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The Italian Job 22

The Italian job 22
Croatia asked me to go back and fine tune a few things then they would pay me at the end of that visit, they had already paid me some money which actually covered all my expenses for the job but I had no objection and it would be good to renew old acquaintances,

I told Ellie “can I come with you?” she said “if it is only a short trip I would love to see Croatia, I have never been, they tell me the thousand Islands area is beautiful” she said “the Istra peninsular is just at the top end of the thousand Islands” I explained “so when I am done in Umag we can make our way down and visit a few places” I said “fantastic” she said, I could do with a holiday” she was getting really excited but she decided that she did not want to stay in the tourist hotel so I knew of a 5 star hotel in the same complex but we would have to cover the extra cost ourselves “that’s fine” she said “can’t expect them to pay for me as well” she said cheerfully.

Maria came round that night, she was worrying me a bit because her visits were becoming increasingly more regular and I was concerned that she would upset Ellie and the fact that she was treating my place like a second home, although I did know that after the trip back from Ravenna with Sam in the car he had been a regular visitor to Yvonne’s place and Maria felt like a gooseberry as the light fittings bounced while Sam and Yvonne fucked upstairs, Sonia was still a regular visitor to my place but Yvonne tapered off a bit, understandably, eventually about a year later Sam moved in with Yvonne but that is a different story.

Any way back to Maria, I told her about my going away and that Ellie was coming with me, “can I come” she asked “no” I said firmly “Ellie has a special job for you while we are away but you can come to Argentina with me, it is a 4 week trip but a 14 hour flight each way so Ellie has opted out of that one as she does not like the idea of 14 hours on an aeroplane” I said, her face brightened and I could see the cogs turning as she thought about 4 weeks alone with me to herself, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth “can we join the mile high club” she whispered into my mouth “I don’t see why not” I said “as long as you dress to kill” I said quietly flicking my tongue at her “oooo, are you wanting me to be naughty on the aeroplane for 14 hours” she purred as she closed her body into me and squirmed into my hip with her crutch, “sounds like fun, but 14 hours is a long time to be limited to one cock” she said staring at my mouth as she gyrated at my hip, working herself off with her clit against my hip bone “who said anything about being limited” I whispered “I am certainly not going to be limited to one piece of pussy” I said as I shoved my tongue in her mouth, I put my hands under her buttocks and lifted her as she wrapped her legs around me then I carried her through to the bedroom, plonked her down and stripped her, she was so horny she was squirming as I removed her clothes,
I got undressed, she was watching me “what’s taking you so long” she purred still squirming, seeing that I was ready for her she opened her legs wide and thrust her hips up at me “fill this” she said I went down on her eating her cunt and other savouries in that region, she came with a gush of juice and a thrashing of her hips, she grabbed her tits and squeezed, it was time for revenge, I sucked her tits then got hold of one of them, I bit into it to get the purchase on the lump of breast then pushed her distended nipple over with my tongue against the flesh on my teeth and rasped, she went wild, trying to fend me off but it was no use, I had her, she arched her back as her face turned red then blue, the veins in her neck stood out as she gagged and choked on the climax that wrenched her body as she gritted her teeth then collapsed down on the bed on her back with me clinging on like a rodeo rider, I was not for letting go, she subsided as I released her breast from my teeth, she was gasping for breath, “you bastard” she gasped “you bastard, Sonia was right, I should have been on the lookout but I let my guard drop, fuck I can’t breathe” she said, still fighting for breath, I rolled off her and lay watching her she was still a very beautiful woman, it was my turn to adopt the self-satisfied smirk, she rolled over and gave me a blow job, working him with her tongue up and down and round the dome then taking it to the back of her throat as I shot my load into her mouth and she gulped it down, feasting on my sperm, we both laid back staring at one another “we are good together, aren’t we” she said quietly watching my face “is there any chance?” “no” I said before she could finish her sentence “why did I ever let you go, how could I have been so stupid?” she asked herself “I know I shouldn’t ask this but I must, does the fact that Ellie is probably one of the most wealthy women on the planet have any bearing on your relationship with her?” “no” I said “and that question is beneath even you, do you know that some time ago I was offered a directorship by the board at Ellie’s instigation which would have given me riches beyond my dreams, so if as you suggest money is my motive for loving that woman then you could not be further from the truth,
I adore her and if you find that you cannot come to terms with that then you should not be here, I was angry but realised that it was a question she needed answering and now she knew, I heard the latch of my door, I stood and went to the window where I saw Ellie’s car driving away, she had heard everything, I waited for half an hour then called her “are you alright?” I asked “I’m fine” she said quietly, “I love you” she said.

