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My wife, her lover, and my limited role

“I think I want you involved today with us,” My wife said as I was finishing my second coat of nail polish to her toes.
“What did you want?” I asked.
“I want to see you suck on him,” She replied, smiling. “You do like sucking cock still don’t you?”
“You know I do,” I replied submissively.

I think she knew it too.

I finished up her toes as well as other prepping duties as Mark was set to arrive within minutes. I could tell by the morning and overall atmosphere she was excited to see him. For the week leading up to today she wouldn’t let me near her pussy. Her last encounter with Mark, which was two weeks ago, he satisfied her with both his mouth and big cock. That satisfaction was quickly running out and she needed more.

Since then we had sex once, last Thursday morning before work, and within a few minutes of my pumping and her disinterest, I was finishing myself alone as she drove off to begin her day.
“You look beautiful,” I said.
My wife stood naked in the bathroom adding finishing touches to her hair, her big tits and hard brown nipples drawing most of my attention.
“Thank you honey, I love you,” She said, approaching and kissing me.
Her open mouth and tongue were setting a wonderful greet and reinforcing the moment to come.
“What are you going to wear?” I asked my arms still semi wrapped around her.
“I don’t know,” She replied, “Something simple I think and won’t require much to take off.”
She reached into my dresser drawer and took a simple white tee shirt out. Over her head it went. She looked basic sexy. Those nipples I referred to above, continued to draw attention.
“Are you going to wear a bra?” I asked.
“No, he can stare at my boobs,” She said with a smile.
Finishing the bottom half was a black thong.

Sounds of the car door told us Mark was here. My wife took me by the hand and led me into my separate room.
“You are not to peek or get up from your seat until I call you,” She said as I sat down in front of the computer.
“If I see you looking you won’t get anything, including me afterwards,” She said directly. “Do you understand?” My wife asked, trying to reinf***e her sensual Femdom.
“Yes honey, I do,” I replied.
“Good,” She added with a smile.

A kiss on the lips and just like that I was alone nursing a semi hardon anticipating what lays ahead.
I browsed Xhamster checking my mail and looking through various parts of the site, all the while keeping a mental check on what was happening in the living room.
I of course couldn’t see anything, which is becoming the norm. Lately, or more so, for a while, my wife has been closing the door to my room, placing the separate back in ‘separate room.’
I find it fascinating, and believe she does too. It makes me wonder if she could see Mark alone, without me and without me knowing. A deep thought to pounder, and one that’s excites me to the hilt.
“I’ve been thinking about you all week,” I heard Mark say in a deep but intimate voice. No reply was heard, but sounds of kissing echoed from their room.
The temptation to peek was overwhelming. I wanted to listen, creep up to the door and perhaps steal a view to satisfy my curiosity. But, I remained loyal to what my wife wanted.
Deep down maybe I am a voyeuristic junkie. Those who are enamored with gifted men fucking their wives I’m sure can relate.

I began to play with pecker which was swelling. Faint moans became more prevalent from the living room. Was he eating her? Fucking her? Making out with her? I didn’t know. The mental roulette was intoxicating.
The driving f***e behind the image(s); I was awaiting my summons. I waited and waited. Nothing so far. What were they doing? I wanted to know.
Similar to a d**ggie waiting for the next high, I too was anticipating that high; the high and rush of approaching them in their intimate, yet raw sexual position. That look, the one we’ve all seen before of satisfaction and pleasure oozing from the shared wife and her skilled lover.

“Ohhh, you feel so good…,” My wife said in a drawn out and faint response, which was a bit choppy.
I just knew he was fucking her now. My head flooded with stolen views from the past of her fucking him, riding his cock to her orgasm(s).
She loves being on top, his cock the perfect fit and length to get her off.
Riding is something her and I just don’t do anymore. My prick doesn’t do what Mark’s can, something she’s admitted more recently.
That Thursday morning, the last time we had sex I offered her the position of being on top. My wife politely declined.

Slapping sounds of fucking was now apparent.

