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The Italian Job 21

The Italian Job 21
I awoke the following morning alone, I jumped in the shower and went for breakfast, they were all there, Ellie, Sonia, Yvonne, Christina and Maria who was looking decidedly more cheerful, Hazel was fussing around and I was reminded that I had not done her of late,
I decided I should rectify that as well as checking something that was bugging me, I arranged to meet her in the camera room “checking up on all your ladies?” she said as we got into the room and closed the door, “lock it” I said to her “I want to see the pool camera shortly before Ellie was attacked yesterday” she worked out times and rewound the tape then pressed play and settled down on my lap as she undid the front of her dress and kissed me on the cheek,
I could smell her perfume and my cock started to react, we both knew that I was going to fuck her, the camera panned around the pool, it was set to pan unless someone got within 10 feet of it where it would follow that person, I slipped my hand inside Hazels dress and cupped her tits, as usual she was not wearing a bra “what are you looking for” she asked “in here, or on there” indicating her dress “on there” she laughed “how Ellie got to be taken to the room in the first place” we watched as the camera panned past Maria talking to one of the guys who attacked Ellie,
Christina and Ellie were sitting on stools at the outside bar, talking, Christina had obviously had a bit to drink, the guy who had been talking to Maria went to speak to his friend, then they went to the bar as Roseanna was talking to Ellie, they chatted to Christina who got off her stool and led them to the passage to the bedrooms, at this point they were close to the camera and it tracked them with sound as well as vision, Christina was pointing along the passageway possibly to the toilets then turned to walk back to the bar, one guy took her arm and hustled her along the passage, Ellie appeared in camera coming in from the bottom of the screen, she was calling to them, they stopped walking but kept hold of Christina by the arm, she was having problems to keep her balance Ellie walked towards them then the other guy got hold of her arm and they were both hustled out of site along the passage, the camera panned back and Maria was standing by the pool looking at the passageway,
Hazel was getting horny, she was fidgeting on my lap, “seen enough?” she said “quite enough” I replied, I got off the seat taking her with me then put her on the table, put my hand up her skirt and pulled knickers off then lifting her dress to reveal her very black haired pussy and plunged my cock into it, she yelped and jumped at the same time as I entered her without any foreplay although she was damp she was not wet so the insertion was a bit raw for her “that was different” she said as she pushed up into me, flailing her hips at me as I fucked her, “almost sadistic” she croaked as she came and pulled her dress open to grab her own tits and squeeze the nipples hard, “please don’t fuck me, please sir don’t fuck me, no you mustn’t, it’s wrong, no, no” she wailed as she wrapped her legs around me I got hold of both sides of her dress and pulled on them while I rammed my cock into her, she convulsed as she arched back shoving her tits out at me, I sucked her nipples and chewed them with my teeth, she sat up still with her legs around me, there was fire in her eyes, “want to fucking play do you?” she grabbed my shirt and tore it open, biting into my chest then planting her mouth on mine to stick her tongue into me, she was a wild cat,
I pulled back out of her and she turned over on the table kneeling on it “come on big boy, fuck my arse, it’s been a while so it will be extra tight, I stuck my fingers into her cunt, she was soaking then I made her arse hole slippery with the juice on my fingers and eased my cock into her arse as she thrust back at me, there was a large mirror on the wall at the end of the room and she was watching herself, her dress was wide open, her tits were bouncing and her head was back, I looked in the mirror “you see that fucking bitch there” I said to her gritting my teeth as I rammed my cock up her arse “ well she is having her arse fucked at this moment in time” I said She came, I felt it come shooting up her legs as she vibrated then it crashed through her as it knocked the air out of her lungs,
I could feel her ejaculation wetting me as it sprayed out of her and she screamed “oh! fuck, fuck, fuck ” that was good, even for you that was good” she said as she panted for breath, she looked at me in the mirror “you didn’t come” she said as she rested her head on her arms that were now laid on the table, “ I will” I said as I pulled my cock out of her arse and pushed it in her cunt then I shafted her to my orgasm and exploded into her as I creamed her cunt, pumping the contents of my balls into her, she groaned as the hot seminal fluid engulfed her vagina, she had another smaller orgasm as she collapsed onto the table, laid flat down on it, she calmed down,
