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The Claiming - part one

Still in shock from the piercing, I lay there being caressed by Marsha as the shock faded. She caressed my face and told me what a good girl I was and even though I fought it, I felt a tingling in my belly as she spoke of my new status. Finally, I was allowed up from the table and Andrea knelt before me. I looked at them confused. Marsha patted my cheek and said, ‘Just because you are my slave, does not allow that piece of meat to treat you with disrespect.’ Andrea moaned and nodded. ‘I am sorry Sabrina that I hurt you. Can you forgive me?” In a daze, I nodded and was shocked when Andrea moved forward and kissed both of my thighs. ‘Thank you Sabrina. I will make it up to you’. The sight of my juices on her face and the sorrow that tinged her voice made it impossible for me to be angry with her. I nodded again and turned to Marsha. She smiled and handed me a short skirt and a blouse. I pulled them on, being careful not to disturb the new piercing which burned a bit.
Being dressed, Marsha clipped the leash back on and led me back to her car. I started to get in the passenger door but she stopped me and had me get in the back. I climbed in and settled down to regain my senses as she pulled out into the road to start our journey back home. A number of times I tried to speak to her but she ignored me and I was left to contemplate my new status. The trip home seemed to take forever but we finally arrived. Marsha got out of the car and told me to undress. I stared at her in horror but she was adamant about it. ‘I want you coming home in your new status as fuck toy and fuck toys don’t wear clothes’. I blushed furiously and started to complain but she tossed a ball gag at me and simply said ‘Wear it’ and began looking through a folder she had in her hands. Then she began to flip photos of me naked, naked and being pierced, naked and Andrea using me ….and more. ‘Such wonderful photos to pass around. Which do you think will look best on your boss’s desk? She probably would have the whole series up.’ ‘Fuckingbitch !’ I yelled. That was a mistake. She turned pale, her lips pressed tightly together. ‘Thirty seconds or out they go to your entire email system’. She reached into her purse and pulled out my blackberry. Seeing she was serious I moaned and began to quickly undress. Once naked, I placed the ball gag to my lips and bit it, snugging the harness to my head. Marsha leaned into the car and put a small padlock on the harness and yanked on the leash. She hissed, ‘Seems you still do not understand what is happening. I am not k**ding, this IS your life cunt and the sooner you realize that the better it will be for you.’ The intensity she spoke sent a shiver down my spine but also to my horror and burning ache between my legs. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. She tugged again on the leash and started to walk to the house dragging me out of the car. I was horrified to be naked, cuffed on arms and legs and gagged in public. I started to hurry to the house but the leash yanked me back as Marsha hissed. ‘On all fours cunt!’ I turned to her and saw her thumb on the send button then moaning deep inside me I dropped down to all fours. Not satisfied she had me pose in various kneeling positions…ass in the air, arched back, breasts thrust forward, legs splayed open and closed. I knew I was blushing from head to toe and I desperately looked around to make sure no one saw me. I was distracted by Marsha laughing ‘Don’t you realize that we will do this until you stop looking around. What was it you always said to me about public display?’ My own words rang in my head, words I had said to a distressed Marsha when we were at a party and she was to be our naked waitress. “You should be happy that I and teaching you to trust my judgments about when and how to use you. A slave should never be embarrassed by the desires of her Mistress”. The awareness of my current status was underscored and I studiously looked forward and responded to her direction. ‘Good girl’ she said finally and she started to walk to the door. I started to get up and she said ‘crawl’. I obeyed and crawled on hands and knees to the front door. She fiddled with the keys, I thought intentionally to extend to time but I remained kneeling patiently until the door was opened and we went inside. Kneeling in the entry way , Marsha caressed my hair and praised my good behavior. She pulled my head to her thigh and I found myself relaxing under her touch. ‘I think it is time’ , she said and led me to the living room. Once there she attached the leash to one of the leash holders I had installed on the wall and I waited patiently as she opened up the curtains to the large front windows. I watched as she brought out a raised frame and placed it close to the windows. She cam back for me and took the leash and pulled me to the frame. ‘Get up on it’ she said and I hesitated. By getting up on it , I would be exposed to whoever happened to look in a our place. ‘Please don’t make me get up on it’ I said , being disgusted with myself at the whiny tone I heard. A hard kick tomy ass let me know she wanted me there and I sat up on the frame. ‘No girl, all fours’ . I hurriedly got on all fours and Marsha attached my cuffs to the framework using short chains. She then went to the closet and came back with my favorite dragon tail flogger. I bite my lip and she snapped the flogger onto the frame work , the leather straps slapping loudly against the wooden frame. She then began to lightly slap my body with the flogger, no where near painful but very effective in making me aware of my exposure and vulnerability. A hard smack on my ass and the command to arch my back gathered immediate obedience as I arched to display my ass up high. The tail snaked between my legs and a groan of mixed desire and pain escaped my lips. ‘More ass girl’ and I pushed back further to fully expose myself. For the next half hour she struck and teased me with the flogger. She made me arch up and then press my head to the frame, she f***ed me to extend and contract so that by the end of that time I fully understood the limits the frame imposed and the positions which made me most vulnerable to the flogger and her on going caresses. She finally had me arched back into an almost painful position, ass in the air, head tilted back when she first placed her hand between my legs and begin to roughly caress me. My body flinched fromt eh unexpected pleasure and the resulting slap from the flogger was quick and hard. ‘Did I say you could move cunt?’ ‘No’ I gasped in response. Another two quick strikes from the flogger without any slowing on the attack on my exposed pussy informed me of her displeasure and I blurted out ‘No Miss’ . That was met by three quick strikes . I gasped again and quickly modified my answer to ‘No Mistress’. The speed and power of next next four strikes made me forget the pleasure her other hand was providing. ‘No Mistress Marsha, you did not allow your cunt to move!’ I howled in pain. ‘Good cunt ‘ and a continued exploration of me was her only response. For the next hour or more she explored every inch of me. She drove three fingers into my aching cunt and thrust them wildly around, slapped my ass with the flogger, pinched my nipples until they were raw, drove her moistened fingers into my mouth, bit my ears , shoved a finger into my ass, caressed and flogged my back, ass, pussy head, shoulders. I was a quivering mass of need when she stepped back and looked over her handiwork. She then took another chain and attached it to the front of the framework and dragged my head down to lock it there. Satisfied with my position she walked around me, prodding and pushing me to correct my pose. ‘ That will do nicely’ she said in a matter of fact tone and she left the room. I was so afraid of the flogger I did not even think of looking where she went. Nor did I move from the pose she left me in. It was then I recalled where I was and how exposed I was. The thoughts of this and the flush that spread over me was the only ompany I had for the next 3 hours.

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