“Oh, you’re deep,” My wife said, this time her voice a bit louder. I think she wanted me to hear her.
Finally it was my time. Finally I would get to witness and be a part of my wife’s pleasure, if only in a reserve role as she called my name.
Fully naked, as I always am, I got up and answered her call. I opened the door and the view was spectacular.
My wife was on her back, smiling, her legs fully spread and Mark on top of her. Not the image I pictured, but it was satisfying and worth the wait none the less.
I walked out of the room. The rush had begun. The high was roughly ten steps in front of me. I was zoned in. There was nothing else in the world except my wife and her lover horizontal on our couch. I focused on the target as the endorphins released.
I could see Mark’s cock was still inside her.
“Why don’t you come over and kneel next to us,” My wife suggested as she reached for my hand.
I did as she requested, kneeling next to her and her lover. Mark’s cock was sliding in and out slowly and gently.
“You like seeing that?” Mark asked.
“I do,” I replied.
“Honey does it feel good?” I asked my wife.
“He does,” She replied. “He’s deep.”
“Your wife is tight,” Mark concluded, as he pushed forward, his cock completely inside her; his balls against her shared hole.
She slightly sighed as he fully entered.
“I want to watch you suck on him,” She directed, caressing Mark’s chest with both her hands.

Mark took his cock out of her slowly. I didn’t think it would ever end, but eventually it did, as his mushroom head was the last to exit.
Mark brought his manhood up to my mouth. I could see a white circle around his base, thanks to my lovely wife.
Inside my mouth his cock went. I could taste his precum on the tip along with the scent of my wife, which lingered down all the way to his jock. I rolled my tongue around the head just as my wife used to tell me to. It tasted wonderful, slightly bitter, but creamy.
The further in his cock went into my mouth the more I could taste my wife. Her scent and juices help to lubricate his cock as I sucked it.
It tasted slightly musky, mixed in with sex and a hint of semen, evidently leaking from the tip.
“Is it just what you wanted?” My wife asked.
I couldn’t reply.
I simple muttered, “A-hmm.”
It was exactly what I wanted. I sucked Mark as good as I could. I worked his base, jacking it up and down in motion with my sucking.
My wife just laid there watching. She didn’t help or coach. She just watched. Two men playing is her euphoria and she was just inches from the live action.
Marks cock got harder in my mouth, to the point of where my jaw was getting sore. How embarrassing is that? I didn’t want to stop, but after a few more slurps I did.

I took my mouth off his cock, the defined head flush and purple.
My wife sat up and Mark leaned into her, putting his big swollen member between her 36D’s. She pushed them together without hesitation and he started fucking her chest.
“Sit on the couch and jack off,” My wife said not even looking at me.
Her focus was on Mark and his strokes.
I took a seat. My own cock leaked as I stroked it hard.

I watched closely as my wife’s attention was drawn to her own cups and the monster between them.
“Are you going to cum all over my boobs?” She asked Mark, never taking her eyes off.
“Yeah…,” Mark replied.
My wife smiled.

He started fucking her tits harder and faster. Soon, that familiar moan of Mark’s filled the room as he placed both hands on her shoulders, squirting between my wife’s natural breasts. I watched as she was so in tuned to what was taken place between them both. Certainly a different approach she takes between her and I.
She cupped her juggs then jacking him with her right hand, all the while moving her boobies over and all around Mark’s cock.
Her tits were glazed and shiny as they both contributed to the result.

Mark regained his composure and they shared a deep kiss. I just jacked off and watched. It was if I wasn’t even there.
My wife turned and walked towards me. Without a word her cummy boobs found their way into my mouth.
I cleaned her tits as I jacked my own cock. I loved the taste of it. It was creamy and bitter.
“Clean them good,” My wife encouraged, feeding me the side of her left boob that still contained glaze. My whole face was wet.

Soon it would be my turn.

“You want more, don’t you?” She asked.
“A-huh,” I said, rubbing myself faster.
My wife changed positions, kneeing on the couch and placing her used breasts over my cock that soon unloaded. Three squirts and again I was cleaning. I love cleaning my wife.
Afterwards, Mark got dressed, kissed my wife, and made another date for next week. She walked him to the door and that was that.
I got up from the couch and embraced my wife, cum still on my face, some dried, some still wet.
“Do you want to have sex?” I asked, kissing her neck and hoping for another round.
“No, I already did, “She replied.

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