, or twins for that matter. I watch as Darryl licks his s****r’s pussy, her eyes roll back into her head and she moans in pleasure as her b*****r tongue fucks her. I am so aroused and want to join in on the action, but I am not sure if they want me to, or if John would like the idea of me playing with another man in front of him. I look at John questioningly and I notice he is stroking himself watching this magnificent sight. He winks at me and gestures for me to go ahead.

I grab Darryl’s cock and stroke it gently, his face still buried in his s****r’s crotch, he moans. Suddenly Chris pulls away from her b*****r. I start to panic, worried that I had crossed some sort of line and she was pissed. But instead she reaches over and grabs a condom off the night stand, she hands the condom to Darryl.

“Fuck her,” she tells him. “She has such a nice tight pussy.”

“See buddy, I told you my girl had a tight little pussy you would love to fuck. Even your s****r thinks so,” John says.

I sit there, looking around, not sure what to do, say, think or feel. What is this? I figure I must be dreaming. I probably fell asl**p in the pool house waiting for John.

Darryl grabs my legs and flings them over his shoulders. Slowly and gently he slaps my pussy with his cock. He spits on my pussy and rubs his spit in, licking his fingers as he does so. Slowly he puts himself inside of me, pulling in and out of my wet pussy. He holds on my hips pulling me towards him. I gyrate my hips as he fucks me gently. “Fuck her hard, man!” John tells him. Darryl takes that suggestion and hammers me, fucking me harder and harder, my pussy throbs as he pulls himself in and out of me.

I see John coming closer, a maniacal smile on his face. I notice a pair of hand cuffs in his hands. He takes my arms and put my hands up over my head and cuffs them together, positioning my arms under my head. Chris then comes close, and squats over my face. I feel the warmth emanating from her pussy, the sweet smell of her fills my nose. I had never tasted a woman before, I was not sure I wanted to, I begin to interject, and John can tell my trepidation. “C‘mon baby. You have told me how much you have wanted to do this. Now is your chance.”

Slowly, Chris sits on my face. Her juices and smells fill my sinuses. Catching my breath, I kiss her clit. She tastes sweet. As Darryl continues to pound my pussy, I lick and suck his s****r’s sweet pussy. Inserting my tongue as deep into her as I can, she gyrates on my face, moaning. I watch John grab a dildo and lubricate it. Getting behind Chris, he sticks the dildo up her ass, she flinches, but does not get off my face. I continue to lick her and suck her, as John fucks her ass with a dildo. Darryl pulls out of me and buries his face in my pussy, and laps at me, sucking and kissing my clit and tongue fucking me. With one hand Darryl inserts two fingers inside of me, and with his other hand he sticks to fingers up John’s ass.

For hours we continue to explore each other. Fucking, licking, and kissing each other all over. Finally by 2:00 a.m. we are just exhausted and have had multiple orgasms. I roll over into John’s arms, and catch my breath, rubbing his chest and listening to his heart beat. Darryl and Chris do the same. We all fall asl**p happily in each other’s arms until noon. All refreshed and happy, we continue with the adventure.

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