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Camping with Stepdaughter 23

I got dressed folded the blanket and walked to the van. I could hear Lesly and Susan giggling. I poked my head through the door, they looked at me a got very quiet. I asked them what they were up to. They both blurted out nothing. I said no tell me what are you up to. Lesly looked down at the floor and said that they were talking about Bonnie. I asked in a stern voice, what about Bonnie. Don’t you like her? Lesly said no just the opposite; we are trying to figure out a way to get with her. I told them that we were going on a hike today and that there was a lake that we could hike to. There we could all go skinny dipping. They both instantly had smiles on their faces. We got ready to go and headed to the trail head.

Bonnie was there when we arrived. She looked back and saw the three of us coming up the trail. She looked at me and said that she thought that it would only be the two of us. I told her that it would be alright that we would be hiking up to a nice lake. See got a big smile on her face and winked at the girls. I wondered just what she had on her mind.

The trail that we had to hike was tough and steep so not many people ventured up the lake, I figured that we would have the lake to ourselves. We hiked for about half an hour and took a break. Bonnie and the girls were chatting and smiling it seemed like they were getting along great. Lesly commented on how nice Bonnie’s breasts looked. Susan piped in and asked if she could see them. Bonnie smiled and said I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Susan slowly lifted her little top up and let her young breasts bounce out into view. Bonnie told her that they were very nice. Bonnie lifted her top and hers stood straight up off of her chest. Lesly lifted hers and Bonnie’s eyes locked on them. She smiled and said my you have filled out nicely haven’t you. Damn it was a titty fair. I hated to break up a good thing, but we needed to get back on the trail to the lake. I knew that things were going to heat up once we got there.

We arrived at the lake about an hour later. It was beautiful. The sun was shining not a cloud in the sky. Lesly and Susan ran straight to the lake. They took off their shoes and waded in. Lesly yelled back up to Bonnie and me that the water was great. They came back up and started taking off their hot little outfits. It was like a race they couldn’t get naked fast enough. Bonnie seamed to be fascinated, she couldn’t take her eyes off of their hard young bodies. The girls slid their shorts over their hips and down past their knees. I heard a low sigh slip from Bonnie’s lips. She glanced from one to the other admiring the soft folds between their toned dancer legs. She watched as their shapely little butts swayed as they walked to the water. She looked at me, her face was flushed she smiled and said oh God they are absolutely beautiful. I simply agreed. She leaned into me and slid her fingers through my hair and pulled me into a sensuous kiss. She was breathing hard and her hands were shaking. She looked and me and told me that she had never been with another woman, but found herself extremely aroused by their young bodies. She said that she wanted to go swimming with them. I told her go ahead. With that she stood up and pulled her top over her head letting her lovely breast into the warm summer air. He her areolas were wrinkled and her nipples looked larger than I had seen them up to this point. She kicked off her boots and slid her shorts down exposing a very sexy pair of panties. She seductively slid them down over her hips and let them slide down her long legs. She picked them up and tossed them to me. She said here is something for you to think about. I caught them; they were soaked with her thick juice. I lifted them to my nose and could smell her sex. She grinned and said you are such a pervert. I smiled and said I know. I sniffed them as I watched her walk to the lake with the sun shining on her womanly body. My cock was throbbing, I wanted to join them, but I wanted to see how this was going to play out.

Lesly greeted her with a hug when she entered the water, their breasts rubbed together and Bonnie pulled her close. Susan swam up behind Bonnie and pressed her young breasts into her back. Then it started Bonnie grabbed Lesly and dunked her under the water. Susan pulled Bonnie over backwards and under the surface of the lake. They were screaming and laughing as they groped each others bodies as they played.

I noticed movement at the far end of the lake. I could make out two men fly fishing. They were about 3 or 4 hundred yards away. The girls were having so much fun exploring each others bodies that they had no clue that we were not alone. They played in the water for about 20 minutes and they all walked up the shore to where I was setting. Three lovely beauties, it worked out perfect, a blonde, a brunette and a red head. It was the luck of the draw I thought to myself. I tossed them all a towel and watched as they dried each other off.

They spread their towels out side by side. Bonnie was in the middle sandwiched between Lesly and Susan. Lesly took the initiative and reached over and gave Bonnie a long wet kiss. Bonnie slid her hand around Lesly’s neck and pulled her to her. Susan saw this and ran her hand up Bonnie’s stomach and started caressing her breasts. Bonnie’s body stiffened and a loud moan came from her throat. Susan moved her other hand down and started running her fingers through Bonnie’s golden blonde pubes. She then moved down and slid her fingers across Bonnie’s hard clit that was protruding out from underneath its hood. Her hips rose up to meet Susan’s touch. Susan said my Bonnie you are really hot. Lesly moved down and started playing with Bonnie’s erect nipples. She grabbed her breasts and pulled them together taking turns taking each nipple into her mouth. Bonnie looked over at me. I had shed my clothes and had my aching cock in a death hold. She motioned for me to come over. I slid over and kissed her on the forehead; she shook her head and reached out for my cock. She pulled it up to her lips and her tongue darted out and slid under its head. I moved closer and sucked the head in and started twirling her tongue around and around.