Off we went to Croatia my lady and I, the drive from the airport to the factory was different with Ellie and I sitting in the back and Katrina sitting in the front with the driver, her and Ellie got on very well, I was a bit concerned that she would be a bit strange with her seeing as I had brought my own supply so to speak, we checked into the hotel and Ellie had booked us a suite, we were treated like royalty but then it was normally royalty who took this suite, we relaxed for the rest of the day by the pool with Katrina, she had never tasted the luxury that this hotel offered so she was very pleased to be invited to join us for dinner, over the meal we talked about Croatia and its history, Ellie was most curious about the country and I got the impression that she was considering some kind of investment in the somewhat developing country that had a lot to offer with Its reasonably priced labour market and the government grants that were available, the next day I went to the plant and fixed the bugs on the machine as well as installed a couple of modifications, I went back to the hotel just after lunch, the plant wanted to run the machine to make sure all was well so I left them to it., I changed into my swimmers and went to the pool where I knew Ellie would be, as I got to the pool she was just walking away from the bar with a drink “are there you are” she said, kissing me “well now that you are here I am going to book a massage, you sit here at the table so that you can see me and keep your eye on me” she said “why? what is the problem with a massage?” I asked “I saw a woman have one this morning and it is a bit special” she said winking at me as she walked away, she had her bikini on that was secured by laces behind her top and at either side on her hips, she looked fabulous, she went back to her sunbed then waved to a guy who was wandering around with a towel and a box that looked to contain creams and oils, he came over to her and she gave him some money, her bed was a bit isolated but to Ellie that didn’t matter, she smiled across at me as she undid the lace on her top, holding her bikini top in place with her hand as she laid down on the bed and lowered the head part so that the bed was flat, the guy was short and stocky and very hairy, he was wearing a tea shirt and a pair of shorts, Ellie was now lying flat on the bed, the lace of her top was hanging down the side of the bed as the guy poured some oil on her back, she jumped, he started to massage the oil in, gripping her shoulders in a pinching movement that I knew she enjoyed, she said it relaxed her,
I put on my sunglasses so that my watching was not apparent to the guy, his hands were now working down her back, she had her arms up on the bed above her head, her underarms were visible and my cock twitched at the sight of them, he slid his hands up and down her back rubbing his fingers into her under arms and stroking down the side of her breasts, she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiling, he was going down her back and he had his hands on her buttocks squeezing and pulling them apart, then he put his hands under her bikini bottoms and was again squeezing her buttocks but this time he had his fingers almost into her crack, she reached down with each hand in turn and undid the laces of her bikini bottom, he peeled it back to reveal her naked buttocks then proceeded to squeeze her buttocks again working down to the top of her legs, she opened her legs slightly as his thumbs brushed her vulva, she closed her eyes slowly, he was working down her legs, he got to the back of her knees and she twitched, I knew that if she had not been horny before then she certainly was now, he went down and worked on her gorgeous calves, patting them with the sides of his hands, then down to her feet where he spread her toes and rubbed her ankles, I saw her toes curl as he touched her ankles, he said something to her, she kept hold of her bikini as she turned over, her top just lying on her breasts as they flattened out and were spilling out under the edges of the less than protective garment, her bottoms were still covering her front although her bottom was naked on the bed,
she laid back and put her arms over her head, I knew she was offering herself, surrendering her body to his attentions, he knelt beside her and gripped her shoulders at the front pinching and squeezing, he was rubbing her arms as she moved her hand and pulled away her bikini top, her nipples were distended as they came into view, he put more oil on his hands as he massaged her breasts thumbing her nipples and squeezing her tits in his hands as they filled his hands the nipples poking rudely out of the top, she turned her head and looked at me, he continued down her stomach massaging her sides, her breasts shone in the sunlight with the oil as they lay naked to the sun on her chest, she was arching her back slightly as he went down her abdomen, massaging her hips, she moved her hand and pulled away the bottom of her bikini,