I pulled my dripping tool out of her and put him away, my trousers were soaking wet through, she looked at me having sat up on the table “sorry about that, makes a change for me to ruin your clothes” she smiled, she sorted her clothing out and we left the room, I made my way straight to my room and into the shower, then putting on my swimmers I went to the pool, the girls were in the pool playing with a li-lo , pushing each other off it, I sat on a sun bed and it didn’t take long as Maria came sauntering over, “how are you this morning” I asked “ I’m good” she said “and before you ask about last night, no I didn’t, I am through with that stuff, I have what I need and I got my fix last night” she smiled at me “and you?” she said “I’m ok” I replied “tell me” I said as she crouched down beside me her naked genitalia staring me in the face, I blushed and she pulled her skirt down “sorry she said, I forgot” “yesterday you spoke to a guy near the pool he asked you something about either Ellie or Christina, can I ask what it was?” he asked me which lady was Ellie Thomas,
I pointed to the bar and told him she was over there, why is something up “ maybe” I said “why didn’t you raise the alarm when you saw them being dragged down the passage” I asked “ because from out here in the sun the passage is dark inside the entrance to it, I could not see what was happening” she said, I looked around and realised that the camera had an image intensifier on it and the switch from light to dark was automatic, I was relieved that Maria was not directly involved as I thought she had been,
I settled down to absorb some rays when a shadow crossed me “can we join you” it was Sonia and Yvonne “please” I said “sit down” Yvonne is very happy that you are friends again with Maria, now we have another member of our happy band, yes?” said Sonia “we will see how it goes” I replied “but last night, you and her?” she said “Sonia” I said “this is in the strictest confidence but the only reason I fucked Maria last night was because Ellie told me to, it seems that Maria has been behaving very badly and was about to be sacked from her job and to try to get her back on level ground Ellie asked me to fuck her and to make friends with her, if this gets out then you and I are finished, you can tell Yvonne what you want but that is the truth” Yvonne sat waiting for the translation, when Sonia had finished talking to her, Yvonne looked at me and said “maybe eh?” women are like c***dren, once you give them a maybe they think they are home and dry so I kept quiet, the two ladies wandered off to the bar, Ellie came to sit with me and stretched out on the facing sunbed her freckles had come out in the sun and she looked gorgeous, she leaned and kissed me, Hazel came over and offered us a drink,
I ordered a juice “what flavour” she said “Hazel nuts” I said as she walked away laughing, she came back with an orange for me and a gin and tonic for Ellie, we talked about the Croatia job and I asked about Francesca and lots of other stuff, “that was a neat trick you pulled on the dance floor last night” I said quietly, she smiled to herself “oh that, it was nothing forget it” she said looking away “how can I forget the fact that the lady who has my heart takes a guy on the dance floor and fucks him, where did you learn that one, is it recent?” I said, she stared at me for several moments “I did it many years ago before I was married with my ex-boyfriend,
I had a bit to drink that night as well but I was not on the dance floor, I was around the back of the dance hall and he was very shy, it was his first time” she said “so you fucked a virgin around the back of a dance hall” I said “do not put it so crudely” she said, scolding me “at the time it was a beautiful thing” she said “you mean the thing he had inside you” I quipped, she lashed out at me smacking me on the arm “stop teasing me you b**st” she said as she brought her hand back down resting it on my arm, she was looking at me again “I wish I had known you then” she mused “we could have been married and had lots of screaming babies” she said, she had these moments where she deeply regretted the age difference and I could tell she resented being older, “tell me” I said, she groaned “every time you say that there is a problem, there is an interrogation” she proclaimed, she was smirking into her drink as she took a sip “yesterday” I continued “is there anything that you remember about the men who attacked you and Christina” I asked “only that he fucked me” she replied “no wait!!!” She said just after we got to the room and one of them was into Christina, the other one made a telephone call, they had to gag Christina because she was making the noise as he was fucking her” she said “do you know who to” I asked “he said to someone on the other end of the line “we have her what shall we do with her?” he spoke for a few moments then he put the phone down and then he and his friend fucked Christina and her arse then he fucked me, then you arrived on the scene” she said “why do you ask?” she said “I am just curious” I said “if you don’t tell me I will slap your legs” she threatened smiling at me “maybe later” I said as she smiled at winning the “maybe” victory, I got up and went to the phone by the poolside and rang Hazel, she answered after a couple of rings “do you have a record of calls made from the house listed to each room” I asked her “yes” she said “we are a conference facility these days and we need to keep a record so that we can charge correctly, Ellie set it up, the computer holds the information” I went back to the sunbed “come” I said to Ellie, looking around, our departure went unnoticed, we went down the bedroom corridor as Ellie’s bare feet patted on the tiles, she was holding my hand as I moved fairly quickly then into the office, Roseanna and Hazel were sitting at the computer, “what is it you are looking for?” Hazel asked “calls made from my room about the time of my arrival, external calls” I said Hazel interpreted for Roseanna, she scanned the files then she wrote down a number,
