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An October to Remember

An October to Remember

The last Friday in September started out as any other workday. My work buddy Bill and I drove to an Eastern New York city to make a delivery, We are team drivers for a local trucking company. Being out so long, we decided to stop for dinner as we would not return to the yard until after 6PM. As I got out of our truck I felt a pop in my belly. Having an umbilicus hernia I was used to strange things happening to my navel. We ate, and headed back to the yard. As we drove back, I started having pain behind my belly button. By the time we returned I couldn’t even stand up straight from the pain and cramps.

By the time I got home the pain was so intense I told my wife that I needed to go to bed and see if lying flat would bring me any relief. After about an hour, the pain just built up, becoming the worst pain I have ever experienced. My wife, who was out in the barn, could hear my screaming all the way out there almost 100 yards from our house. She came in and I told her I needed an ambulance to get me to the hospital. On route the paramedic gave me two 4mg Morphine injections, that didn’t seem to help much at first. By the time I arrived at the hospital however, I was really comfortable.

That evening I received emergency surgery, and really don’t remember anything till the following Monday. In addition to the IV tube I had a drain of sorts coming out of the dressing in my stomach. Later that day a nurse came in to change my wound vac as she called it. Removing the dressing she then took out a large piece of foam that was stuffed into a huge cavity where my belly button used to be. The hole was about the size of a large orange, or a small g****fruit and several inches deep. If I hadn’t seen many wounds as an EMT and as a Marine during Vietnam, I would have probably passed out. As it was I nearly shit the bed. I later learned the sponge would have to be changed every other day, except weekends. That means a home care nurse would be visiting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until I was healed.

I was discharged on Friday with a smaller portable wound machine. In addition to all the care and discharge information, I was told that a nurse would be out Monday to check my incision and change the dressing. Damn I couldn’t wait. The nurses in the hospital were pleasant, but definitely not model material. I expected some older, mature nurse coming 3 times a week, ripping the adhesive off my belly, telling me to suck it up and take it like a man.

Monday arrived and about 8 AM my phone rang and the nurse informed me that she would be out around 11. From her voice, I couldn’t get a handle on her age, but she definitely didn’t sound like an old hag. OK, so she might be young, but, nurses sometimes have an ass 2 or 3 axe handles wide. Either way, I didn’t relish having the adhesive dressing removed from my tender stomach.

Promptly at 11 she arrived. She was ushered into our bedroom by my wife of 30 years. My bride is a regular church going person, who believes sex should be standard missionary position, unless she was extremely horny she would consent to a doggy style fuck. The saving grace is she loves to be eaten, and can cum several times while I am feasting in her honey pot. Now in comes this 30ish nurse. She was neatly put together, with brown eyes, and as far as I could see no real tits. She had a dark complexion and her brown hair done up with bangs and curls, not hard on the eyes. As we filled out the reams of paperwork, I realized her teeth were a brilliant white and her moderately long nails were impeccably done.

She took my vitals, temp and such, but when she got to bl**d pressure, she straightened out my arm, tucking it under her arm, right up against her tit. Damn I felt something in there. Not a Dolly Parton, but enough to get my interest. As she took my bl**d pressure, she held my arm tight and immovable against her right tit. I was beginning to like this nurse. I mean I was really beginning to like this nurse. She was wearing loose fitting hospital like scrubs that hid her womanly features. My wife must have seen my lustful look. She new it had been at least 2 weeks since we had any sex, so I was well overdue.

Next she had to change the dressing. Not being in to pain, this was way off my bucket list. She grabbed a packet that contained a small pad saturated with some miracle chemical. As she rubbed around the edge, the adhesive released and the dressing was painlessly removed. There was some bl**d and a horrible odor that she attributed to the d**gs that saturated the sponge that was stuck in the canyon where my belly button used to reside. She washed out the cavity with sterile water. Then, with another pad she gently removed any residue adhesive. Now might be a good time to remind you anatomically challenged, the navel is in the general proximately of where the waist band of any PJ’s , pants etc would normally reside. So as a consequence, I was wearing absolutely nothing. In the hospital I was wearing one of those gowns, open in the back. I should have probably “borrowed” one or two before I left.