I could see her silver grey mound glinting as she dropped the bottoms on the floor beside the bed, she was now naked on the bed in the hands of this monkey, his hands went down to her thighs and I could see his thumbs working her clit as her mound moved with his pressure, she came and arched her back upwards pushing her tits into the air, his massage of her legs continued down as again she opened her legs slightly, he came back up the inside of her legs and I could see his hands slow their action, she jumped and arched again slightly as I reckoned her had pushed either a thumb or finger into her, she quivered slightly as he leaned down and kissed her lightly on her pussy, trailing his tongue along her slit, she jumped again then turned on her side facing me as her breasts rolled off her chest and hung, he was kneeling behind her, she slid her knees up the bed as he again massaged her buttocks , she jumped again as he went about his work, he was doing something behind her, he was getting his cock out, she was watching me, he put on a condom then slid his hand between her legs and lifted her leg slightly, she did not resist as she reached back and lifted her buttock with her fingers to allow him entry as he pushed his prick into her, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as he began to stroke into her from behind, she was being fucked on her sunbed in broad daylight beside a swimming pool, she dropped her leg again as she trapped his cock inside her, she was groping her own breasts as her eyes glazed and she came, bucking her arse at him as she laid on her side, he folded as his orgasm hit him, then he pulled out of her and removed the condom, tying it then showing it to her, she reached for her bottoms and a towel and covered herself up, she lay on her back panting,
I went over to her and laid on the bed beside her, I handed her the bikini top which she tried to get on under the towel “don’t tell me you are shy all of a sudden I said?” she laughed as she sat up and faced me, her towel falling away, “can we go up to the room?” I said, she looked at the bulge in my shorts, smiled and nodded,
I was horny from watching her being fucked.

We got to the room and she sat on the bed, “I can’t believe I just did that” she said “it looked beautiful” I assured her, she looked at me “are you ok, I know you get a bit up tight when I fuck with someone else but you should know by now that there is no one else for me, you are stuck with me till I die” she threatened, we went in the shower, “can I ask you something” she said, over the cascading water “what” I replied you know when you were telling me about the incident in the pool when Maria licked your neck and you said you ejaculated a lot, well I have never seen you ejaculate outside of me and I want to, we can do it now in the shower but I want to see you come and experience the thrill of it splashing on me, but first see to me” she said as she lifted her leg “what’s this I said we are not on the dance floor now woman” I said as I hooked my arm under her leg and pushed my cock between her legs as she moaned at me and clung on with her arms around my neck, she kept hopping as I lifted her off the floor with my thrusts driving my cock deep inside her as she yelped and came with earth shattering orgasm’s, I let go of her leg as she almost fell, my cock pulled out of her and she took it in her hand standing close to me, she began to masturbate me, she was looking up at me as she worked on my cock “are your balls nice and full for me?” did they fill up when you watched me get fucked by that gorilla, the woman this morning took one in her mouth while the other one fucked her,
I might try that in the morning but I want you to watch, I want you to see me being violated” she whispered over the noise of the running shower that poured water on our heads, her tits were bouncing slightly as she pumped at my cock “now are you going to come for me, show me what you have for me” I put my hand behind her head and pulled her face into my neck, she obliged and sank her teeth into it, the first surge came straight up between us, some of it hitting her under her chin, splashing onto her breasts and onto my chest as the stream continued gushing, she looked down as the next stream hit her in the face, she was aiming my cock at herself, her tongue came out and licked the drops that had caught her lips, I kept on jetting as her tits got covered and the water from the shower washed my spunk away off her and into the drain, she was still pumping my cock as he began to subside, my legs turned to