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Maria and Lori Plan An Ambush 3 Way

Maria and Lori are a couple of neighbor MILFs who I had known for years. I hadn’t seen them for awhile since both of them recently went through divorces. Both ex-husbands were tools that treated them badly.

Maria’s ex basically ignored her and was mean.

Lori’s was married to her ex-husband since high-school and she never had sex with anyone but him until after the divorce. It turned out that he had a secret f****y on the side and from stories I heard around the neighborhood he barely had sex with her for years and never, ever went down on her. After the divorce she dated a guy with a bit of a kinky side for a short time who ate her pussy and it got her going and into sex once again. The guy was around infrequently due to business travel so he bought her a dildo as a gift and told her to use it when he was away.

Maria is a fun, vivacious sexy woman, very cute, about 5 feet tall, nice tits and a nice round ass. Lori is about 5ft 4 tall pretty, slim with nice small tits, long legs and a tight ass. Lori is kind of quiet, but intense and sweet. In the past after a few glasses of wine, Maria would frequently instigate talk about sexual topics in a fun, joking way. Over the past year or so, there were several telling sex fantasies and stories she would tell after a few glasses of wine.

She would joke about how she thought it would be fun to just once have the experience of sex with another woman and thought she would like to eat pussy and see if she was any good at it. At another time during a party, she talked about how much she loved oral sex and loved sucking and playing with balls and said “I think I need to have an affair”.

Maria is a nurse. She would sometimes recount things that would happen at work and one time talked about taking care of an older male black patient. One time she caught a glimpse of his cock and she talked about how enormous it was even thought it was flaccid. Staying on the big black cock subject she recounted that several of the younger nurses she works with are really wild and into banging really hung black men. She talked about a website they went to in order to find really well hung black guys to fuck for sport.

She said, they showed her the web site and some pictures of the big cocks they were fucking on a regular basis. She said, “Their cocks were all really huge and I wondered what it felt like.” In fact, she said “They had parties where several nurses would go together to a house with two to three guys per girl and fuck for hours.” She said, “The girls bragged about how they could take on three guys at once with one in each hole.” She said, “They told me I should go to one of their parties now that I’m divorced and let off some steam.” “I think it would be exciting but I don’t think I could because I couldn’t handle the anal sex”. Maria said “I tried it once but it didn’t go so well.” She asked a few of the women listening to her story “Anyone here ever try anal?” A few of the girls including Lori, said yes.

Then she asked me, “Have you done it? “And why do you guys like it?” I said, “Yes, whenever I can, it’s great since it’s so tight.” Maria said, “I’m afraid I’ll end up with hemorrhoids!” I said, “you just need to do it right.”

All of that talk was over a year ago, and now I got invited over to Lori’s house to help fix a few things around her house she needed help with since she knew I was pretty handy. When I got there, I got to work fixing some shelves upstairs, which didn’t take very long to do. When I finished and went back downstairs to see Lori, Maria had shown up and the girls were sitting around drinking some wine. Maria said, “Have a glass with us and stay, we’re just talking.” I said, “I’d love to.” and joined them.

Maria was laughing and joking around once again about sex, complaining that now that she’s divorced she’s getting nothing and thinks it’s time to make up for that. Then she said to me, “have you ever watched two women having sex?” This was clearly a set-up. I said, “only on the internet.” (even though I had, I didn’t want to ruin the set-up.).

Maria said, Lori and I are going to experiment, we’ve never done anything like this and Lori thought we should give you a show in exchange for all the handy help you’ve given her. We all went up to Lori’s bedroom and I sat in a nearby chair. Maria said to Lori,

“Show me that toy you said you have.” Lori reached into a drawer beside her bed and pulled out a 8” soft rubber realistic dildo that had a wire coming out connected to a small red controller with a switch and batteries. Lori switched it on and it started vibrating and moving like it was alive. Maria said, “Oh wow, I show me how you you use that. They both started giggling from the wine and then fell onto the bed and start kissing and taking each other’s clothes off.

Maria said to Lori, “I want to eat your pussy.” Lori got on her back and Maria put a pillow under her ass and got on her knees, ass up in the air and started licking Lori’s shaved pussy. Lori was licking and sucking the head of the dildo. I had a nice hot view of Maria’s ass and pussy from behind and this was driving me crazy. But I think that was their plan.

After a bit of pussy licking that got Lori’s pussy pretty wet Lori took the dildo and started rubbing it over her pussy to get the tip and shaft wetter and wetter. Then she positioned it over her lips and started sliding it in her pussy. Maria said “this is exciting.” Maria then proceeded to move around and sit on Lori’s face and Lori started sucking licking her clit.

Maria then took control of the dildo and started slowly fucking Lori’s cunt while licking her clit, getting the dildo in further and further with each stroke. Lori was moaning “oh god, this feels great.” Then with the dildo lodged about 6” in her wet pussy, Maria switched on the vibrator and Lori started bucking her hips in response, moaning louder as she was clearly getting really worked up. Maria was grinding her pussy on Lori’s face and all I could hear was an intense slurping sound coming from both girls intensely going down on each other. Fuck, my cock was hard as a rock and watching this was driving me crazy!

