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The First For The Three Of Us

Nicole and I had been living together for over a year when we discussed the possibility of having another woman join us in our sexual adventures. I would run my fingers around and over her clit while describing my desire to have another woman’s making the same motions on her. She always fell into a sensual hypnotic trance becoming so wet and even reaching orgasm before penetration. Continuing with the fantasy as we lay on our sides my cock probing the depths of her sweet hot cunt my fingers teasing her throbbing clit while describing in detail the erotic imagine of a woman’s tong licking her pounding pussy while her hand would begin forcing my cock deeper into her. On evening we both agreed that a friend of ours, Liza would be perfect. She was a young small-framed Latin woman with tiny tits and a perfect ass. I took a chance and without Nicole’s knowledge I confronted Liza with the proposal. To my surprise and utmost delight Liza said she had been thinking about it for some time but didn’t know how to bring it up. I told her Nicole was waiting for my return to the bedroom and she should accompany me. Her eyes lit up and she responded with “give me 10 minutes.” We walked into the bedroom together and Nicole’s look was on of shock. I closed and locked the bedroom door then turning to Liza placing a delicate kiss her on the cheek then I began to slowly disrobe her. She leaned her head back slightly and closed her eyes in complete approval, removing her thong I dropped to my knees caressing her heavenly firm ass with my palms. Pulling her forward as I slid my tong along the length of her pulsating pussy lips. Glancing over to Nicole I was thrilled to see her reaction, she was stroking herself under the sheets. I stood guiding Liza to the bed, slowly pulling the sheets down and exposing Nicole’s beautiful body. Her succulent breast had a magnificent pink glow from the fiery lust growing within. Her succulent nipples stood plump and fully erect yearning for attention. Without question she was engulfed in the flames of desire. Placing my hand on her inter thigh she responded spreading her legs in anticipation. Liza slid her divine tan body between Nicole’s legs. I leaned in and gave Liza a deep wet kiss of passion as she sucked my tong down her throat feverishly “my babies sweet pussy needs you.” I whispered as Nicole opened her arms to Liza.
She moved forward and began kissing Nicole on the lips with such seductive passion. Nicole looped her fingers around the back of Liza’s head, pulling her closer, tighter into the kiss, as Liza wrapped her arms around Nicole, her breathing bated with love and lust alike, as they pressed closer together. I was helplessly and willingly submerged in a sexually erotic state of ecstasy. My cock firm as a chisel, throbbing and becoming even harder with each beat of my heart; instinctively I stroked it’s length ever so gently. Liza smiled at me then grasped my pulsating manhood with a strong and demanding grip pulling me down along side of Nicole, who lay completely exposed on my large bed, her body beckoning to be taken. The cool air from the fan off to the side of the bed whisked over her pert nipples, hardening them even more, her eyes now pleading for her body to be taken and used for sexual pleasure. Leaning over whispering into Nicole’s ear “you are so Beautiful are you sure you want this?”
“Yes! I want you both now!”
Liza pressed Nicole to the bed a little more firmly, straddling her legs, as her smallish breasts touched and teased naughtily upon Nicole’s. Liza being short slim still had no trouble keeping her Nicole pinned to the bed, Nicole, let her hands slide down Liza’s back, and cup over her small tight ass, spreading it firmly allowing Liza’s swollen pink pussy lips to feel the brisk air. They moved with silent tenderness in perfect rhythm together, kissing, tongue touching and tasting upon silky pink tongue, lips, fully and pouty, pressed together, straining under the growing lust, as their kisses only fanned the flames that were now blazing in the two females. My cock rocked with each heartbeat, engorged with the lustful burning bl**d rushing through my body. Nicole, held down so nicely on the bed, moved her hands to the front of her lover, and cupped her breasts, just a handful each, but more than enough to make Liza respond with passionate moans as she firmly stroked my cock.
Liza lifted up a bit, to let Nicole play, and then lowered, as her nipples were toyed with softly, tweaked and tugged, until she felt the searing heat of Nicole’s mouth, wet and tight, clasping onto her firm and aching nipples. Every time Liza and Nicole went to hug and kiss one another the yearning to drive my cock into one of those heavenly pink holes grew even more intense. I slid my finger between Liza’s pink lips penetrating her hot wet pussy. Nicole also began stroking my cock and kissed me on the lips. Neither of them minded at all. Liza slowly pushed back on my probing fingers demanding deeper penetration, Nicole looked me in the eyes and said “fuck her for me now, make love to her pussy for me!” Without hesitation I moved behind Liza straddling her small tight ass, sliding the head of my cock down along her ass-crack then between such hot and wet lips, as she leaned forward, letting Nicole lick and suckle on her hard nipples. Hands roamed over Liza’s body, as the two almost electrified females pressed tighter together, Liza’s hot wet mound opened accepting my cock. Liza let out a loud moan responding with a seductive YES as I sunk my length into her tight desire. Her heartbeat kicked in faster, her body beginning to sweat, heating up despite the cool fan blowing over them. Liza arched her back pushing her cunt higher, Nicole grasped firmly behind Liza’s head, pressing her pussy to Liza’s lips, rubbing her hips up and down, slowly at first, pleasuring herself, then begging Liza “fuck me with your tongue baby.”
Liza’s hands spread Nicole’s legs, and began to finger her cunt and massage her virgin ass. The scent of lust drifted from their hot bodies, as hot nectar flowed from both beautiful women. By this time I was pounding my cock into Liza, touching her in places she had never been touched before. Then pulling my cock from Liza’s tight hole I moved around placing the throbbing head to Nicole’s lips. She f***ed her head upward engulfing my cock with passionate greed. Sliding her tongue out along the shaft I reacted, driving my cocks entirety into her throat. This was the first time she had taken all of my cock and it filled me with such erotic excitement I thought my balls would explode.