jelly as I hung onto the shower head to stop myself from falling, she leaned down and licked the end of my failing cock, scooping my semen off the end with her tongue and taking it into her mouth, we showered each other washing away all the evidence of what for her was a lovely experience, we laid on the bed relaxing afterwards, she had her head on my chest with my arm around her, “it was rather dramatic” she said “and there was a lot of it but I would not have missed it for the world, to think that when you ejaculate into me all that goes inside me, she sat up and wiped her finger under her nose, she looked at her finger “well I’m not full yet” she said as we both laughed, “are you going to fuck one of your local floozies tonight” she asked “I think you should, it would make me feel better after the massage” “so you want me to shag the locals to ease your conscience” I quipped “no, you know I would much rather have you inside me but I know you have to maintain your relationships for the sake of your business, I am not stupid I know how these things work and from what you have said it would not harm to keep that girl Katrina sweet as she can help you a lot and me for that matter if my plans come to fruition” she said “so I am fucking her for your benefit, do I get paid overtime for this service” I said “you will get your reward just don’t be late back” she said as we got dressed for dinner, I had arranged to meet Katrina beside the other tourist hotel, she had managed to get a key for a room, after we had eaten I had left Ellie in the hotel drinking her coffee and warning her to stay away from the grappa, Katrina was hungry for cock as she went down on me sucking my prick like it was her last one or her first one I couldn’t distinguish, she stripped off and attacked me dragging my clothes off me, kneeling on the bed I shoved my cock into her, there was something very refreshing about fucking her, maybe it was the hairy nipples but she was very happy as we walked back to my hotel, as I got close I heard it “oh no” I exclaimed as we walked into the restaurant, Ellie was on the stage with a tray in her hand, this time it was “Mule train” every time the whip was supposed to crack she would bang herself on the side of the head with the tray and stagger sideways from the impact, eventually she sank to her knees to a standing ovation from the fellow diners, I went to her and collected her taking her back to the table “hellooooo darling” she drooled “hey it’s fucking good stuff that grappa intit” she had picked this up from my Yorkshire accent and had teased me about it from time to time, she lolled in her chair “I had better get her to bed” I said to Katrina, she kissed me long and hard as I held Ellie on her feet then took her to bed, I undressed her and got her into bed where she snored loudly, I sat and watched some sport on the box for a while then joined her as she automatically spooned into me, she never got the other massage, in fact she did not get anything before mid-afternoon when she woke up looking around to get her bearings, “where am I” she moaned as she put her hand to her head, I got some water into her to try to prevent the dehydration, after she laid there for about half an hour on her back, she started to come around “I’m hungry” she said, she got dressed very slowly and we went down and had a club sandwich by the bar, she could not stand to be in the sun, she said it made her feel nauseous ,
I got loads of fluids down her and she began to feel better “how could you let me do it, I am so ashamed” she said holding her forehead in the palm of her hand, “why?” I said “you still had your clothes on or did you do the strip before I got there” she smiled and punched my arm gently “you warned me about the Grappa but I just had to give it a try, when am I going to learn, sometimes I cannot believe my own immaturity, it’s you!! you have this effect on me, it’s you who leads me into these situations” she said as she put her hand on mine “but you know I would not change it for all the money in the world, I love you very much” she said as she stared at me with her bl**dshot eyes, a couple of days later we flew home and into a storm, Christina was pregnant, her husband thought it was his but Christina was panicking because she realised it could be Sam who of course was black and he had fucked her three times from the auction as she had kept going back for another helping, she had been sat on him so he could not ejaculate anywhere else but into her, Sonia knew about Christina’s doubts and was to say the least worried, Christina’s husband was really happy because his wife was having a baby spending nights down at the bar celebrating with his mates as they gave him ”well done” pats on the back but the clouds were gathering as the weeks went by.

