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My Anal Bitch Slave Boy

“You’re going to be my slave boy tonight,” I whisper. For emphasis, I pull a little harder on your hair. “Aren’t you?”

You nod as best you can, considering the circumstances.

“I didn’t hear you,” I said loudly this time.

From prior experience, You knew the proper response. You managed an acceptable, “Yes, Mistress.”

I ordered you to undress in the corner by the door, and look only at the wall. “Everything!” I command.

Quickly you dropped the boxers after a short “Yes’ Mistress.”

Before you could straighten up completely, I order you to grab your ankles, and not to move until further notice.

Next, you feel the soft tails of a leather cat-o-nine tails run gently across your back and buttocks a few times. Just as you are beginning to really enjoy the feeling, the cat raises up for a moment, then comes down hard on your upper back and shoulders. The f***e seems to push all the air out of your lungs.

Now I am digging my nails into your punished skin.

“You are such a fucking wimp,” whispered. “That wasn’t even twenty-five whacks, you fucking sorry excuse of a slave. You’re not even worth the energy. You’re a fucking pussy!”

At that I once more dig my long nails into each of your ass cheeks, causing your dick to jam painfully back into the corner.

Then I press two fingers hard against your exposed anus…jamming them inside.

“Yeah, that’s it! You’re a real pussy waiting to be fucked. Aren’t you?”

My right knee is coming up FIERCLY between your cheeks, slamming into your anus.

“I’m talking to you, bitch. That’s what you want, isn’t it. You want to be fucked like the worthless cunt you are.”

My left hand now is pressed hard on the back of your head, driving your face into the corner. At the same time, I reach around you with my right hand to grab your hard cock, and squeeze.

“This hard little dick says it all. You want me to let you be a little whore. Don’t you.” I am squeezing harder for emphasis.

“You want to be a cock slut, giving your worthless ass up to whoever has something to put inside it. Do you really think that I’d let you have that much pleasure?”

I squeezed your balls one more time, release them then turn from you. “Not hardly.”

“Go pull the low back chair into the middle of the floor.” “I want you to stand behind the chair, with your hard rod pressed against the back.” I am tying your ankles to the back legs, and your thighs to the wooden bars supporting the back rest that is pressed against your dick.

“I want you to bend over the chair at the waist.”

Now I have tied your forearms to the arms of the chair.

"So, you want these?"

I slap your face with my large breasts. “I want you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue, and not to close it until I tell you.”

I proceed to rub my nipples on your tongue and stick my breasts into your mouth. I can see that you wanted to suck my tits bad. You always do. I rub them all over your face, and drag my nipples against your teeth. All you could do is stand there drooling, with out being able to close your mouth, your saliva just runs out of the corners of your mouth.

I moved to the back of the table, telling you that you could close your mouth now.

"Don't you dare cum until you are told to, Understand?" and I gave your balls a slap with my hand. I poured some oil into my hands, and reached around you and grabbed your dick, holding it with both hands I slid my hands up and down your hard shaft, while continually adding pressure to my grip. It was at full attention now. And I slapped it back and forth between my hands.

I pour the oil into the crack of your ass and spread your checks and rub it good, poking a couple of fingers into your ass. Then I took the bottle of oil, and inserted the tip of it into your hot brown hole, I then squeezed the bottle, squirting oil up your ass.

Finally I step in front of you with the strap on dildo attached firmly around my hips, the plastic cock of nine inches, and two and half inches in diameter, situated snugly against my shaved mound. I pick up the bottle of oil and squeezed some over my chest, enough that it flows down my chest over my flat stomach and trickles down my thighs. I then rub the oil over my chest, fondling my breast and rolling my nipples between my fingers.

You can do nothing but stand there and watch me. I am pouring a big handful of oil into the plastic cock., and rubbing it like a slut in heat. Now I stepped back behind you. Smacking your ass with my hands, and then pull your ass checks open wide. Then with one thrust I RAM that huge plastic cock all the way up your ass. A tremor goes through your body, as you try so desperately to hold on to your wad. I begin pumping this plastic cock in and out of your ass.

Holding your ass checks wide open, as wide as possible I fuck your ass slow and steady, watching your pucker hole open to accept my plastic dick, and then as I fill your ass with it, watching your hole close around it, trying to hold onto the treasure it has found. I am getting very wet between my own legs, I could feel my juices start to run down my thighs. I pull out of your ass, almost, just leaving the tip of my dick in your ass.

I give you a couple more good thrusts just for fun, and then pull out altogether. I go over and untie you. I turn the chair around so I could sit in it.

“I want you to sit in my lap with my dick up your ass” I open your ass checks as you squat down allowing the head of my dick to open your ass hole and push gently inwards. I put my hands on your shoulders and push you down hard.

“Now I want you to bounce up and down on my dick and rub your cock, until I tell you to cum for me, when I tell you it is ok, I want you to cum, I want you to squirt your hot spew into my mouth and over my breasts.”

I can tell you are ready for this now, the way your dick keeps bouncing with anticipation of passionate release.

I grab your cock from your hands, and rub it up and down faster and faster.

"You will do this right, or the consequences will be severe" "Now bounce, really bounce with some enthusiasm and rub this dick like you were alone watching one of your porn movies".

I am as excited as you are, the juices are flowing down my leg like a raging river. I reached up with one hand and pinch my nipple and with the other hand pinch one of yours, "Now!!! Cum in my mouth!!"

"Who is your Mistress? Who will you always obey?"

"You are my Mistress, for always. I will always be your obedient slave."

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