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Falling in Love

It was after school and we sat together on Tony's bed at his house. He'd taken me in his arms and was kissing me furtively on my neck, my ears, my cheek and lips."Oh Tony!, I don't know, we shouldn't!" Ever since yesterday when we had shared a world shaking, passionate kiss I had been in turmoil. In school I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, and the thought of him made me hard 'down there'."Petey, oooh, don't make me stop!" Oh but it felt so good being close to him! Without thinking my arms went around him, holding his tight warm body gently. "You feel so good" I told him between gasps. He responded by grinding his warm, soft lips against mine. My tongue shot out to his in a dance of passion that I couldn't know where it was going. But I wanted to explore him and I wanted him to explore me as I pressed against him. Lovingly I caressed him as we kissed and I was inflamed with passion. "Uuuummmm" I moaned softly as he excited me more and more with his expert touch. "I want you, Petey!!" he said huskily to my ear as we embraced tightly. "Love me, Tony, Oh! Love me!" I no longer cared that we were both the same sex, I just knew I was crazy for him as my new love laid me down on his bed and took my pants off. I wanted to touch him everywhere especially his dick where I could excite him. As I thought this he did the most amazing thing. He engulfed my rock hard cock in his mouth!! It was the most erotic and wonderful feeling I had ever felt!! I ripped my shirt off and was naked with him now as he stroked my cock with his now beautiful mouth. I reached for him as he removed the last of his clothes and found his cock both hard and hot! I started jerking him off and wow did his dick feel good in my hand and he moved in ecstacy. He really knew what he was doing as he kissed the head of my cock, licked up and down the shaft and stroked my dick with his hand. His mouth was so exciting!! I started bucking my hips as he adored my cock and this excited him even more! "Tony! You're driving me crazy!" I finally had to say as I fondled his maleness. I leaned down and took HIS cock into MY mouth. He felt glorious in my mouth as I realized how much I was exciting him sexually. I moaned with my mouth full of his hot cock and embraced his hips in case he started thrusting. It was one of the most erotic times of my life as we 69'd each other, both completely enthralled by the other. Our first cock! I licked and kissed his balls, his shaft, his legs, the sensuous skin of his cockhead, reveling in the excitement it gave him. Then, our lips were together again in a sensual, passion-filled kiss as we wrapped our arms around each other. Our naked bodies pressing tightly against each other it happened. His cock touched mine! God!!! It was like an injection of electricity! I gasped. "Are you alright, Petey?" Tony whispered to my ear. "YES!, Oh YES! You just feel so good!!" I exclaimed pressing my lips onto his neck. Taking his cue he rolled over and mounted me and began pressing his beautiful dick onto mine. It was beautiful as we rubbed against each other like that and my legs went around him. Our tongues danced as we fully embraced and thrust softly against ourselves. We were both close to exploding on each other and even that thought excited me! To feel his creamy hot cum on me! "Tony, honey, I"M CUMMING!!" "OH YYYEEESSS!!!GIVE IT TO ME PETEY!!!!" and he sprayed his wonderful cum all over me as I let go in a fountain of love for him. Our cum mixed together as we hugged and kissed, coming down from our eath shattering climax. I looked at him and said "I think I'm falling in love"

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