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The Big Bang

1. In the beginning The Master Looked upon her, and saw she was good.
Therefore He took her unto His own, to guide and protect her. And she
clung to Him, desiring to learn, and saying to Him, "Master, I would have it
that You teach me Your ways, that I might be all things to you."

2. In like, He answered, "Would you be all that I might ask of you,
knowing that what I may ask be difficult and of great test?"
She replied saying, "What test could be greater or more difficult than
to be in darkness and away from You, Sir? For I have no desire for another."

3. This being said, she gave all of herself to Him, and He created her
in the form of the desires of His heart, teaching her the humility,
pain, surrender, trust, and love He would have her show. And she
being full of the knowing that what was done to her, was done by her
for Him that He might grow to love and appreciate her in her gift to Him.

4. Likewise, she brought to Him the understanding that only complete
submission gives, for in her surrender He found new strength. In her pain,
He found new caring. In her humility, He found new pride.
In her trust, He found new awareness.

5. And so it was that Master and slave were born into the world.
Each knowing that to exist without the other is impossible, and in Their
world They exist as One, and shall forevermore.

This is the Word.



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