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My first true gay experience ch.2

There I was laying on my front on top of the bed with my arms and legs tied to the bed post's wandering what was going to happen next.

I felt the silk panties being pulled down slightly and then the sharp pain of his hand landing on one of my ass cheeks and then on the second cheek. He continued to spank my ass for about 15 minutes and my ass was glowing red and stinging like hell.
He pulled my panties back up and slowly rubbed his hands over my ass cheeks before climbing back on top of me and pulling my panties to one side and forcing his cock back inside me. It went in alot easier than the first time, I suppose it was because of all his cum that was still inside me from the last time he pounded my ass.

I fucked me really hard forcing his cock all the way inside me and then pulling it all the way out. Every time he thrust into me it felt even harder than the last and I could not beleave how hard he could fuck me in this position.

He did not last as long as the last time and it was not long before he was cumming inside my ass again and this time he pulled his cock straight out and he replaced it with a big butt plug.

He then got up and left the room and he was gone for quite awhile before he returned but he was not alone. I hered the voices of 2 other guys as they came closer to me and sat on the bed either side of me. They both rubbed their hands over my body spending alot of time playing with my silk panties squeazing my ass cheeks and taking it in turns to spank me.

Soon I could hear them undressing and then one pulled my panties down and pulled out the butt plug and started to slide his cock inside my ass.
It felt alot bigger than my masters cock and it felt longer too. he took it slower than what my master did taking his time so he could get every inch inside me. It almost felt like someone had f***ed a tree into my ass and it just seemed to get bigger and bigger and his thrust became faster and faster.

A few minutes past before his cum erupted inside me and he seemed to cum alot more than my Master and as soon as his cock had slid out of my ass it was replaced by another which felt just as big as the other but it felt even rounder and it stretched my ass to breaking point. He fucked me hard for a few minutes changing he pace from fast to slow and then back to fast again and he started to slap my ass while he fucked me and he started to call me names like bitch and slut and he was soon cumming inside me and straight away his cock was replaced by the butt plug again and then my Master removed my blindfold and there stood infront of me were two big black men fully naked with two huge cocks.

They were all laughing and then I saw a load of pictures on the floor and a vdeo camera set up and it was easy to tell what they had been doing. my Master came over to me and put the blindfold back over my eyes and then the 3 of them moved closer and stood round me and they started to wank their cocks above me and after a minute or two I felt their cum spraying over my back and my ass. I felt my on my silk panties than anywhere else.

Once they had all cum they got dressed called me a good little anal whore and then they all left and I hered the front door slam shut.

I could not beleave what had just happened and I thought it could not get any worst, but boy was I wrong.

Too be continued

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