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The Taxi Ride

My wife Anna and I had gone to a wedding. We left the reception at about eleven at night and decided to take a taxi as we had had many drinks. Taxis were few and far between. When one finally stopped there were two other men waiting, they asked if we could share and we did. Anna sat in the back seat between the two men, they did not speak much english. The taxi driver was middle eastern and did not speak english well either so I sat up front with him to better give him directions to our hotel.
After a driving for several miles I looked out the corner of my eye and noticed the men were feeling up Anna. I found this to be a real turn on for me and Anna seemed to be enjoying it so I said nothing. After a few more minutes I noticed that one man had pushed the top to Anna's dress down and was playing with her boobs, the other man had pushed her dress up and his hand was in her panties, and by the look on her face, Anna was enjoying all this attention. The driver pulled into a car park and drove to a dark corner and parked. The driver and I got out to get a better view of what was going on. both back doors opened and the one man knelt down and started to eat Anna out, the other man got out and walked around to where we were standing. Anna pulled the man up, he had his pants down, his dick standing proud. His hard dick slid easily into my wife's wet pussy. The man started out slow then picked up speed. After a minute I realized this man was fucking Anna really hard, almost like a grudge fuck. He was pounding away on her and showing no mercy. Anna was holding him tight and moaning loudly. Watching this man fuck my wife made my cock so hard it was starting to hurt. The other two men must have felt the same as they had their cocks out and were stroking them. The savage pounding this man was giving my wife's pussy continued for eight minutes. At this point I saw the man arch his back and Anna tighten her hold on him and knew that he was filling her pussy with his cum. They both relaxed and the man got off of her and the other man got on top of her and started fucking her. This man too seemed to be angry or something as he was really rough and beating her pussy with his cock like it was a rented mule. I could see Anna trying to match his thrusting, her arms were locked around the man. After five minutes or so Anna had a massive orgasim, the man did not miss a beat. A minute later his back arched and his body stiffened, and he filled Anna's sweet pussy with his hot man sauce. He climbed out of the taxi and the driver climb onto Anna. I watched as this short fat man mounted my wife. I turned around and the other two men were gone. After two minutes in Anna's gooey pussy, the taxi driver drained his balls deep in her. I think the man did not want to get out of Anna's hot pussy as he continued to lay in her. When he got up I took my place in my wife's hot pussy. My cock penetrated easily into her well lubed cunt. I thrust into her, watching her boobs jiggle. I made only a few thrust into her sore and well fucked pussy before adding my load to the others in her womb.
We fixed our clothing and the driver drove us to our hotel. The driver helped us to our room in return for another poke, which Anna was glad to provide. The man only took a couple of minutes before filling her pussy again with his nut sauce. In his broken english he tried to tell me thank you and would not allow me to pay for the taxi ride. I thought that was fair as they put several mile on Anna's pussy.

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