Being I hadn’t bathed in over a week, I had acquired a considerable body odor. Without even asking, except my wife, to get a washcloth and towel, she began using some foamy waterless cleaner scrubbing my ripe form. First my arms and upper torso, washing and drying each area before working her way south. She eventually worked her way to my neglected dick. My wife stood at the foot of the bed watching, a smile on her face. Needless to say, junior gave his usual reaction, to any attention, directed his way. The nurse, in a very professional manor just did her job, without comment or alarm. By the time she finished, I went from lying in a bed to sl**ping in a tent. Being my usual blunt, crass individual, I asked her, “what are you going to do about that”, indicating my horribly engrossed penis. That’s her responsibility she replied nodding her head towards my still smiling wife. With that she had me initial her paperwork and left. “I’m going out to the barn” my wife said as she accompanied my tormentor downstairs. “Hey” I shouted, “what about my predicament”? “I’m sure you can handle it”, she called back. So I did.

On her next visit, we chatted a bit more as she had far less paperwork to do, but she still gave me a bl**d pressure tit rub I didn’t get a bath, but she cleansed the area around my operation. This included areas adjacent to, but not including my trusty sex shooter. Again I gave the usual response. This time she gave it a little pat, with her latex gloved hand saying “that was not within her job description”. Once again I was left to my own devices. Fortunately I have several sex sites on my computer to inspire me.

By her third visit, we were old friends. She was using my first name and the visit was much more casual. Again with the bl**d pressure tit rub. This time she got a full salute from junior, which didn’t go unnoticed. This being Friday, there was more to do. She had to change the plastic reservoir on the machine. As well as give me my weekly full bath. This time my wife returned to the barn, telling her she could let herself out. This left us alone as she bathed my body. When she finished, the old Johnson was standing tall and proud. “Are you going to finish what you started” is asked. Oh my God she said grabbing some oil out of her canvas bag, squirting a liberal amount into her gloved hand. “Lay down” she commanded. Assuming I was going to get a back rub I began to roll over. “On your back” she said, pulling back the blanket and sheet with her other hand. Her oiled gloved hand wrapped around my swollen cock and she expertly began to jerk me off. I laid there, not believing my good fortune, as she proceeded to bring me to a mind blowing orgasm. She caught my cum in her other gloved hand, and promptly ripped off her glove, turning it inside out and capturing my love juce. I attempted to reach for her tits but she backed up telling me “that was on the house”. She packed up her supplies and said “see you Monday”, and left.

Later I told my wife about my good fortune. “I know” she responded “who do you think gave the OK for the treatment”. I almost had a heart attack. “Well we can’t have sex until your healed” she continued “and I don’t want to see you suffer” she concluded. “But you could have done it” I said. “You deserved a little something special” was her reply. That night I slept as a contented man. I couldn’t wait until Monday.

Monday came in as a blustery cold day. By now, my nurse just let herself in, leaving my wife in the barn to do chores. When she took my bl**d pressure once again I attempted to rub her tit with my arm. “Be still” she said, but with a soft tone. I think she liked it. When it came to dressing time, she deftly did the change, including my area cleansing. This time junior was only partially up. She began picking up her supplies. “Your not going to leave me like this” I asked almost moaning, “Oh all right” she said grabbing a set of blue latex gloves from her bag along with her oil. “Before you do an oil change how about something extra to get him going” I asked. “If your looking for a blow job forget it” she said indicating the conversation was concluded, grabbing my semi firm member.
This special treatment continued with each visit. I didn’t have to ask; she just grabbed her oil and did it at the conclusion of her visit. I was healing rapidly, faster than expected. By the end of October, she said “on your next doctor visit he may very well discontinue your vac”. “Well I guess you should give me a farewell party” with my lecherous grin. “Don’t hold your breath, or bet your last cash on that” she said with a smile. I couldn’t be sure but I thought I might get a pleasant surprise on her next visit.

