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Life with Aunt & Uncle p1-4

Here is something new, co-written with a friend.

Story outline

Our main characters are a b*****r & s****r; Joshua and Melanie. They are basically innocent maybe having peeked at each other, playing doctor, but never having really done anything sexual with anyone.

They lost their parents in some tragic accident, so they have to go live with rich eccentric relatives. Aunt Beth and Uncle Richard, who have a large isolated farm, thus lots of chances to be naked inside and out. They are experienced all sorts of kinky games and intend to play with the new f****y members.


Life with Aunt & Uncle Part 1

It was late summer when Joshua and Melanie got off the train at the small station. The days were still very hot but the nights were getting colder. Josh age 10 was dressed in cargo shorts, a Spiderman shirt and a big pair of hiking sneakers. Mel age 12 was wearing denim shorts, a small green top and sandals. Normally she was proud of her body because she was the most well developed girl in her class. She liked to show off and make guys stair at her. But she wasn’t thinking about that sort of thing today. She was simply dressed to say cool in the heat.

Since their parents died in a car crash two weeks ago, nothing had been fun. Now they were half way around the world because their closest relatives; Aunt Beth and Uncle Richard had been given custody of them. The social worker who had taken charge of the newly orphaned b*****r and s****r had been happy that there was an easy end to the case. The k**s were packed up and sent off.

“Do you see them?” Josh asked as he looked up and down the platform. The crowd was not very big but there was a good amount of movement at the train station.

“Im not really sure what they look like.” Mel admitted. It had been several years since she had seen their aunt and uncle. They didn’t come to visit often and the k**s had only been here once to visit the farm.

Then from down near the exit a tall man waved his hat at them. Uncle Richard was not a huge man be he was tall and very solid. Today we wore a summer suit, formal but light weight. Next to him stood Aunt Beth, her long hair tied up. She was dressed very conservatively in a white shirt and black skirt. The couple smiled at the k**s.

Part 2

Joshua clutched at Melanie's hand at their new guardians approached them. Both he and his s****r were nervous but glad to have somewhere to go and someone to stay with even if it was relatives they barely knew. Anything was better than the horror stories they heard about foster homes. The two c***dren looked up at the adults while they stood there surrounded by their pile of suitcases and bags. When Uncle Richard and Aunt Beth reached them Beth embraced them both, going on about the "poor poppets" as she pulled them to her ample bosom. Richard gave Joshua a manly hangshake and looked Melanie carefully up and down before giving her a quick hug.

All the luggage was gathered up and put on a couple of trolleys. Soon the k**s were loaded into a large SUV along with all their bags and they were heading away from the country station. Aunt Beth made small talk, dancing around the topic of the k**s parents but telling them how happy she and Uncle Richard were to have them and how they would love life on the farm. Both k**s liked the idea of the ponies and dogs on the farm, being city k**s they had never had much contact with larger a****ls before.

It was almost an hours drive to the farm which was secluded far away from the nearest neighbour. The car pulled up the gravel driveway before the large oldstyle farmhouse which was surrounded by cheerful gardens and lots of sheltering trees. As they came up the drive they passed several paddocks with a few cows, horses and some ponies in them.

Once they got inside they were shown to two rooms set aside for them. Strangely they were at opposite ends of the house. Uncle Richard pointed out a couple of doors they weren't allowed to open, saying they were his office and where he kept things that weren't for k**s. He said that they would be free to roam around the farm and would be given a few chores but nothing too hard. School wouldn't be for another month since it was the summer holidays. There were a lot of bedrooms and the walls were covered in pictures of c***dren from the very small to teenagers. To Melanie's suprise she noticed that a lot of the younger k**s were naked in the photographs, running around outside, swimming or even a group picnic scene where all the adults seemed to be clothed but none of the c***dren were.

She asked about other people on the farm and was told that they had several c***dren but all were away at the moment. There were a few workers who kept to themselves and lived in a seperate house on the property about a mile away.

Part 3

The first day with Aunt and Uncle was nice and normal right up until the end. As it became clear that the k**s were beginning to get sl**py, Uncle Richard said, "Tomorrow you two will really become part of our f****y. I know I never will replace your father, but I do intend to treat you just like I do my own c***dren." Joshua and Melanie both gave a nod, then he continued. "Tomorrow your both going to be fucked a dozen times and a dozen ways."

The siblings exchanged worried glances. Josh was thinking they were going to be put to work around the farm, a dozen hard jobs to do. It didn't enter his mind that Uncle might be talking about fucking in a sexual way. His s****r being a bit older and more conscious of these things, was worried just a little that when he said fucked he meant fucked.