Susan saw this and pressed Bonnie’s legs apart and buried her face in her moist pussy. Bonnie moaned OH MY GOD. Susan came up and said God she is really wet. Lesly changed positions and I started licking her tight little slit. Susan’s hand found its way to her dripping little pussy and started frantically fingering herself. I was enjoying receiving head, but pulled back and let the girls go at it. They rearranged their bodies so that Susan was eating Bonnie. Bonnie was spreading Lesly’s pink lips and tonguing her tight little hole and Lesly was lapping at folds of Susan’s swollen little pussy. It was a blur hands and tongues every where. They would change position so that they all got to taste each others sex. I could not tell who was enjoying it more; they were all moaning and screaming each others names. Lesly was the first to go over the edge and into an orgasm. She started to scream and shake and it was like a chain reaction. Bonnie and then Susan went into the throws of their own orgasms. It seamed to last for minutes. When they had all settled down their eyes turned to me with hungry looks in their eyes.

Lesly and Susan went right for my throbbing cock. Bonnie straddled my face facing the girls. Her pussy was dark pink and swollen. Her cum was flowing from her and formed a droplet on one of her inner lips. I reached up with my tongue and caught it. God she tasted good. Bonnie had positioned herself so that she was not getting left out of the cock sucking that was going on. The three of them were taking turns taking my cock into their mouths. It seem as though each was trying to do better than the other two. My God this was almost too much for me. I started at her clit and slid my tongue through her slit and all the way up to the puckered ring of her tight butt hole. She stiffened and let out a guttural moan. I had found her magic spot. I grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and spread them giving me total access to her lovely dark pink pucker hole. I swirled my tongue around the wrinkled little target for some time. She pressed closer and I let my tongue press in and past her sphincter. She froze as my tongue darted in and out of her she reached around and moved my hands out of the way and spread her as cheeks out as far as they would go. I kept up the assault on her sweet ass. I was going as deep as I could and then I would stay there and wiggle the tip around. I slid my finger through her lips and started manipulating her hard clit. With my other hand I slid my middle finger into her twat and my thumb up her ass and started pinching them together. She yelled out OH MY GOD IM CUMMING. Her body shook as her orgasm flowed through her body. Her ass and pussy were convulsing on my finger and thumb. I could not believe what she was going through. I had never seen a woman’s orgasm last so long. She finally fell down onto my chest and all but passed out. I reached up with my tongue and just touched her tight little pucker hole and she had another mini orgasm.

We sat up and the girls were laying their large beach towels over a log. We joined them and Bonnie knew what was going on and spread hers next to theirs. They all bent over the log and presented their lovely wet pussies for me to fuck. I moved behind Lesly and she shook her head and looked over at Bonnie. I moved behind her and pressed my cock into Bonnie’s awaiting pussy. I slid into her with one quick thrust of my ass. I grabbed her hips and started hitting her hard. I looked over and Lesly and Susan who were patiently waiting their turns. They were kissing and fingering each others pussies. I went back to concentrating on Bonnie. I slammed her hard. Susan yelled out FUCK THAT PUSSY, FUCK IT WITH THAT BIG FAT COCK. My balls were slapping into Bonnie’s clit. She arched her back and grabbed hold of her tits and slammed her ass back into me as she came again. She fell back over the log and I pulled out of her and went over to Lesly. Once again she shook her head and looked over at Susan. I moved over behind her and Lesly grabbed my cock and placed it up to the entrance of Susan’s tight young tunnel. She whispered in my ear fuck her good daddy fuck her good, but save your cum for me. I pressed into Susan’s body; she was still very tight so I took my time. After adjusting to my size I grabbed her hips and fucked her sweet little hole until she began to buck and her pussy was quivering as she gave into her own orgasm. When she had finished I pulled out and grabbed Lesly and pushed her over the log. I grabbed her hips and f***ed my way into her. I leaned forward and told her to get ready for the hardest fucking that she was ever going to get. I let out all of my aggression on my daughter’s tight pink pussy. I slammed into with all the f***e that I could muster. Her thighs and breasts were being slammed into the log. Bonnie said my God you are going to hurt her. Lesly grunted out it’s alright I want it. I continued to punish her young pussy until I could feel my nuts tighten and my cock begin to throb. I pulled into her hard as the first jet of hot cum shot deep into her pussy. She screamed out OH YES and was engulfed by her own orgasm. I shot stream after stream into her. She grabbed the towel and shook. She had tears in her eyes. Bonnie said see you hurt her. Lesly told her no that she had just had the best orgasm of her life. I pulled out of Lesly’s still spasming pussy. Bonnie moved over to her and gave her a hug. Susan slid her hands between Lesly’s legs and caught some of my cum on her fingers and held them up to Bonnie’s lips. She sucked them into her mouth and cleaned them off. Susan repeated this and cleaned her fingers of herself. Bonnie looked at me and said boy you really out did yourself it is still running out of her. They laid her on her back and took turns running their tongues through Lesly’s sex. They cleaned her up and Bonnie slid up Lesly’s spent body and gave her a long loving kiss, sharing her prize with her.

We all went down to the lake and went for a swim. I looked across and the two men were setting just on the other side of the lake about 80 feet away. You could see the smiles on the faces. I told the girls look we have company. They turned and gave them a wave. I told them to swim over and ask if they had enjoyed the show. To my surprise they swam the short distance and walked out of the water and gave them a good view of their bodies. They talked for a minute and then turned and swam back over to me. They all had big smiles on their faces. I asked what was so funny. Bonnie said that they both had tents pitched in their pants. Then Lesly said one said that from where they were setting it looked like you had a horse cock and Bonnie told them that that was not the half of it. That it is huge.

We enjoyed the sun and the water and then got dressed and went back down the trail to the camp ground. At the sign Bonnie gave the girls each a tight hug and a long kiss. She turned to me and put her arms around my neck and said I will see you tonight. She left and we waited for just a bit until she was back in her camp. She turned and smiled. We walked up to ours and went to the van and laid down together in the van.

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