Ellie and I looked at it then Ellie ran out of the room “back in a sec” she called back, she came back with a small brown leather Filofax, she was leafing through the pages of the telephone book, she stopped and looked at the paper then looked at the book again then looked at me, the bl**d had drained from her face and she had to sit down, “this is the number of our managing director, his private number” she said hesitantly “why would he be involved in this” I asked, she looked stunned but this ladies business brain was working overtime,
I had seen her like this a couple of times and knew that when she was like this her efficiency was a daunting prospect “ if something happened to me then my shares are offered to the company first in a pecking order, he gets around 50% then the directors in order of seniority get the rest in decreasing percentages” she said “do you realise what this means?” she whispered “yes” I said “it means that they intended your bodies to be found somewhere ****d and murdered” she looked at me with horror on her face “poor Christina got caught up in it” she said “they did not know what you looked like” I said so they took her first” I added but realised that there had been a murder attempt on my darling and all she could think about was Christina and her welfare, Ellie picked up the phone and dialled some numbers, a plain police car arrived shortly after,
I was introduced to the detective chief superintendent and he took statements from everyone involved, collected all the video evidence and the phone records print out then left after about 2 hours, Ellie said she would have to lie down as she did not feel well, I think the reality had just hit her, how close she came, Hazel gave her a pill of some kind and she went off to my room to sl**p, I went back to the pool, my drink was warm but Hazel replenished it, Maria sauntered over, she stood beside my sunbed “you know what you were looking at this morning, she lifted her skirt a small amount “well would you like to see it more closely” she invited “well she looked inviting this morning twinkling at me, was she wet? Had you been?” I asked “no I hadn’t and no I haven’t before you ask, she is all clean and sparkling so as I have taken such great care to look after it for you the very least you could do is to take a very close look, and so I did,
I got her into her bedroom, stripped her down to naked and fucked her, going down on the sparkling clean object of the conversation and giving it an extra clean with my tongue as I licked it out, she hung onto the bed covers with white knuckles when she came in a torrent of juice and moaning then the climax hit her in the chest and she sat straight up without using her arms as her stomach convulsed and went into spasm at the shock, I stripped down to nowt and fucked her as she lay there trying to recover from the last attack, I gave her another, she lay back exhausted, as I cruised into her steadily “goodness” she said “give me a fucking break, let me catch my breath before you start again” she panted “don’t forget I have a secret weapon and I am not afraid to use it although the results were rather a lot, I’m not sure I could handle all that in one go, you seemed to be coming for ages pumping it into the pool, does Ellie know?” “no” I said, “you are the only one in Italy, so if she suddenly uses it I will know where it came from” I said, she looked sideways “well I hope the camera’s aren’t on then when I do” she said “otherwise the whole of Italy will know” she purred, I pulled out of her and turned her over, got her up on all fours and fucked her doggy style, making her come again in a pillow bashing orgasm that made her grunt and growl, she subsided “now while I am in this position, are you going to do it?” she said if you really want me to” I said “well I begged you before and you wouldn’t although I was not absolutely sure because my mother seemed to make a lot of noise when you did it to her, but my arse is stretched a bit now because there has been a lot of cock up there, the first one paid me a real load of money for it because I was a virgin but he fucking well hurt me, he had no finesse and was not at all gentle like you were with mother, she loves it now, she can’t get enough and she is thrilled to bits to be back in the club, you have certainly put a smile back on her face and on mine if the truth be known,