Liza’s will broke, and she slid down Nicole’s body, ending up with her head between her lover’s thighs. Cupping her mouth around the fiery mound and pressed her tongue between the velvety pink folds drinking in the musky wet pussy, making Nicole arch her back, crying out hard. Liza smiled as she flicked her tongue over that swelling bud of Nicole’s clit. Nicole reached her hands up grabbing my ass cheeks pulling downwardly with f***e and determination, as if the pleasure would soon send her flying off the bed.
She spread her legs wide, bringing up her knees, and bracing her feet on the mattress, lifting her rump a bit, as she felt Liza’s tongue bury deeper into her, then flutter from side to side, almost vibrating fast, over her cunt, fluttering her sweet, tense labia. Her breathing became quickly ragged and shallow, swallowing my cock, as I pumped harder and deeper, as her pleasure worked faster and faster toward her release. She ran her fingers on one hand through Liza’s silky dark hair, as she relentlessly probed and licked her, finally, slipping her fingers up into her tight sex, hooking upward slightly inside, to rub with her blunt fingertips over a slightly rough spot, making Nicole cry out as I pulled my cock from her mouth in fear of Cumming. The eager girl licked hard over Nicole’s swollen clitoris, pumping her fingers in and out with loud ‘skish’ sounds accompanying each motion.
With only a few minutes of this, Nicole suddenly arched her back, her tight sex clenching around the fingers of her new passionate lover, becoming very wet, with fiery floods of passion. Liza squealed with delight, and then, turned around, straddling over Nicole’s chest. Nicole rolled her hips, shaking, her muscles tense through her orgasm for some time, before her weakened hands grasped Liza’s rear, and pulled her back a bit, bringing her dripping hot sex to her lips, and opening her mouth against them, spreading those lips open with her head tilted to the side, and digging her tongue in deep. Liza arched her back, her hand still massaging over Nicole’s wet mound, the scent of sex strong in the room now. I want to suck your cock Liza proclaimed. I stood directly in front of her grasping my cock in one hand with the other behind her head. She sucked vigorously but was unsuccessful taking it all in. Pushing my cock to the point of her trying to withdraw I grasped her jaw and throat. Unable to control the raging lust burning inside of me, I pushed my cock deeper then quickly withdrew. Liza gasped looked up at me and opened her mouth wide. Pushing my cock to the point of resistance Liza pushed forward and I drove the swollen aching head of my cock to the back of Liza throat. I pulled out Liza sucked in a breath of air and I drove my cock in deep. I was now fucking Liza’s and overcome with an unmatched yearning. Nicole used her tongue masterfully against Liza’s slit, spreading those labia, and flicking her clit desperately, as if close to climax herself, and working her own pussy to get that one powerful rush that she wanted so bad. Liza groaned loudly, loving her treatment, and pressed her fingers back into Nicole’s cunt, pumping her slender fingers in and out, hard and fast, as her chest heaved with lust and intense desire.
Cries of desire, and demands not to stop filled the air, as bodies rutted upon one another, and suddenly, clenching her teeth tightly, Liza’s stifled cries of pleasure filled the air, and her hot honey drained down over Nicole’s face, her tongue taking in as much of that precious nectar as she could, before her body seized up and she climaxed once again, squeezing tightly around those rapidly pumping fingers. That intense orgasm from her female lover f***ed her hard over the edge! OH SHIT I’m going to cum I exclaimed, I grabbed the base of my cock planning on pulling my cock from the depths of Lisa’s throat, only she pushed her head forward her lips pressed hard on my balls. My entire body jerked as I erupted, Liza sucked hard and I began to erupt continuously not once or twice but I erupted five times consecutively. To my complete amazement Lisa never slowed and swallowed every drop eagerly. As the three of us lay on the bed in a moment of recovery holding hands, I turned and kissed Nicole then Lisa. You two beautiful women have just given me the most wonderful and passionate love a person could ever dream of. Lisa lifted her head looking at Nicole and I; honestly she said for the first time I am in love. Nicole had a tear rolling down her cheek and exclaimed, “I don’t want it to ever end, let’s stay here forever.” OH! Nicole jumped as Lisa began gently licking her pussy. I moved behind and closer to Nicole. With a firm grip Liza pulled my cock forward separating Nicole’s swollen and wet pussy lips, then forcing my length into Nicole heavenly depths. Therefore starting our passionate love making session once more. We continued throughout the night and the following morning we talked briefly even though completely exhausted before drifting off into the lovingly serenity of sl**p.
The End.


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