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Losing my virginity

It was after 9:00 and the blind date hadn't gone that well. His friends
had set him up for a date with Rose, not the most attractive and way
too pushy for his liking. All that showering and shaving for nothing he
thought. He ended the date at about 8:30 and drove Rose home, then
wondered what to do. He had been thinking he'd get lucky, but it was not to
be."Me and Rosy tonight", he thought wryly to himself.

He considered returning to the beach where he'd been f***ed to suck a
stranger's cock the night before. OK, maybe "f***ed" was too strong a
term, but he certainly hadn't made the first move; in fact he had taken
a passive role pretty much throughout the experience. It had been the
stranger who had undressed him, felt him up and, ultimately put his cock
up to the younger man's mouth. Still, the younger man had to admit he'd
enjoyed the experience - naked, offshore breeze blowing across his bare
ass and balls, under the trance of this older man. "Naw", he thought,
he'd just go home.

But as he left his parked car, his mind went one way while his feet took
him toward the beach.

The beach appeared deserted so he sat on a rock and listened to the rush
of water and felt the breeze again across his face. Then caught the smell
of cigarette smoke and heard faint footsteps in the sand. He turned, and
saw a stranger approaching from the rear. He stood just as the stranger got
to him and proceeded to reach out and rub the younger man's crotch slowly
and f***efully. The younger man's dick sprang to life and the older man made
a sound of approval. "You came back" he said. "Tonight I am going to fuck
your tight ass". A flurry of butterflies took off and fluttered around the
inside of the younger man's belly. "But not here" said the man. "Too busy.
Follow me, I only live a block away".

The short walk was quick and the older man led him to a modest 3-story
walkup, neatly cared-for and facing the water; perhaps that's how
the man had known he had returned to the same spot where he'd sucked the
man's dick the night before. The older man guided the younger man into
the apartment and followed him from behind. The apartment was tidy, smelled
clean and was sparely furnished. The picture window provided a spectacular
view out over English Bay, even in twilight. The young man felt hands on his
shoulders guiding him to a door on the right - the bedroom.

The room was tidy and clean too. The venetian blinds were down, but open so
you could make out the bay and mountains beyond, and the window was ajar so
a fresh breeze blew calmly into the room, making the blinds whirr gently in
the process. The room smelt pleasantly of some kind of aromatic substance,
maybe cologne, maybe some kind of high-end cleaning product. The bed was
made, but only sheets, and a stack of pillows at the wrong end and what
appeared to be a blindfold and... a paddle.

"Take off your shirt and pants" said the man and the younger man did as he
was told. His erection making tent in his underwear. "Put on the blindfold
and lie face down on the bed across the pillows" commanded the man. The
younger man hesitated and a sharp tap on his ass kicked him into compliance.
His last sight as he tied the blindfold was his own extremely hard, cut cock
through the gap it created between his belly and the band of his briefs.
"wh - What's the paddle..." he stammered, but the older man cut him off,
saying "no talking". Firm hands turned him toward the bed.

"Now lie across the pillows" said the man. The butterflies continued their
frenzied fluttering, the breeze through the blinds quickened momentarily
making their buzzing particularly strident. The younger man complied and
maneuvered himself onto the bed and lay across the pillows, completely
conscious of how prominent his ass must be. He felt the paddle being taken
off the bed beside him and then 5 sharp THWACKs, alternated between the
full, rounded cheeks of his ass. The briefs protected him from some of the
sharpness, but his ass stung nevertheless, and he yelped in shock and
surprise. "Put your hands above your shoulders; next time you move you'll
get 10 more on your bare ass!" barked the man, and he proceeded to give the
younger man 5 more, alternating between his ass cheeks. The younger man
flinched and involuntarily put his hand up to block the paddle. "I told you
not to move!" barked the older man. Then he felt the man's fingers
reaching into the band of his briefs. He pulled them off roughly, revealing
the younger man's full round ass - now pink from the short volley of blows.
He felt the thin material of the crotch of his briefs flick away from between
his legs and then, finally, come away past his feet. He was completely naked,
face down on this stranger's bed. "Don't Move!".

He heard the man padding away, then the sound of jeans and shirt being pulled
off. The gentle breeze through the windows stiffened, making the blinds briefly
resume their buzzing. He heard the man's padding back toward him, approaching
from his left side. "Take my cock in your hand". The man had his briefs on and
the younger man had to fumble blindly and pull them down slightly until the man's
eight inch monster sprang free.

THWACK, pause: "Move again and it'll be another 10 on top of these". Each swat
made the younger man start and pull slightly on the older man's dick, the older
man, in turn grunting with pleasure. The man's penis felt hot and hard and the
younger man remembered the night before where he gave that very cock his first

THWACK, THWACK, THWACK - total of ten more spanks to his now naked ass, alternating
again so that both cheeks had had a total of 5 more each. The younger man gasped in
surprise and pain but. Each of the swats had caused him to hump the sheets and
he nearly came. So did the older man, but he controlled the swats well enough that
he was able to keep himself on a hugely pleasurable edge.