I feel so much more relaxed and this is fantastic being here with your arms around me even if you are only lining up my arse to fuck it” I got the gel, she got hold of the pillow and rested her head on it, this brought her backside up and the treasure was mine to take although she did jump when I applied the cold gel, I eased my fingers in as she groaned, they slipped in quite easily but then she was not clenching so I was not fighting her muscles, as I slipped my dome in, her ring tightened around me, I started to move progressing up her arse with every forward stroke till my balls were banging against her cunt, then I shafted her stroking in and out of her, she groaned and came, shuddering as her legs gave but I held her up and continued “that is fantastic” she said “now I understand why mother likes it so much, I don’t want you to come in my arse, save it, I want something special” she came again and I pulled out, she got off the bed and went towards the shower, she set the shower on and stood against the wall in it, lifting her leg to expose her vulva and her cunt to me, I washed off my cock and shoved it into her cunt taking her leg in the crook of my arm to support her, she put her arms around my neck and got a firm grip of my hair at the back of my head, “brace yourself” she said “it could be a bumpy ride” I began to fuck into her as she moaned at the penetration I managed to get, she came once then she did it, she licked my neck,
I know I grunted as my balls erupted sending the entire contents into her cunt, flooding her instantaneously, my cum flowed into her in a continuous stream as she bucked at me with the pressure I was squirting into her, she was feeling it, she clung to my neck whimpering as I continued to come, by now my cock was jerking trying to get more juice to pump in but my balls were dry, sucked out by this hungry cunt, the spunk was running around my cock and dripping onto the shower floor as my knees gave way and I collapsed out of her onto the shower floor, letting the cascade of water just run over me, she crouched next to me as the white milky liquid ran out of her cunt, “wow!!” she said that was some orgasm, I wish I had known about that before” she said,
I staggered to my feet, my legs like jelly as I grabbed a towel and dried myself, she helped me to the bed, I realised she had chosen the shower so that the camera’s would not see what she was doing, I had a fair idea what she was up to but it still comes as a shock as the aftershocks passed through me, I kept trembling uncontrollably “fuck she said, it’s still coming out of me in rivers as she looked down at the white drops on the floor, and the trace down her leg, she dried herself and laid beside me on the bed with a very self-satisfied grin on her face, “I promise I won’t tell” she said “ this will be our little secret although Sonia tells me that your nipple lick is deadly and is to be avoided at all costs so maybe I should let her in on it as a form of defence, it’s time we ladies had the upper hand, you have had your own way long enough” she said as she kissed me and rested her head on my chest.
I realised I had to tell Ellie because I could not rely on Maria keeping quiet, one word out of place and she would blab, not only about the place but also about her triumphant march through my anatomy, I got dressed as she slept and went back to my own room, the curtains were drawn and the room was in semi darkness,
I was tiptoeing about when the voice said “I’m not asl**p, I have been asl**p but I am awake now” Ellie said, I crawled on the bed and got into it beside her spooning her in as she took hold of my hand and kissed my fingers, then she put my hand on her breasts “hold me?” she asked, I closed my hands around her and took both her breasts together in one hand, her backside twitched at me as my cock twitched back “well at least he is still my friend” she said “he won’t try to do away with me, I wonder how they were going to do it, stab me, shoot me or maybe stick a vibrator in me and fuck me to death with it, come to think of it I think that maybe this might be a good way to go with a fucking great big vibrator stuck in my cunt with the batteries dead where I drained them” she chuckled “ I have something to tell you” I said she turned over facing me “this sounds serious” she said staring at me “I have a sensitive spot, an erogenous zone” I said slowly “yes your neck” she said very matter of fact “how did you know?” I said “you sometimes talk in your sl**p, I can have some very interesting conversations with you when you are asl**p, you can’t keep anything from me, so why are you panicking, who else knows?” she asked, I told her about the episode in the pool and how I had told Maria because I wanted my cock to be useless to her, then I told her about the afternoon and the fuck I had just had, “ok” she said “but I need something from you,
I want to try it, I have never used it because I was scared that I would be left stranded and I had enough of that with my late, so I have always let things run their course, it’s different for a woman because we can orgasm many times straight after each other, not so for a man, there has to be a recovery period and during this time we may go cold but if it is alright with you I want to try, you can fulfil me very easily beforehand just in case it takes you a couple of weeks to recover” I could feel her chuckling as her body trembled.
Evening came and we headed for home, Ellie was in my car while Sonia and Yvonne rode with Sam, I am sure they stopped on the way because it took them a long time to get back to the village, Ellie had told Sam to pick her up from my place on his way back, Maria and Christina rode together as their age groups were closer, Maria was driving her company car that Ellie had given her, Sam finally made it, looking a bit dishevelled and Ellie went home, I settled down and did my accounts sending off the invoice to Croatia although it was not the last time I was to visit that place.
To be continued……………………..

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