I was absolutely right. When she arrived for her last visit, gone were the scrubs. They were replaced by a skirt. It wasn’t a mini, coming just above her black nylon clad knee. She had flat shoes, not heels and a nice white blouse that made her proportionally firm breasts look absolutely delicious. She had the blouse unbuttoned enough that she exposed a fair amount of cleavage. “Why the fancy duds” I asked with a smile from ear to ear. “I’m meeting my husband for dinner after work and wouldn’t have time to go home and change” was her reply or excuse, which ever you choose. “You are absolutely beautiful” I said. I looked at her face. She had make-up around her blue eyes that made her eyes sparkle. She had on a coral lipstick, with a sheen that made her lips look moist, succulent and kissable. I doubt she had on any other make-up. With her bronze completion, she didn’t need it. She proceeded with her regular routine; however she didn’t hold my arm as tight as she took my bl**d pressure. I took this as a sign I was free to explore with my arm, which I did with no objection. I doubt she got an accurate bl**d pressure, but I know for a fact, she got a hard nipple, at least on the right side. I think I saw both poking at the silky material of her now tighter blouse.

When it came time for my sponge bath, she donned a paper gown that fit over her clothes. She began my sponge bath; however, this time there was a considerable amount of body contact. In fact by the time she was through the paper gown was soaked in the area of her tits and crotch. When she finished she tore the gown off and returned to her bag. I expected her to oil up her glove, but she simply put the crumpled gown inside. She returned to my bedside grabbing my cock with her bare hand. Taking my hand with her other hand and sliding it up under her dress she said “I thought we could try another type of lubricant” with a big smile, showing her brilliant white teeth. I started sliding my hand up her silken leg. As I reached the top I realized she had on regular stockings and garters. I passed over the brief area of thigh exposed and onward to her bare pussy. Shit no panties I thought as I let my fingers slide over her wet bare cunt. As I started to lightly massage her swollen lips, she bent over and engulfed my cock with her mouth.

Damn I died and have arrived in heaven. As she expertly bobbed on my shaft, I slipped a finger into her hot pussy. She gave a little shudder, and sucked, licked, and kissed my cock. Soon, I had 2 fingers in her pussy and began massaging her clit with my thumb. I wasn’t long before her first climax shuddered through her body. She stopped sucking for a moment, pulling her mouth from my cock, with a moan and just saying “my God”, and then she resumed giving me one fabulous blow job. She continued honking my horn and I continued fingering her drenched pussy. I reached over with my free hand and gently began massaging her boobs through her blouse. Without a word she stopped straightening up she unbuttoned her blouse and lifted her sheer bra from her succulent boobs. Then she resumed blowing me. I massaged her tits squeezing her nipples, while at the same time fingering her cunt and her now rock hard clit. She shuddered through several more climaxes; I had stopped counting and concentrated on holding back the flood of seamen about to abandon my shaft. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer, “I’m going to cum”, I informed her through my tightly clenched teeth. She picked up her pace, and continued to work on my universal tool. Soon I began to rattle her tonsils with my man juice; she locked her lips around my manhood, as she massaged my nut sack. I pumped so much cum I could have doused the Chicago fire. More than she could swallow. Some oozed out around my cock and ran down the shaft. When I finished blowing my load, she released my cock and licked up the residue from my body. My hand was soaked with her love juice and she licked that clean, but saved two fingers for me. She never said a word. When we were through, she brought her beautiful chest to my lips so I could kiss and suck on her lovely nipples, then she tucked them away and buttoned her blouse.

She went over to her bag and slid it on her shoulder. As she began to leave, she turned and came over to my bed, bent over, and gave me the hottest, most sensual kiss, I could remember. Our tongues played tag for several moments, as she reached down and just held my now flaccid member. She straightened up and without a word went out the door.

Minutes later my wife came in. “Well did you enjoy your nurses’ last visit” she enquired with a huge smile. “Definitely” I replied “How much of that was your idea” I queried. “Well we discussed what you liked and what turned you on” she said, still smiling. .”You really rang the bell” I replied, reaching for her hand and drawing her to me. We kissed, long and lovingly. Then we held each other in a soft but wonderful embrace. She told me the doctor will likely remove the wound vac on your visit, and then things should return to normal. She reached down and gave junior a loving squeeze. Life is good I thought as we both drifted off locked in a loving embrace.

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