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Mommy's Boy

I'm the baby of the f****y. My Mommy's little boy! The only c***d left living at home can be a blessing. Let me tell you why.

When I was five,my father left us. In the middle of the night,He loaded up the truck,took my three teenage b*****rs and split. Just like that. That was eight years ago and it has been Mommy and me,ever since.

We do everything together. We go shopping,cook,do the chores,go out to dinner and the movies. We play games,go bowling,bath and sl**p together. In fact,the only time we spend apart is when I am at school and she is at work.

Last Wednesday,I had to call Mommy from the principals office at school. I had gotten into another fight. Some of the older boys overheard me telling a friend that I was staying home instead of going to the Jr.High,Fall Festival Dance. It was because I didn't have a date. So they began calling me names like,"fag" and "queer" and "baby dick". Then they started pushing me around. So I punched a boy in his mouth and my teacher sent me to the Principal's office. Again.

Long story short,Mommy left work and came to school to get me.

We didn't talk the whole way home. She hardly even looked at me,until we pulled up into the driveway,then when she did, Her big green eyes were filled with tears. "Go inside and set the table for dinner. I'll be in,in a few minutes." she said quietly.

I did as I was told. Then,peeking out the window,I saw Mommy sitting in the car. Her arms were waving around and her head was shaking back and forth. She was screaming into her cell phone and madder than I have ever seen her in my life!

I was upstairs in the bedroom,sitting on the edge of the bed crying,when I heard the front door slam shut. Then I heard the refrigerator door open and bottles clinking.

Mommy called my name as she came up the stairs. "In here Mommy." I sobbed. She walked into the bedroom,carrying a six pack of tall-boy beers,which was something she has never done before,and ruffled my hair as she passed me. Walking over to the dresser,she set the beers down and turned on the computer.

"Go get undressed and start the shower,will you,Baby? I'll be right there." she said. Her back was turned to me and she was wiping her eyes with a tissue.

I took my time undressing,dried my eyes and had just stepped into the shower when Mommy came in,finishing a beer. She was already naked. Mommy is very pretty and her fifty two year old body is still smoking hot.

Over the last year,I began getting hard-ons all the time. Lately it has been every morning when I wake up and every night as we lay in bed together. I don't ever hide them from her,because Mommy never says anything about it when it happens. She does get a big smile when she sees me with a boner,tho. And I can't help getting a hard-on when I look at her.

Mommy is five foot tall and weighs about a hundred pounds. Her hair is long,light brown,and super curly. She has a flat tummy,a tiny bubble-butt,clean shaved pussy and size thirty six B-Cup,perky tits. Each tit is almost nothing but a big,dark brown areola and long,stiff nipple.

Standing in front of me,She let the warm water soak over head first,plastering her hair down over her head,neck and shoulders. Taking the soap in her hands,and working up a lather,she began to wash me like she always does. But this time when she got to my hard cock,Mommy began breathing heavily. Something else she had never done before.

Stepping close,she cupped my balls in her left hand,gently squeezing them,and then she began to slowly stroke my cock back and forth,as she washed it.

Again,this was something new and I began to tremble. Turning me around,Mommy then lathered up the crack of my ass. She was washing my asshole with her fingertips and tickling my ball sack with her fingernails.

"Mommy? You need to stop doing that." I said.

I turned back around to face her,my cock sticking up and twitching crazily whenever water splashed on it. I looked at Mommy and saw her staring at my dick. There was a sad,little smile on her lips and I heard her sigh. "Oh. O.K. Baby. Go dry off. Then I want you to call Mario's and order us a pizza for dinner. Fuck it! Make it two,pizzas! The biggest ones they make and tell them to load them up!" Mommy knows how to cheer me up! I only wished I knew what to do for her.

Going into the bedroom,I noticed there were only three beers left. "Damn! She must have pounded the others!" I laughed to myself. I dried off and pulled my pyjama bottoms up over my throbbing cock. I called Mario's,from the phone in the bedroom,ordering dinner and then ran downstairs.

I heard Mommy as she left the shower. Opening the refrigerator,I stole a beer and drank it as fast as I could. Then before Mommy could come downstairs,I stole another beer and was slamming it when the delivery girl showed up. Reaching into Mommy's purse I grabbed the money and paid for dinner.

I was putting the change back when I noticed something bulging in the purse's side pocket. Opening it up, I saw a big,pink plastic cock! The sight of it made my dick hard again. I was rubbing myself. It felt so good. I wondered what jerking off felt like. All the boys talked about doing it but I didn't have a clue how to do it,or any time alone to try!

I heard a creaking noise from the stairs. Looking up,I knew I was busted. Mommy didn't say a word. She just stood there in her old,faded,pink ratty robe and smiled at me.

"I want another beer. Want one?" she asked.

I was already pretty buzzed but I said "What?! Really?! Me?! Sure,Mommy! What's the special occasion?"

"You'll find out." Mommy laughed. We sat at the table,looking at each other,drinking our beers. Suddenly,she slapped the table top and said "No more public school for you! Those Teachers and That Principal are all assholes! I used to be a teacher,so It will be Home Schooling from now on!" She stood up and stumbled a little as she went over to the frige and got another beer. I have never seen her drink more than four beers and I wondered if this was number five,six or eight!

"I don't want any pizza right now. Do you,Baby?" she asked.
"Not really. I'll put them in the frige if you want,Mommy." I said.
"Thanks." I heard her mumble.