I had to go on my trip to Argentina, Maria was very excited, Ellie was a bit sad at the prospects so I had to give them all including Christina a really good seeing to before I went, I had never fucked a pregnant woman before but her breasts were filling and it felt strange although I tried a quick suck of her nipples as I fucked her but no milk came out, we flew to Amsterdam to catch the overnight flight to Buenos Aires, we were sitting in the side seats with a girl by the window, as it became clear that the plane was half empty we spread out with Maria moving into the centre on an otherwise empty row across from where I was sitting, we had dinner then the lights dimmed to allow people who wanted to sl**p to do so, I cannot sl**p on aeroplanes, I have a phobia after a flight to St Martin on an Air France plane where I was alone and sitting in an aisle seat which I prefer, then I fell asl**p,
I woke staring at the carpet in the aisle, everyone was trying to get around me, as I was hanging over the arm of my seat, the two beside me where French and never said a word so after that I don’t sl**p, I dimmed my overhead spotlight and read a book, the girl by the window put up the seat arm between her seat and the seat that Maria had vacated and was laid along it, Maria had done much the same thing with the arms of the seats on her row, stretching out with a blanket over her and a pillow against the arm adjacent to my seat across the aisle, I noticed that a guy had moved from his own seat into Maria’s row and sat on the end seat, the girl next but one to me was fidgeting trying to get comfy on the two seats,
I called a cabin staff member a pretty American girl named Paula and asked her for a pillow and a blanket, she brought them, I raised the arm of my seat close to the girl and put the pillow on my lap then offered her the blanket, she looked at me for a few moments then looked past me at Maria, she seemed to be sl**ping so the girl took the blanket and rested her head on the pillow and I put the blanket over her, it turned out she was from New Zealand and was trotting around the world seeing places of interest, she was a bit plain to look at but had a nice figure with jutting tits, she settled down to sl**p, without thinking I put my hand on her shoulder that was covered in the blanket, it was a comfort movement, she pushed back the blanket and got hold of my hand pulling it into the blanket, under her arm and onto her breast, she pulled the blanket back over her and settled down again, my comfort move had turned into her comfort move,
I kept my fingers painfully still, fighting temptation to squeeze gently, she had her arms and hands below the blanket, she took hold of my fingers and tucked them into the top of her blouse, I was touching the top of her breast, again I froze, she went to sl**p, I then noticed that the guy on Maria’s row had worked his way along so that he was in the next seat to her feet, Maria raised her head and smiled at me, nodding towards her new friend, I smiled back, as the guy tentatively touched Maria’s leg that had come out from under the blanket, she had her eyes open but he could not see that as she looked at me, having had no response, he touched again, then no response, he rested his hand on her leg, she was not wearing stockings or tights because of the long flight danger of DVT,
I saw her shuffle as though in her sl**p as a bit more of her leg appeared from under the cover, he was licking his lips as I watched out of my eye corner, he slid his hand a short way up her leg towards his goal then stopped and waited, Maria turned onto her back supposedly in her sl**p as the blanket slid off her onto the seat and exposed her legs as her dress skirt had ridden up almost to her waist showing her white thigh, from his position as he looked he could see her treasure in its silk packet no doubt as a camel toe but I could not see from my position, he looked and again licked his lips, she had one leg straight out and the other knee bent so that her crutch was slightly exposed, about an hour had gone by and my girl stirred, I could feel my cock pulsing under the pillow from the reaction of my fingers on her breast to knowing what was going to happen in the centre section, she slid her hand under the pillow and landed straight on my cock inside my trousers,
I saw her eyes open wide, as she squeezed my prick which was by now growing rapidly, Maria’s guy was now making steady progress up her leg as she still not move or protest, he lifted the arm rest by her feet and lifted her feet onto his lap as he slid along between the seats with by now her calves resting on his lap, she had him, he could not escape, he was breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and looked at him, he saw her and tried to slide back again, his attempts to escape failed miserably, my girl was now laying on her stomach watching Maria, she had her chin resting on the pillow as she continued to play with my cock under it, stroking it and occasionally blowing through the pillow, I could feel the diffused heat of her breath on him as he came to full erection along my leg, Maria had dug her heels into the legs of her guy then reached with her foot and pulled down the arm rest, trapping him, he was going nowhere, she sat up, reached out and got hold of his flies then pulled down his zip, the guy froze petrified like a rabbit caught in the headlights, she rummaged around and found his cock pulling it out, he tried to pull her off it but she was not having that as she pushed his hand out of the way and started to wank him, he grabbed the blanket and tried to cover himself, Maria hooked her heels over the arm rest by her feet and pulled herself along the seat so that the guy was now sitting between Maria’s arse and the arm rest, she turned to me and smiled, I smiled back, she knew that this was the signal that she could do it, my girl seeing this move slid back the pillow and brought her mouth down onto my cock gently biting the end and blowing, without the pillow the hot breath was much stronger and he twitched trying to escape the restrictions of my trousers as she continued to suck on the dome through my pants, she was laid on her tummy with her legs folded back at the knee and her ankles crossed, she looked very comfortable.
