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Fucking My Auntie And Her Friend On A Yacht

I Am 19 years old , I am 6 ft 3 , slim-muscular build , Tanned , Brown Hair ,Blue eyes , 9.5 inch uncut,

A few weeks ago my auntie and uncle who live in spain , phoned my mum and asked if we would like to go over for a week or two to catch up on old times.

My Mum was Busy In work and couldnt get the time off , i had just finished college so i asked if it was ok if i went over alone for a week , and they happily agreed.

Before i Knew it i was in Spain , I Arrived at their villa in a taxi and was welcomed by them both at the door , they both looked well and very tanned. they shown me to my room and i went to bed,
A couple of days later their friends came over to the villa for drinks and we all had a nice meal and a chat.
After the meal we sat outside on the terrace with drinks and their friends Suzanne and Paul asked us to join them on their yacht the morning after , My Auntie Liz and Uncle John agreed and so did i.

The next morning we woke up early and got the stuff we needed and went down to the marina , we walked to their yacht and joined them, about an 2 hours later we were a decent distance out and the afternoon sun beamed down on us , Paul stopped the boat and go a few bottled of champagne out of the fridge , we sat on the deck in the beaming sun with a nice cold glass of champagne it was great ,

as i sat with the guys on the sofa , My aunt liz and Suzanne went to the bottom of the boat and started to undress , i couldnt believe it , both of them stripped fully naked , and jumped into the sea, John and Paul said come on lets join them , they walked to the bottom of the boat and took down their shorts and dived into the sea , i stood on the boat on my own as they all looked at me smiling , they said come on its great , i said what the hell , i pulled down my shorts and got abit shy and jumped into the sea .

we paddled around near to the boat as we cooled down in the immense heat , after a few minutes Suzanne got out slowly climbing up the ladders as i looked at her big fat mature ass , my Auntie Liz Followed , i couldnt help but look as she climbed up the stairs , showing her ass and huge tits , then paul and john climbed out , i climbed out last , as i got onboard they was all looking at me , i went a little red and smiled and said what? as i laughed, john said never mind what look at the fucking size of that thing , i put my hands over my cock and my aunt liz said stop it john your embaressing him , she brought me over a towel and said dont be shy love its only abit of fun , i sat down on the sofa and Suzanne sat down next to me and give me a beer, i felt abit weird because both of us were totally naked , john and paul went downstairs with Suzanne to shower off , suzanne was getting quite close to me , she put her hand on my leg and said so how old are you know , i said 19 , she said oh so youre old enough then , i laughed a little and said old enough for what ? she said you know and moved her hand down my leg until it reached my cock , i lay back in shock and said what are you doing , your husband will be back any minute , she grabbed my cock and started to slowly wank my cock back and forth , she said dont worry about Paul , its fine believe me , my cock started to grow as i looked at her tits and her hairy cunt , i closed my eyes and bit my lip as she went down and started to suck my big growing cock ,
moments later i was rock hard and started to really enjoy Suzannes mature mouth around my young cock , then paul john and Liz walked up onto the deck , i pushed Suzanne off and covered my cock , Suzanne said tell him paul that its ok , he said yh its fine with me , Suzanne Grabbed hold of my cock and said see i told you it was alright , she started to suck my cock agian as i lay back in amazement , as my aunt uncle and her husband watched , it didnt feel real , Suzanne stopped and said Liz why dont you join us , i looked over at my auntie , and she said aslong as its ok with Kyle , i just lay back and suzanne told her to come over , they sat either side of me and liz started to rub my wet ripped chest as Suzanne sucked my cock , she pulled it out and said here you go liz why dont you taste it , i took a deep breath a she grabbed hold of it and looked into my eyes , she slowly started to lick and kiss the tip of my huge cock , before taking it deep into her wet mouth , john and paul got out the video camera and started taking pictures as john filmed , i was in heaven as the hot sun beamed down on me as 2 hot mature women shared my cock ,

i lay down on the deck and Suzanne sat on my face ,as Liz sucked deep on my huge cock , i was super horny i was eating Suzannes fat wet pussy in my mouth , licking and eating her as best i could ,
i was so horny after abit i built up the courage and said liz i want to taste you now , suzanne jumped off and give me a quick kiss , liz crawled up my body feeding me her huge tits before sitting on my face with her dripping mature cunt , suzanne gave me a quick blowjob before aiming me inside her wet pussy , she sat on me taking all 9 inches as she moaned , i grabbed lizs huge tits in my hands as her fat pussy smothered my face ,Suzanne cummed on my cock and stopped , she said liz you need to try that cock ,i lay her on her back and entered her wet pussy with ease, i started to pound deep and hard as i looked into her eyes as she moaned loudly , i took turns on them both for over an hour as we dripped with sweat in the immense heat , i couldnt take much more i was about to cum , i was deep inside Suzanne in missionary , i leaned over to her and told her i was gonna cum , she said do it inside me , i pulled my cock out so that only my tip was still inside her and liz grabbed my cock and started to wank me hard as i was still inside her , i leaned back in total pleasure , liz let go and i drove deep inside Suzanne and filled her mature cunt with my huge teen load , once i pulled out liz started to suck my cock tasting my cum , she grabbed my cock and plunged it back into suzanne , then taking it straight into her mouth when it came out , tasting my load from inside her , we all got a drink and dived back in the sea then came back on board and sunbathed together...........

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