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Selling My Hot Wife On Nudist Beach

A few months back , Me and My Wife Suzanne were on holiday in Spain.
We Are Both Keen Nudists And enjoy the Nudist Beach Scene.

My Wife Suzanne Is 5 ft6 ,Slim-Toned , Very Short Blonde Hair ,Blue Eyes , Darkly Tanned , 38c Breasts, Trimmed/Strip,
She is 41 years old and has a huge sex drive , we have sex quite often but my performances are quite pathetic at times and i know myself i am not fulfilling my Wifes many Needs.
She goes to the gym alot and trains hard to keep her self in very good shape , she also eats well and takes good care of her image.
Sometimes i Cant believe myself that she is 41.

Chapter 1

A few days into our holiday we visited the local Nudist beach which we had visited in earlier years.
The Beach Was Fairly Busy For The Time Of day , We Payed for our Sun loungers and Unpacked Before stripping off,
We lay back in the Immense Heat as The Morning Breeze From The sea Cooled Us Softly,
Sitting In The Hot Sun Admiring all the other Naked Bodys Was Great, The freedom Of Being In Public In The Nude Is So Hot.
After a While we decided to go for a little dip in the sea to cool off , we walked beside each other down the beach and jumped into the sea ,
Shorlty after we Got out , just as We left The water A Fat Older Guy With Long Hair With A Camera Around His Neck And A Good looking younger guy with a great body and tan held a tripod and a larger camera.

As we carried on walking The Older Guy Shouted 'excuse me hello ' we turned around as they hurried towards us , the older man noticed we was english and told us that he was also english , he asked us if we could spare 5 minutes of our time , So we Happily Agreed.

Chapter 2 (the proposition)

We walked Back To Our Sun Loungers and sat down , Suzanne Slipped Her Green Thong Bikini Bottoms On As we Talked .
The Older Guy Asked If It Was Ok To Film Us As They Asked Us a few questions about nudism and the nudist beach scene ,
We was both happy to let them film , The younger guy turned on his camera and started to film us as the older man asked us a few questions .
He was Mostly Focusing the camera On Suzanne And She seemed Quite happy to let him .

After asking us various questions about the nude beach , the older guy said ' you are a lucky man my friend youre wife is very beautiful and began to compliment her , when Suzanne Told Him her age they both couldnt believe it.
The Older Guy said ' have you ever thought about modeling?'Suzanne told him she had thought about it when she was a little younger but didn't have the time ,

The Older guy said look here's the deal , i think we all know your'e a very beautiful women and me and my friend Javier here Run A small modeling agency on the island , and would love you to be part of it , Suzanne Looked at me and said no its ok ill pass , the man said we pay very well and we will only take a few hours of your'e time , what have you got lose ?
I said to the man How Much are we talking about ? the man replied , well for your wife we will pay 600 euro for one hour of your time ,
We looked at each other and i smiled and nodded , I said Its Totally Up To you Suzanne 600 euros is a lot of money,
Suzanne said well say if i did agree to it , what kind of modeling are you talking about ? , The Old man replied we know a nice little spot on the beach not far from here , we will take a some hot pictures of you in your bikini and so on .
She asked me , What do you think? i said well you have always wanted to do it here is your chance and we could do with the money aswell.
Suzanne said ok ill do it . Both men smiled And said Great grab youre things and follow us...

Chapter 3 ( showtime)

we followed them to their jeep and we drove about 15 minutes down the coast and then went offroad down a few sand tracks , we pulled up and got out ,
we were on a secluded little beach with only a few locals on ,
We walked around the beach into like a small cliff/ cave out of sight of evryone on the beach.
Suzanne Had Put her Bright Green Bikini Bra and thong back on for the shoot ,
She walked up into the cave as the small waves brushed agianst the sand ,
the older man began telling her some poses as the younger guy carried on filming it all .
She looked hot and it started turning me on knowing the guys were filming her, the older guy told her to get on all fours in the shallow sea as he took still pictures ,
After a while and many pictures later , the older guy said 'so Suzanne how would you feel about doing a nude shoot ?'
She looked at me and said what do you think ? i said its entirely up to you , if you want to do it then go for it , i kind of like seeing you do it to be honest.