I took another beer and she smiled at me. "Baby,are we getting d***k together? I'm kinda fucked up already! How about you? Sure you should drink another one?" Mommy laughed. Leaning against the table she untied her robe. "'s hot in here!" She said,flapping the robe open and closed. She wasn't wearing any bra! Except for the shower,or when we went to bed,Mommy always wore a bra! And she was wearing bright red,lace panties! Oh My God! When did she buy those!

"Be a Sweety and go get my purse for Mommy. Hurry now!" she waved her beer bottle at me.

I was stumbling a bit myself and my cock was hard as a rock,painfully rubbing against my pyjamas. All I could think about was my Mommy's titties and that big,pink plastic dick.

Suddenly,I started having dirty thoughts about my Mommy.

Visions of Mommy's clean shaved pussy filled my head. I wanted her to lay down and spread her legs so I could look at her pussy,up close! I have never really seen her pussy. Only the mound and the dimpled,slit between her legs. Now I wanted to stare at it,to touch it! Hell I wanted to lick it and shove my cock as far into it as I could! But I knew that wouldn't happen.

She met me at the foot of the stairs. The robe hung from her right hand and she took my wrist with her left. I openly stared at her tits. My mouth watered and I wanted to suck on her nipples! Instead,I said "Mommy? When did you buy those?" I nodded at her panties. It was a Thong! I have seen My Mommy's ass thousands of times,but now I wanted her to bend over and let me stare at it forever!

"Nice of you to notice. I got them when I bought the vibrator,Hunny. It was this afternoon while I was on my way to pick you up from school. Suprised?" She pulled me up the stairs. I almost dropped the purse!

We walked into the bedroom and I was shocked! The lights were turned off but candles lit the room. There was a strange,sweet incense burning and on the computer screen,I watched as a young boy about my age was getting his cock stroked,like Mommy had done to me earlier,by an old woman! She must have been in her seventies! I had just noticed what was going on,when streams of what I thought was milk,shot from the piss slit of his dick and began to land across her nose and shoot into her opened mouth! She then started sucking his dick mumbling "More! More!" in a thick German accent!

"Do you like watching that,Hunny? We missed the first part. That was the end of the second part,where the boy gets a blow job from his Grandma. I'll reset the disk to the beginning." Mommy was giggling like one of the girls in my class.

"A couple of weeks ago,I saw this advertised on-line as a "sex education" DVD. I bought it to show it to you,since you don't have a dad around,but after I watched a little bit of it at work this morning,I got a better idea!" She had wiggled out of her thong panties and held them up to my nose for me to smell.

"Hold these." she said pushing them in my face. Then she bent over in front of me and restarted the DVD.

As the introduction began,she jumped onto the bed,making the two of us bounce around and knock into each other.

"Come here!" Mommy was grabbing the waist of my pyjamas,pulling them down. Then she pulled the top up over my head and arms. Wrapping me up in a big hug,our naked bodies pressed together. She began kissing,then sucking on my neck! "Oops! Hickey!" she laughed. She then began sucking on my nipples! Chills flooded my body. My skin felt like it was burning and freezing all at the same time!

Then she crushed me in an even tighter hug and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth!

She held my face between her hands and continued to french kiss me. It felt like she was bruising my lips! But she didn't stop! Mommy was moaning "God I need a fucking! Will you fuck Mommy? Yes You Will! I know You will! You have to! Know why? Cause I'm gonna Fuck You! I'm gonna Fuck You till your cock can't get hard any more! I Know You Want Me! For the last Year Mommy has wanted to suck on her Baby's cock! I have wanted to let you fuck Your Mommy! But You are so shy! I can't wait any more! COME FUCK YOUR MOMMY!"

We were making out! My first time ever! With anyone! I was going to get to Fuck My Mommy! I couldn't be happier!

She was laying on top and grinding her bald pussy all over me.

Mommy's outer pussy lips had finally wrapped around the shaft of my cock,and she pressed her clit hard into my cockhead,as she humped away. And as she wiggled against me,her pussy lips,which were hot and dripping wet,trapped my cock between them!

I thought my head was going to explode. Instead my cock did! My body shook. The head of my cock tingled like I had been given a shock! It felt like my balls were pulled tight into my stomach! Hot liquid shot up between us soaking our stomaches and running down my sides under my ribs.

Mommy got up and slid back. Kneeling between my legs she started licking and sucking my cum wherever she could find any. Then I screamed and jerked about on the bed as she took my cock into her hand and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth! She was flicking her tongue side to side as fast as she could,then up and down and then she would suck it again! Flick and suck. Suck and flick!

My hands were pulling at her long hair! I had no control over my squirming body! Mommy was in total control! Gripping my cock with her thumb and first two fingers her hand was a blur as she jerked me off! My hips were bucking up and down as I felt another wave of pure pleasure fill me. My cock felt like liquid fire was pouring out of it! I was grunting and trying to f***e as much out as I could! Mommy's palm pushed up against my balls and she sank down,then pulled her head up! Her cheeks were sunk in and my cock was stretched as far as it could go! Only her lips held my dickhead in her mouth!

She parted her lips and my cock sprang from my Mommy's mouth slapping hard onto my stomach,making me flinch.

"AHhhhhh! Sooo Tasty! Now I'm going to teach you something every young man needs to know!" I had my eyes closed and gulped in breath after breath. I felt the bed move on either side of me. Above my head I felt the mattress sink and then the pressure of my Mommy's legs on my shoulders and arms. I opened my eyes just in time to watch as Mommy sank her steaming wet pussy onto my face!

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