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Forbidden love part 2

please before you read this read the first part called fobidden love.

As the handle of the door turned i felt a slight arousal coming from the eperience so I started to jerk my still slightly erect dick. but when the door opened i got a surprise, for there standing in front of me was not only my roomate rebekah but she had also had on some very nice and very lacy lingerie i had to start thinking about sports just stop my load from exploding all over her and the bathroom. she came over to me and just said one thing shhh in a deep erotic voice, i started to think that this was all a dream because i can tell you for a fact that around the flat she usually found me repolsive. so after she said that one word she took my hand away from my dick and started to give me the most fantastic blowjob i have ever had, and so i return as she kept the blowjob going on i pulled her in to the bath tub with so that i could just demolish her pussy with my finger first slowly sticking one finger in the then two but picking up the speed and now im sucking on her clit you see.

As she is enjoying the demolishing of her amazing vagina she is still sucking my now the size of a baseball bat dick, she starts licking the shaft of it with her toungue and founduling my balls with one hand she starts the sucking and now imagine the best blowjob in the world and times it by 2 tgats how good it was. i couldnt last much longer for before i knew it my mouth just shouted im coming and she hold it in her mouth while she jerks it nice and slowly. i spurt my nice and hot cream all in her mouth as she gulps every wave but soon there becomes to much come that it starts to fall all over her luciuos breasts as its finshes she licks it up of her breasts. she then directs my still hard as a rock dick into her now soaking wet, well lubricrated pussy as my dick eneters her pussy she.....

to be continued if you want plz comment.

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