She smiled and said well ok then ill be up for that.
then photographer smiled at each other and said great , she took her bra off first revealing her perk 38 c tits and erect nipples , shortly after they had her fully nude leaning over rocks and taking some really hot pics , she looked amazing with the sun beaming on her tanned body as the water dripped down her,

I guess it started to turn Suzanne on aswell knowing 3 guys were admiring her fully nude body outdoors , she started to enjoy it getting a little dirtier in the pics , she got on all fours facing away from us and bent right down , we all could see her tanned tight pussy between her legs as she spread them ,
As i looked over at the cameramen , i couldnt help but notice the huge bulge in the younger guys shorts as he filmed my wife .

the older guy said to me can i have a quick word in private , i said yh sure , he give the still camera to javier while we walked around the rock for a chat ,
he said what i am about to ask you , is totally up to you , remember that ok , i said ok what is it , he said well first how is your sex life with Suzanne? i said it not bad why ? he then said well look at her shes a goddess , she deserves to be satisfied properly just look at her , i said i know what you mean , we have spoke about an open relationship a few times but never got round to it .
The older guy said to me , well here's the deal ,me and javier are also in the adult entertainment buisness and we would both love for youre wife to be in one of our movies ,i laughed at him smugly , he said listen think about youre wife she deserves to be with an other man , and we will pay you for your time , i said how much are we walking about here , he said we will give you another 600 euros on top of the 600 we already owe you .

i agreed , we walked back around the rock as Suzanne was still posing on the sand , Me and Suzanne Went for a little chat in private ,
She said to me have they just asked you about the video , i said yes have they asked you aswell , she said yes that javier just told me about it but i said no i couldnt give them an answer with out speaking to you ,
i said , Suzanne listen i love you with all my heart ,but im not daft i know i cant satisfy you as much as i used to be able to and love is alot differant from sex , and if you want to do it then you have my full permission ,
she smiled and said are you sure , i said yh hurry up before i change my mind we could do with the money anyway. i gave her a kiss and whispered have fun , i slapped her arse as she walked back into the cave .

Suzanne said im happy to take part but we want the money first , the old man passed me 1200 euros , and i said its all their ,
the old man put the video camera on the tripod and said lets begin...

chapter 4 (the finale)

the old man told javier to strip off , he took his vest off and then pulled down his shorts , then out popped his big tanned hard cock , oh my god it was huge ,
Suzanne looked in amazement and smiled over at javier , the old man said righ both get into the sea till about shoulder deep and start kissing , the walked into the sea and began to kiss , all we could see was their heads,
shortly after , they both started to walk out side by side holding hands , they looked perfect togther both of them had hot athletic bodys and big assests and were both perfectly tanned , they walked up into the cave and started to kiss as they felt each others warm wet bodys ,javier started to kiss her neck and slowly started to moved down her body until he reached her knees , he started to lick and caress her tight tanned pussy , as her right hand swept through his hair as she played with her erect nipple .
javier put a towel down on the rocks beside him and started to eat Suzanne pussy once more , he was really going for it Suzanne was in heaven she moaned loudly as he pleasured her,
Soon after Suzanne Was Dripping , She Pushed Javier Back and Got On her Knees and started to kiss his ripped 6 pack before going down and taking his huge cock into her mouth , i have never seen her so hungry for cock in my life she licked and kissed his huge cock asif she was worshiping it ,
Soon after Javier picked her up in the air and placed her back on the rock on her back , he leaned over and began to eat her wet pussy once more as his huge tanned cock stood rock hard, he stood up and started to rub the tip of his cock up and down her wet pussy as she moaned , he finally entered her nice and slowly edging an inch at a time ,soon after he had picked up a rhtym on her pounding her deep and hard with his huge tanned cock as Suzanne shuddered in orgasm,

she leaned up and put her hands around his shoulders , he picked her up in the air and started to pound her , she told him to lie down on his back , he fell back onto the soft warm sand and Suzanne went wild she put her weight on her feet as she slammed down onto his cock in cowgirl she was really working his big cock as her hand balanced on his huge sweaty chest , he took her weight with his hands and started to pound her from underneath , she moaned loudly in extreme orgasm as his balls slapped of her wet pussy ,
Finally he stood her up and leaned her over a rock , he stood behind her and entered easily back into her dripping wet cunt , he started to pump as hard as he could driving Suzanne to cum on his huge cock , he carried on pumping hard and deep until he was himself about to cum , he said ohhh i am gonna cum , Suzanne dropped to her knees and looked up at him with her mouth wide open as he wanked his big cock , he started to cum, his huge load going inside Suzannes mouth and on her face ,she loved it slurping his cum into her mouth as she started to suck the rest of his huge cock ,

they stopped shortly after , both of them dripping in sweat looking exhausted , the old man said that was absolutley great , the best scene we have done so far , even i enjoyed watching her with another guy , we got ready and they dropped us of back at the beach and asked us if we would like to join them agian another time , we smiled at each .............

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