Now _That's_ a beautiful red ass!". And it was. The young man's ass was delectable;
it arched up and away from the small of his back into two full round smooth globes.
His young muscular legs accentuated the lovely round shapes, now glowing a healthy
shade of pink and radiating heat from the short but intense spanking. Where they met
at the top of his thighs formed a sexy keyhole-shaped gap through which the back of
his swollen balls could be glimpsed. "Stay put", said the man.

Once again, the older man was padding across the carpet and younger man heard sounds
of fidgeting with bottles, the sound of something tearing and the sound of some kind
of cap being popped open. He was completely naked, spreadeagled on a bed, another man
making preparations to come and fuck him. "What will it be like?" he wondered. Well
there was no turning back now. He was going to find out soon enough.

The man was returning: "Sit up on the edge of the bed", and the younger man complied.
The softness of the white sheets soothed his burning bum... slightly. The man came
and stood right in front of him - his crotch right in the younger man's face. "Pull
down my underwear". The Younger man reached out and pulled and felt the heat of the
older man's cock radiating into his face. "Now suck it". The younger man homed
in on the heat and felt the head of the man's cock along the side of his nose. Too
low, he thought, and groped his mouth until he felt the cock head pressing against
his lips. He parted them and the man slid his cock in. "Watch the teeth - or the
paddle will be making a comeback", said the man. Once again the younger man's mouth
was filled with this super hard eight incher; he realized the man must have put on
a condom because the cock wasn't as smooth as the night before and there was a slight
rubbery taste. The younger man's head bobbed rhythmically as he sought to pleasure
the older man. He'd seen videos of cock sucking before and now his head was bobbing
in the same way; his cock throbbed at the thought.

After several minutes the younger man's jaws were aching. Suddenly the man said
"Now lie back over the pillows. The younger man did so, arching his beautiful pink
ass in what he thought was an enticingly slutty pose. "Very nice" said the man.
"Spread it". The younger man reached behind and parted the beautiful globes revealing
a tight pink asshole in the dim light. Suddenly he felt something cold on his asshole
and he jumped in surprise. The man's fingers started rubbing the lube and finger fucking
the younger man, slowly, working the asshole. It felt good, but intensely personal.
He surrendered himself to the feeling that this man had total control over his body.

He felt knees pressing into the bed on either side of his hips and then the bed
sinking with the man's full weight. He felt the sensation of the older man's cock
as it slid past the younger man's ass cheeks and stopped just touching his anus.
"unh" grunted the younger man and he jerked his hips involuntarily, causing the cock
to enter slightly. The older man pressed on and the younger man's ass, hips and
crotch felt like they were glowing - the man's cock pressing and dancing around
his anus felt really really good. The older man was grunting with pleasure and
pushing just a little more each time so that cock head, in turn, penetrated him. The
younger man started arching his hips backward, anxious to take in more, but at the
same time aware of a painful splitting feeling. He tried to relax; the man must have
sensed it too, for he reduced his thrusts so that his cock just barely entered the
young man's ass.

Then the man started fucking in earnest, lying with his full weight on the younger
man and thrusting the full 8 inches for the first time. The younger man grunted with
pleasure and pain; the cock had spread his tender asshole and slid all the way in.
The feeling of intimacy intensified; the younger man's entire world was the sensation
of being fucked, owned, completely open. He'd never experienced feelings like this
with any woman and didn't want it to end. The man's thrusts became more intense as
he too was savoring this younger man's tight virgin ass, panting with each thrust.
The younger man's cock was pushed into the bed and he wanted to cum; no he didn't,
he wanted it to last all night long. He lost track of time focusing on the strange
feeling of fullness then emptiness, then fullness again. The thrusts slowed and the
man pulled out. "Turn over" he said.

The younger man quickly flipped onto his back and saw the man's monster cock
glistening with lube and pointing straight at him. "Oh, shoot me with it", thought
the younger man and he instinctively raised his legs to the vertical, providing the
older man with easy access to his ass. The older man knee-walked up to him and put
his cock head on the younger man's anus. This time it slipped right in. The younger
man was immobilized, no way he could return the thrusts in this position. They
eased together as the older man resumed his thrusts, the younger man wrapping his
legs around his partner's waist and legs. The man's thrusts were wilder, less
control driving his cock in and out; now the younger man felt balls slapping his
ass with each thrust. He noted their surprising warmth; nothing else mattered.
Soon the thrusts became wild bucking and he knew the man was going to cum. Then,
he went off like a volcano, bucking and pushing all the way to the hilt. The
younger man grabbed his own cock and started whacking. It didn't take long and he
felt the convulsions as he too started cumming. Each squirt brought another peak
of pleasure, like coming down a long mountain one leap at a time. Soon he was spent.

They lay together like that for a long while, both panting, wrapped together, the
older man's still large cock deep in the younger man's ass. He couldn't wait until
the next time.

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