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If you go down to the woods today ..............

Sophie drove her car into the deserted car park, it was just how she had been told it would be at 9pm, dark deserted and secluded. The nature reserve was literally twenty seconds away from a dual carriageway but other than the noise of passing vehicles on the dual carriageway.
She parked the car in the corner of the car park with the driver’s side furthest away from the road and she clicked the button for the central locking – safety first. Her mouth was dry and as she was nervous she took a swig of water from the bottle she had brought with her.
Sophie undid her seat-belt and looked around and realised that this could be a scary place, she was surrounded by trees on all sides and it was very dark, the bare trees of autumn looked almost skeletal and foreboding, the chill in the air had caused a light fog on the ground, winter wasn’t too far away she thought to herself.
As she sat there in her car with the engine running she wondered would this be all she hoped it would be, or would this all be a letdown? After all this was her first venture into this illicit escapade that was so taboo in conversation that was seen as seedy if not disgusting by most people, but she thought about all the people who did this, even the rich and famous who had been caught in the ac so to speak and she wondered who hadn’t been caught. She sighed and looked at her watch, the heaters on her car had warmed the cabin up – it was now or never.
She turned off the engine of her car and then the lights were turned off. She then flicked the stalk on her light three times – the universal signal. She sat back in her seat in the dark and waited....
She must have been sitting there for 5 minutes when a tap on her window made her jump; she looked to the side of her and saw a shape of a guy’s torso stood at her window. She clicked the button which made the electric window lower down and she stopped it after a couple of inches to be safe. The figure outside said nothing, all he did was run one hand over his groin. She knew what to do, and pressed the button again to lower the window all the way down. To stop her battery running flat she turned the ignition off and turned to face the window.
Sophie reached out of the car and her hands trembled as she undid the belt on the jeans in front of her. She slowly undid the button and pulled down the zip. His jeans slid down a few inches to reveal bare white flesh smooth and glinting in the night. She realised he had no underwear on and all she could see was a soft smooth shaven cock.

She leaned forward and took his soft cock in her hand and moved her head forward. She rubbed the head on her lips as though she were applying her lipstick. She licked the tip of his cock slowly pushing her tongue into the slit and licking the underside of the head of his cock before taking it all in her mouth and sucking it hard.
She heard him groan and took this to mean he was enjoying what she was doing, but she knew he was as she could feel him growing in her mouth, getting harder as the bl**d rushed to his cock. Her hand moved to cup his smooth balls and she started to move her head slowly back from his cock, and as she reached the tip she moved forwards to take him in her mouth again.

This was working he was getting hard now, and Sophie enjoyed the taste of his cock in her mouth, especially the sensation of feeling it hardening in her mouth. As she pushed all the way down she felt him touch the back of her throat and she felt that pleasant sensation, that pressure she enjoyed so much. As she slowly moved back of the length of his cock she put her hand on the base of his cock. She let him slip from her mouth fully and she looked at his hard cock and rubbed it gently with circling motions at the base of his cock.
His hands reached into the car and into her low cut top and pulled her large tits out. He pinched her nipples and pulled at them for a few minutes until they were hard. Slowly his hand ran up her chest and to the back of her head where he grabbed some of her hair and pulled her back towards his cock.
Sophie spat on his cock and rubbed it all over his cock before plunging the entire length in her mouth and throat. With her free hand she slid her skirt up and parted her legs. Her hand started to rub herself through the sheer lacy panties she was wearing as her head bobbed up and down his cock.
He reached into the car with his hand heading towards her pussy but she saw this and slapped his hand and pulled her head off his cock.
‘No touching – just fuck my mouth’ she said as she took him back into her warm mouth.
She slid her mouth round his cock and felt his hand on the back of her head as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. As he picked up speed her hand rubbed and matched his tempo. He was thrusting deep in her mouth and Sophie was glad she never gagged as he was going deep in her throat. He moaned as he pounded her mouth, she knew he was close as he pushed harder and deeper in her mouth, his balls touching her lips and he went deep.

Sophie moaned as she had him deep in her mouth, knowing how the vibrations on his cock would drive him wild. He groaned and muttered, ‘face mouth or tits?’

Sophie responded by pushing his cock deeper in her mouth and holding him there, she wanted her mouth filling with his essence and no way was it going anywhere else, after all she had to drive home and how do you explain to a cop why your face or tits are covered in a sticky fluid?
She stopped rubbing her pussy and concentrated on this hard cock in her mouth , bobbing her head back and forth at pace while cupping his balls, she could feel the pulsing in his cock and she knew he was close. Because she knew she carried on and started to moan quietly around his cock. His hands went to the back of her head and he pulled her mouth onto his cock as far as it would go.

She felt his cock twitch in her mouth and then her throat was filling with spurt after spurt of hot salty cum and she could feel her mouth filling with his seed. She kept sucking his cock and rubbing her tongue round it knowing how guys feel when they are teased after they have just shot their load, how its a pleasurable pain that they feel in those moments.
He pulled her head off his cock and backed away from her pulling up his jeans and fastening his belt. Sophie made a deliberate gulping noise as she swallowed his cum and made a point of making a mmmmmmm noise as she enjoyed the salty taste of his cum
She heard him say ‘Thanks’ before he disappeared into the darkness and Sophie felt somewhat bewildered, this wasn’t how she imagined dogging would be!
She reached for her bottle of water to wet her dry lips and noticed a red light flashing on her Blackberry, it was a text, Sophie opened the message and read:
Hey hun – I cant make it tonite as I have a flat tyre on the car – can we do it another time? Luv u xxx

So who’s cock had just been in her mouth?????

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