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True story about me masturbating in school

True story about me masturbating in school
i was 17, one day i wake up from my cool dream. it got my all wet i allways sl**p naked so it make me easy to masturbating.
so i pulled off my sheets and i started playing with me self after a bit my mam pushed my door open i was naked with
my hand down at my pussy i went red and in embarrassed and my mam said dont be embarrassed it is ok to do it,
she said get ready for school or you are going to be late, my best friend walks with me to school he is like my b*****r
i wallways wonted a b*****r so i class (andrew) my best friend as my b*****r and he classes me as his s****r i told andrew my mam caguth me masturbating.
so we got to school i said what class is first. art first he said, i didnt get on well with the art teacher mr wood.but i like art
i seat at the back with andrew i was still horney from this morroning mr wood was busy doing work, john how was siting in front of me he look at me i said how are you looking at he turned around faceing front i was still thinking of my dream. so i pulled down my trousers and thong down to my knees but it feel to the floor i couldnt pick them up because ever one would see me. i fort i would just do it andrew said quitey what are you doing mr wood will see you. at that point i was to horney so i start to play with my self up and down in and out i think i was makeing he horney too i can see a big bump in is trousers i started to moan mr wood looked up at me he had a good view of my pussy.

this is a art class not a masturbating class. ever one look at me seeing my hand in my pussy i was all wet.i went red and embarrassed
i stud up with my trousers and thong on the floor, at that time ever one can see my pussy.
i said out loudly have you ever see a girl masturbat be for.
mr wood said pull your trousers up and wait out side,
i no mr wood didnt like me because i said no to be a art model,but wot i just did i wonted to do it i wonted to be a naked model for the art class, i will do a story about me being a art model next time.

ps if you are reading this andrew i love you so much i will do any think for you i love you,

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