Maria pulled at the guys now erect cock and made him turn half sideways to her with his hip on the seat, his cock was now in position, she got hold of her panties under the edge pulling them aside, her shaved pussy came into his view as she pulled again with her heels on the arm and slid along taking him into her as she slid to him, almost onto him, he whimpered, this girl was fucking him, he had to move, he could not stop himself as he moved his cock in and out of her greedy sucking cunt, she put her head back as the orgasm hit her, not just from the sex but from the pure illicitness of the situation, he folded and came into her, he had no fucking choice, she had taken him, she swung her legs off him and he grabbed at his flies to cover his wilting cock, she put her hand between her legs and came up with a finger full of his spunk on it, she put it in her mouth as she dipped her head, raised her eyes and looked at me like a naughty little girl which of course she was, she said later that it was the fact that I was watching and had given her the go ahead to fuck another man that made her cum, my girl laid with her mouth open at what she had just witnessed, the guy had by now scooted to the other end of the row and gone back to his own seat, Maria looked at the girl, she got up from her seat and squatted in the aisle beside me, she stroked the girls hair ”sweetheart don’t worry about me, we have an understanding, if you want to fuck him then just do it, I don’t have a problem with it, she glanced at me as she kissed the girl on the lips, she went back to her seat as the girl looked up at me “fuck!!” she said “is that your girlfriend?” she asked “sort of” I said “I’m really horny after watching that, can we go to the toilet?” she said I stood up and helped her to her feet, we walked along to the service pod and into the toilets,
I locked the door as she pulled her shirt over her head and her tits sprung out, she had no bra on but her tits were rock hard, I dropped my trousers as she took off her skirt and panties, she was another one who had heeded the warnings about DVT and had no stockings or tights on, she was naked, as she came at me clamping onto my mouth,
I sat on the toilet as she straddled me taking me into her in one movement, a move she immediately regretted as she gasped for air at the shock of my cock inside her, she got hold of my hair and pulled my face to her tits as I sucked her rigid distended nipples, she was riding me very quickly trying to come trying to satisfy herself on my cock, she came , her mouth opened and no sound came out as she convulsed as the spasm hit her, she gasped for breath as she rested her forehead against mine, looking at me “you didn’t come” she said accusingly “was I supposed to?” I asked “fuck no!!!” she exclaimed as she started to ride again but steadier this time as though she had learned her lesson and realised that she was not going to get the silver medal, I was!! She came four times before I released into her as she moaned, feeling the hot sperm racing into her vagina, filling her instantly, she was young and inexperienced as she realised that there was more to life than frustration and a vibrator, “welcome to the mile high club I said as I wilted out of her, she put her hand on her mouth and chuckled “oh yeh!! She said, we got dressed and went back to the seat, Maria gave me a cheery knowing grin, she relaxed in her seat but not stretched out this time, some time later the cabin lady Paula came and asked me if I had a few moments as there was a query about our luggage, it seems that it had moved in the hold and I had to go and see if all was well with it, we walked to the rear of the plane and as I went I started to think that something was not exactly right with this situation, she pressed a button and a lift door opened, “get in” she said “and wait for me at the bottom”, I did as requested, she came out of the lift and we walked along the interior of the 747 to a netted area, she pointed to some bags under the net and I stepped forward to see, I turned and she was just stepping out of her knickers, her blouse was open and her very ample bosom was rising and falling inside the bra that was hardly capable of holding them, “what the fuck” I said as she came at me, “do you realise we have camera’s in those fucking toilets, I saw you fuck that girl and now I am as horny as hell, so get it out again and fuck me this time or I will report you for indecent behaviour, she was not a thin girl but not fat, she turned around and bent over pulling up her skirt and showing me her slippery wet genitals,
I had to oblige her, what more could I do? I stuck my cock in her cunt as she threw her head back and yelped, she was holding on to the netting as I rammed my cock into her cunt, she kept moving her hand hold u*********sly trying to get away from my assault on her cunt, so I was fucking her as we moved back towards the lift, I got my arm around to her tits and pulled up her bra, she turned round and raised her leg, her bra was round her neck as her plump round tits with their pink nipples came into view, I hooked my arm under her leg and got into her, fucking up into her as she screamed as she came pouring juice down my cock, she was a very wet and horny girl and I must add that I enjoyed fucking her, she came three times then collapsed off me, she knelt and sucked me off as I sprayed my seed to the back of her throat, she coughed some of it back as she gagged on the volume but she took most of it, she got dressed again, kissing me with cum covered lips, my cum.

