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I Caught my Mother in Law

I caught my mother in law June with her man friend naked in her bedroom, both of them are in their seventies and he was on top.

It all started when the wife asked me to drop some shopping off at her mother’s on my way to work. The mother in law would be out with her friends for the day so it was a quick in and out call.

She was part of a group of four couples that had knowing each other very well for the last fifty odd years, but sadly; it is down to three women and one man now. He takes them out once a week in the car for a drive usually to some tearoom and such. He’s became close to June after loosing his wife two year back, a year after June lost her husband.

When I entered the kitchen I heard music playing, not knowing if she had left a radio on or there was a burglar in the house, I creped quietly around from room to room until I found it coming from her bedroom.

“It’s no good, I have to get it hard again,” June said

Intrigued to what was happening, I sneaked a peek at the open door. June was flat on the bed and John on top, John is about five three, bald and tubby, their clothe discarded on the floor with her panty girdle under his Y fronts.

John struggled up on to his knees in between June’s raised legs; he looked like a barrel with his tummy jutting out. June sat up and started to play with his cock, this was my first time at seeing her naked, what a lovely pair of tits, just like her daughters.

I’ve always noticed her breasts in the past when she flashes some cleavage and her semi translucent blouses showing her bra off to the world. They hung down slightly but looked full and solid with an erect nipple.

I was beginning to have feelings in my trousers and couldn’t help but rub my crotch, I started to feel my cock growing through the material and give it a couple of strokes. June lowered her leg nearest to me and ran her hand over her pussy while still playing with John’s cock.

Her finger popped inside her pussy and she was fetching herself off, John was thrusting in to her hand now and made the bed bounce as well as her tits.

“Oh June that’s it”

John went ridged as he thrust his cock in to her hand and a trickle of cum leaked out the end and fell on to my mother in laws hairy pussy. It was time for me to creep back out and leave them to it.

It was the next morning as my wife was leaving for work, she said that her mother had just been on the phone and can I call in when I was passing to fix something or other.
I said I would call before starting work this afternoon.

I let myself in to the mothers in law’s kitchen and called out, she came through just in her dressing gown, we’ve always had a good relation ship between us and can joke on and talk open.

“Have I called at a bad time?”

“No you haven’t but you are a naughty man”

“What have I done?”

“I saw you watching yesterday”

“Watching what” I said

“Watching me and I saw you playing and fiddling with yourself”

“Oh that, sorry, I thought there was a burglar in the house”

“It’s just that John is ever so kind but he never get anywhere near my insides with his thing,”

“He did come,” I said

“Yes but not in me, as usual, you don’t know how worked up I get, wanting a stiff willy in me, its frustrating as John is never going to fulfil my needs now”

“Is he here now, seeing you are in your dressing gown”

“No, I was waiting for you to come; I planned on you seeing to my needs”

“I beg your pardon”

“I know you have a thing for me, I’ve see you looking at my tits, now I want something off you”

“What about your daughter”

“I won’t tell her you were watching me, if you do that one thing I want”

June undid the cord and the front fell open, she was naked, I was surprised by the mouse colour of her bushy hairy pussy, I was expecting it to be white just like her head. June had a nice figure for being so old with a slight tummy and her breasts were beautiful.

“Get stripped then”

“What here” I said

“Yes here in the kitchen, I want it from behind over the table so I can’t see your face and think of what I’m doing with my daughters husband.

She let her gown drop to the floor and placed her hands on the table, her legs parted and she stood ready for my cock. I undid my trousers and got my raging cock out, I thought she might of wanted to see it, but she has her mind set on other things.

I wasn’t going to pass an opportunity like this up and slid my hand up the inside of her leg. Her skin felt soft as I moved up her leg to her pussy, her lips hung down through her hair to meet my fingers and June gasped. I slid my finger in between her swollen lips, back and forth feeling her hot and slippery pussy, June bent down nearer the table giving me better access and I slipped my thumb inside her.

With my thumb inside and two fingers ribbing her clit on the outside June began to pant, I reached around for one of her tits and held it in my hand with her nipple through my fingers. June moved her hand off the table and grabbed my cock nipping it tight in her grip.

“Fuck Me,” she cried

She retched between her legs, grabbing my cock and guided it towards her pussy; June held her breath as I penetrated her lips. I little bit of resistance at first then it slipped in. Now with two hands back on the table she started to push herself back on to my thrusts, my mother in law was bucking back.

I held her waist, more to hold her back and slow her down but she wanted it fast. I started to thump her on to my cock giving an extra push right at the end that set her off moaning more. Her lips sucked tight around my shaft and my balls started to swing back and forth

“June I’m going to come”

“Pump it in me”

I erupted inside my mother in law, keeping her tightly pulled against me, my cock jumped and bucked as it squirted my cum deep within. I pushed every squirt out from my cock with f***e, grunting with the last squirt.

June was motionless while holding on the table, there was only the sound of her heavy breathing and I pulled out. I trickle of cum followed and started to run down her leg. She stood up and dressed in her gown, covering herself up fast

“Are you alright June”

“I can’t believe I made you do that, I’m sorry, you won’t tell my daughter will you”

“Corse I won’t”

“I did enjoy it, my daughters very lucky. I’ll just have to put up with John’s soft one from now and show him how to satisfy my needs in different ways”

I left after having a cup of tea with her and it was never mentioned again. When the wife and I visit I still have our customary hug and I squeeze in to her tits, but I know it just for fun.

The End

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