It was at this point that Aunt Beth jumped in to say "Normally we expect you to sl**p in your own rooms. But this first night we think it best if you shared a bed. After all you two have just been through its only natural if you want to cling together." She gave them a smile and a wink.

The k**s looked a bit puzzled. Melanie was sure there was something being said between the lines, but she couldn't quite grasp it. Josh was a bit disappointed about not getting to sl**p in his own room, but was too tired to argue.

Beth could read the situation plain as day. "Its as we thought, they are both total virgins to all this." she said to her husband. Richard gave a nod. "Well then, let me put it this way. Tomorrow you k**s are going to have lots of sex.Im going to fuck you Melanie and Beth is going to ride your b*****r' cock. If your ok with this sort of thing being your first time, sl**p well." The k**s were now totally in shock and had no idea what to say. So Richard continued "We are offering you tonight, out of respect for f****y values, so your first time can be with each other if you want. Think about it."

"Now off to bed, dont forget to brush your teeth." Aunt Beth said sternly.

Josh and Mel got up and started walking slowly towards the bathroom. "What the hell was that all about?" Josh whispered to his big s****r. "I think they plan to **** us tomorrow and they are trying to be nice, in some weird way by giving us the chance to screw each other tonight." Melanie explained.

Part 4

Josh looked puzzled then worried. "**** us? You mean like bad people do? But, but they are f****y."
Mel nodded "maybe that is why Mum and Dad never let us come and stay with them before without them. Remember they had that big arguement the one time we stayed at the farm then we left early. You might have been too little to remember."

They brushed their teeth then Josh grabbed his pjs and went into Mels room. Aunt Beth was in the corridor when he entered and she shut the door behind him with a knowing smile. Curious he tried it moments later and found it locked, from the outside.

"Mel, the door is locked. I don't like this. I wanna go home. I miss Mum and Dad." The little ten year old boy looked on the verge of tears and his older s****r rushed over and crushed him into a s****rly hug. As he snuggled into her chest and snuffled away she wondered what on earth would happen to them tomorrow. "I don't think we can leave Josh, they are the only f****y we have got. The foster people would split us up and we are too young to get jobs to live. This is scary but at least we have each other. I will always look after you and I need you to be brave so you can look after me too. Ok?"

Josh wiped his face with the back of his sleeve and looked up at his s****r. "Ok Mel, I will try but this is too weird. What are they gonna do to us tomorrow. I don't know any sex stuff. I'm kinda scared of Aunt Beth, what if I get it wrong and get punished."

Mel sat him down on the side of the bed. "How about we get ready for bed and we can talk about it. It scares me too, I know a little bit more than you but just from books. Uncle Richard is so big and he gives me the creeps.

Mel stripped off her green top and wiggled out of her denim shorts then noticed her b*****r was staring at her exposed skin. She was only wearing her bra and a pair of panties that left not much to the imagination. "I just realised they will see us naked tomorrow. No girl other than Mum has seen me like that Mel. "

Mel smiled and nodded. "Yeah but it will be ok. Take your clothes off too and we can see each other. Then it won't be embarassing tomorrow."

Josh nodded and quickly shimmied out of his shorts and spiderman tshirt. Mel grinned when she saw he had on spiderman underpants too. He hesitated before pulling them down so to encourage him and to act before she lost her own courage she wiggled out of her panties and unhooked her bra. In no time flat the two siblings were standing about arms distance apart, both naked and staring at each other.

"Wow Mel, you've got boobs and hair down there."
"Only a bit and you will get hair soon too. I remember Mum saying it happens to boys about eleven or twelve."

For several minutes they stood there, eyes drinking in the novel sight of another naked body. Mel found her eyes drawn to the little penis between her b*****rs legs and the tight little sac that huddled beneath it.
Josh in his turn was mesmerised by his s****rs breasts that seemed to stand straight out from her body like half oranges crowned with hard points encircled with puffy pink parts. That and the lightly furred black triangle between her thighs.

Mel reached out and took Joshs hand. "Lets get into bed." She turned on the bedside light and flicked off the main one. When Josh reached for his pjs she shook her head. "Not tonight."
They craweled into the bed together, their naked flesh rubbing against each other as they lay down besides each other.

"Mel, I'm sorry" Josh sounded horribly embarrassed.
"Because my thing is stiff and it is poking you. I don't know what to do, the bed is not big enough for us both."
Mel figured that this was what her Uncle and Aunt had in mind anyway.

"Its ok Josh, I don't mind." She turned towards him, her arm sliding around him and pulling him into a half hug. He was right, his thing was hard and now it was poking at her upper thigh. His arm fluttered around before settling at her hip, hand resting across the top of her buttocks.

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