I got back to my seat “what was that about” Maria said looking at me “nothing” I said “I’ll tell you later, the girl looked at me, she was now sitting in the middle seat, “you have semen on your trousers, you’ve done it again haven’t you?” she looked incensed, Maria crouched in the aisle again, I stood and let Maria take my seat while I sat down in hers, she was holding the girl’s hand, “don’t get upset, you must realise that this fucking a****l here has the morals and sexual appetite of a dozen tom cats, as long as it walks, talks and has a pulse he will fuck it, you me and the whole fucking crew including the captain whoever he is, if you are not at all happy with this then keep well away from him she said, the girl was laughing at what Maria said “I thought he loved me” she sobbed “there is only one lady in this whole wide world that he loves and she is old enough to be his grandmother” Maria said looking at me scornfully, Paula walked past and dropped a glass and a small bottle of champagne onto my table,
Maria looked at me and then at the bottle “you are unbelievable” she said with what looked like a new respect, the girl calmed down a bit “if you do decide to have another go at him then whatever you do, do not let him near your nipples otherwise you will never walk straight again, it will cripple you” she said smirking and the girl was now laughing “but I did, when we did it, I let him have them, it was nice” she said “big mistake” said Maria wagging her finger at the girl as she laughed, I was laughing too at this character assassination that was going on.

Maria stayed in the seat, she was warming to her and I knew it would not be long and it wasn’t again the girl had no chance, Maria was into her with her fingers as the girl almost danced in her seat kissing Maria full on the mouth and using her tongue, squirming it into her as Maria finger fucked her, she pulled her fingers out of the girl and sucked them, I realised that there was still some of my stuff in there but the mixture did not deter Maria, as she savoured every drop, I swapped places with Maria, as she passed me in the aisle she spoke to me “now I’m fucking horny again how are you fixed” she said “whenever you are ready” I replied she headed off down the aisle to the pod and into the toilets, she was out of her knickers before I got the door locked, bending over the hand basin and hanging onto the taps, I dropped my trousers and shorts then banging my cock into her as she came almost immediately, “you were ready weren’t you” I said to her “that fucker only did half a job on me but that was fun, I enjoyed it, it’s just a pity some people don’t appreciate the extent of my talent, she was staring at me in the mirror, I pulled out of her having made her orgasm a couple of times, she seemed more settled, I cleaned up and went back to my seat, Maria settled down to sl**p again as did the girl, this time she did not ask , she just put the pillow on my lap and rested her head on it, taking my hand again and tucking under her arm onto her breast, this time I gave a friendly squeeze, after another 2 hours the lights came on and more food arrived, Paula was very friendly as she bent down and flashed her cleavage at me, it nearly sucked me in, it was so deep, the girls had been asl**p so it took them a few moments to waken up with a sl**py look, Maria went off to the toilet on her own this time, the girl sat up and ate her meal,
I ate mine, Maria came back eventually “where you been” I said, she looked at me sheepishly “the second officer wanted to show me his joy stick so I had to show my appreciation for the guided tour, there is always a price to pay” she said as she sat down fluttering her eyelashes at me, she ate her meal, the remnants of the food were cleared away and the girl linked my arm with hers as she rested her head on my shoulder, the lights dimmed again and she turned her head to me looking at my mouth, she was getting very close as she whispered at me “can we go again?” she said quietly “the toilet?” I asked “here” she said sticking her head up and looking around,
Maria was dozing in her seat, “there is no one around us and if we are quiet, she was stroking my trousers where my cock was lurking inside, I slid her to the window along the seat, she dropped her knickers to her ankles and slipped them off her feet, leaving them on the floor, they looked wet, she lifted her leg showing me her blond covered pussy, glinting in the reduced lighting, I move up to her as I disengaged my cock from my trousers, turned and got between her legs as she slid down onto the seat resting her head against the arm rest under the window,
