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Like Judy Said


The infamous Hammer Man is none other than my ex gay lover I knew
up in Boston. One day he up and and disappeared on me only to
turn up here! How insane is that!

Hank was more surprised than I was. He totaly forgot his lines.

"Is that you, little soldier? Looks like you've gone trannie on me."

"I'm a transvestite you ignorant fucktard!" I shouted a little more
than I would have liked. Perhaps the Estrogen treatments were having
an effect on me.

"Hey, I'm sorry!" Hank apologized. "I would have said good-bye, but
these ass holes wanted me back right away."

"You know, Gary misses you allot."

"Like I said, I wanted to say goodbye. In fact I was getting ready to . . ."

"Hello!" Nick interuppted. "Remember? Shooting a movie here!"

"Shut the fuck up!" screamed Hank.

Nick stood up and started bellowing in Turkish. To my surprise Hank
replied in Turkish. Then Jackie joined the yell fest. And that brought
Dennis over to the four of us still on the set.

Zaza, Nikki, Francessa and I were still maintaining our fuck positions.

"You gals may as well relax." sugested Dennis.

"And I thought the last time was bad." commented Zaza.

"It's been bad ever since ..."

Something made Dennis stop.

"Lori," he continued. "When did you meet Hammer Man?"

"When I was living near, . . Boston." And that's when we both connected
all the dots. And that's when the estrogen really kicked my ass.

"You mean?" I said beginning to sob. "Hank was just out to make a movie?"

Dennis put his arm around me. "There there, it's OK."

The three she males came over as well.

"Just let it all out." suggested Francessa.

I must have been pretty loud. Everyone had stopped argueing and were now
staring at me.


Bella brought me a box of kleenex to keep my makeup from running. After pausing
to blow my nose I gathered myself.

"Sorry Nick. If it's a movie you want. A movie you'll get."

"There we go." replied Nick with a smile. "That's my superstar. We'll take it
from Hammer's entrance."

Hank glared at Nick for calling me a superstar. He held his peace and took his place off camera. Meanwhile Zaza resumed fucking Francessa while Nikki shoved hir lady boner back inside of my ass pussy.

We were working it well. Zaza was grunting , Francessa was moaning Nikki was huffing and puffing while I kept going, "Oh yeah! Oh, yeah!"

Hammer barged in. "What the hell's this happy horse shit?" he bellowed.

"Sorry Hammer." said Zaza sheepishly.

"S/he made us," added Nikki pointing to me.

"Then s/he can blow me!" declaired Hank overacting his part to the max.

There was no chance to add my signature lipstick move. But on the other hand their script just said "Jane blows Hammer."

(This will be the mother fucker of all blow jobs!)

I grabbed Hank the Hammer Man's meat and worked it over good. My hands and mouth worked his sweet spot like a fucking pro. Camera gals Dede and Jackie were all around me to get good close ups. And that's all Hank could take.

He pushed my head away from his cock. "Hey! You bitches focus on me! Not on the trannie slut."

(Trannie slut? FUCK YOU!)

Nick threw down his headphones. "Jeez Cris!"

"Fine!" spat Dede. "We'll only focus on you!"

Hank took a step back. He started talking to everyone in Turkish again. The more he talked the less he started acting like the tough bull queer I thought he was and more like a sissy boy like Gigi was.

"Alright Alright!" said Hank waving his hands. "Let's just fucking do the big finish now. I'm too upset for anything else.

With that he pranced to where we were and began to stroke his cock. Francessa, Zaza, Nikki and I gathered around Hammer Man's penis so he could spray cum on our tongues.

The four of us kept shaking our heads and rubbing ourselves in anticipation. We were ohhing and ahhing but Hank's cock wasn't producing. The harder he pulled the more it shrank.

"Shit!" Hank whinned.

"I told you to start taking Goat weed didn't I?" scolded Nick.

"It's this bitches fault!" stormed Hank who punctuated his remark by slapping my face.

I was about to suggest having the asshole arested for assault when Dennis threw Hank to the floor. Hank jumped up and with tears in his eyes he ran to his dressing room.

"Better run, little boy." muttered Dennis helping me to my feet.

"Fuck!' shouted Nick in frustration. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"I'm OK!" I assured Dennis. And with that one of Gigi's favorite movies popped into my head.

"Come on everybody! It's like what Judy Garland always said to Mickey Rooney.

'We can do our own show!'"

-Up next "Our Own Show"

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