I got my cock into her and started to shaft her, she lifted her head exposing her throat so I took the invitation and licked her throat, she came, I am not sure whether the pilot felt the vibration but I certainly did, and I had a vision of them frantically looking at their instruments to identify the cause, she subsided as the climax passed, panting as she looked at me, she pulled her shirt open to expose her tits, “please” she said “please lick me, I promise not to scream” she whispered quietly “you will not be able to help yourself” Maria said over my shoulder, she had come into the end seat behind me and had put her arm around my waist, resting her head on my back, “I missed you, I was having one of my in need of attention moments” she said, I was still stroking into the girl when she came again, this one was not as fierce “please now while I am still recovering from that one, she got hold of her tit and held it up for me, Maria reached down and got hold of the girls knickers from the floor “sorry” she said to the girl “but this is for your own good” she said to the girl as she pushed her knickers into her mouth, I bent my head and took her tit between my teeth bending over her rock hard nipple then pushing it against the tit in my teeth and rasped, there seemed to be a slight delayed action then she erupted, she thrashed at me with her fists trying to fight me off but I was not going to let go, she grabbed my hair as she went out of control arching back and thrusting her tits at me which made it easier to get a second purchase, her legs shook as her ejaculation hit the seat, her neck muscles and the veins stood out like organ pipes as the climax racked through her chest flinging her sideways into the seat, I relaxed my grip and she started to subside, she looked down and saw the soaking seat as she gasped to get control of her breathing again,
I pulled her knickers out of her mouth as she took a lung full of air, then I pulled out of her and lifted her over the mess on the seat as Maria went back to her seat, then I sat the girl down on the centre seat, sitting beside her on the end, I put my still rigid cock into my trousers but she was obviously very distressed partly because Maria had been right and partly because she made a mess of the seat, she kept shuddering as the ripples passed through her, Maria crouched in the aisle again and stroked the girl’s hair, “you are not the first and you will most certainly will not be the last, not while this bastard has a tooth left in his head, he cannot resist doing it especially when he is challenged” she said “ I can’t believe what it did to me” the girl said “I thought I had a handle on it but it just kept on going then started again before the first one finished, it was merciless, there were so many colours flashing and my brain just turned to sludge, did I hurt you?” she said “I know I tried to fight you off, I wanted you to stop at the same time as I wanted more” she continued “don’t you go feeling sorry for him Maria said he is the one who did this to you, I knew what effect it had, knew the indications of it happening, and I let my guard down for a second and bang!! he got me, so you are not alone” Maria said, the girl stood up shakily and I let her out to get cleaned up in the toilet,
Maria jumped into the seat before I sat down beside her on the end seat, “now you did not finish, can I take you?” she asked “how about a nipple lick for you” I said teasing her “how about I lick your fucking neck” she retorted “ooooo, the lady wants to play rough” I said, she cuddled into my side as I put my arm around her, the girl came back and sat on the seat in the middle, she kept shivering and I knew it was aftershocks, she laid down on the seats and was soon asl**p, we covered her with a blanket, she was twitching in her sl**p, Maria glared at me, she threw some blankets and pillows onto the messy seat then half turned and put her feet up onto them then relaxed back into my chest with her head as I kissed the top of her head “ that is what I sometimes miss about you, your tenderness, your gentleness, you are so gentle when you tear these ladies apart, and they are so fucking grateful when you have destroyed their mental ability to think straight, they keep coming back for more, like me….you are a d**g for me I cannot get enough, marry me put me out of my misery” she said “you are very special to me and when I made love to you again it was as though a great trouble was gone from me but you know where my heart is and who has the key” I said to her “do you realise what you said to me then? do you? you said “made love to me, you see you do love me, you cannot help yourself, don’t fight it, all I ask is that you keep on loving me, it is time the old woman as you say popped her shoes then I can reclaim my throne” she said almost cheering It is not just Ellie that is stopping me” I said “ I cannot trust you, the vase has too many cracks in it for it to be rescued, if anything happened to Ellie then I would go and live near Fra” I stopped myself, I had nearly fallen into the trap “who??” she said “no one you know” I said and suddenly I had a great need for Ellie, she was my body and my soul, Maria fell asl**p against me and woke as we landed in Buenos Aires, the local agent met us and took us to the hotel, I excused myself and phoned Ellie, we talked for half an hour, I had taken my fix, I was whole again.

To be continued……………………

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