Then, Lori started having an intense orgasm, with the wiggling, vibrating dildo buried deep in her wet pussy squirming inside while Maria was rapidly licking Lori’s clit. Lori was going “OOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH, god!” while bucking her hips and Maria kept going keeping the dildo in her.

Maria then said to me, “get your cock out and lay on the bed”. I got up and did as she asked. Got off of Lori’s face and Maria told me to lay so my cock was near Lori’s face. Maria then got on the other side of my cock and reached over to keep the dildo in Lori’s cunt and Maria started slowly sliding it in and out of Lori’s wet pussy. I had a great view of this for a few seconds and then Maria proceeded to sit on my face and then get her lips wrapped partially around the side of my cock. Lori did the same from the other side, both women sucking the side of my cock from opposite sides and occasionally tonguing it. My cock was getting wet as they moved up and down my shaft, it was heaven.

Maria’s cunt was very wet and I moved my head up from sucking on her clit and started rimming her asshole. Maria said, “Oh my, that’s wonderful, I’ve never had that done.” With that encouragement, I started probing her asshole with my tongue and she said “oh god, don’t stop, oh my god that’s wonderful.” Lori was now full on sucking my cock and Maria went on to licking and sucking on my balls. In the past she said it is one of her favorite things to do, and she is really good.

As she was about to cum again, Lori then said, “I need to be fucked, fuck me now” and then went into an orgasm. Maria jumped on me and got around back sitting on Lori’s face as Lori was now on her back again with the pillow under her ass elevating her hips. She was cumming heavily with the squirming, vibrating dildo shoved up her wet pussy. I sustained her orgasm by getting down and licking her clit a few seconds to get a taste of her wet warm pussy. As her orgasm started to subside, I pulled the dildo out and slid my cock into her wet snatch.

Maria got down and started licking Lori’s clit and I started fucking Lori with her legs back and Maria’s arms holding her legs in place. Each stroke where my cock came out Maria would lick my cock and every few strokes I’d fully pull out so Maria could suck on it.

But I had to give Lori a hard pounding and the best way was doggie style. I told the girls, “Flip around, I want to pound Lori from behind.” The girls rolled over and I started banging Lori with long hard ball slapping strokes. Lori was eating Maria’s pussy with intensity and Maria was trying her best to lick on my hanging balls as I was pounding Lori’s pussy. Lori got a few good pussy farts going as we went into a steady rhythm and Lori started cumming hard again.

As we were fucking, I had a great view of her tight beautiful ass and tight rosebud asshole. I wet my thumb and got some of her pussy juices from off of my cock and smeared the lube over her asshole. Then I started pressing my thumb on her asshole and started slowly working it into her asshole until I was getting a counter fuck motion between my cock in her pussy and my thumb fucking her asshole. All the while, Maria is lip locked, sucking and licking her clit. Lori paused from eating Maria and said, “Oh fuck, oh fuck my asshole while you fuck my pussy, don’s stop.”

I said, “Real ass fucking is for later, you girls deserve a proper ass fucking.” I then said to Maria, “get over her and get your ass up next to Lori.” Maria go out from under Lori and got next.” She got out from under Lori and moved into position buns up, kneeling. What a nice sight! While I was fucking Lori and thumb fucking her asshole, I wet my index finger and started playing with Maria’s asshole. She started playing with her clit while I kept pushing my finger into her ass, still wet from Lori’s rimming and Maria’s pussy juices. Once I got my finger buried in her ass I pulled out of Lori’s cunt and slid my cock into Maria’s waiting pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet from all of the oral Lori had been giving her.

Soon I was pounding her, “smack, smack, smack” as I plowed into her pussy and slapped against her bubble butt. Meanwhile, Lori grabbed the dildo and slid it into her empty pussy like she was feeding a hungry hole. I had my index finger buried in Maria’s asshole and I started working to get a second finger in. Her asshole was really tight. This is why she had trouble with this in the past. I had to get her loosened up. The first step was to give her some orgasms and get her relaxed.

As I was pounding her pussy, I pulled the dildo out of Lori’s pussy and switched back to fucking Lori and stuffed the dildo in Maria’s pussy to squirm in there for a bit. Lori was ready for some more fucking and I started pounding her wet pussy. She came right away with a scream and convulsion with her pussy squirting and feeling some hot gushing around my cock. I pulled out as she started gushing, my thumb still planted in her asshole.

Maria had grabbed the dildo and was fucking herself with it. I told Lori to get under Maria and eat her. Lori quickly did and I proceeded to concentrate on fucking Maria. I pulled the dildo out and started plowing her pussy. Lori then grabbed the dildo right away and stuffed it in her pussy while Maria dropped her head to lick her clit with the dildo buried deep, squirming and vibrating.

I was pounding away at Maria, Lori was fingering and licking her clit and I took my thumb and started working it into her asshole. Once I got it buried to the hilt I started rapidly thumb fucking her asshole with full strokes and this was getting her off. Maria said, “oh god that’s great, keep doing it” I cold feel her asshole loosen up and her pussy tighten as I was taking full strokes with my cock, pulling all the way out and plowing back in, with her pussy farting along with way. Then suddenly, Maria let out a scream, and “OOOOOH, OOOOH OOOOOOH” having a convulsing orgasm as her pussy started squirting. I pulled my cock out and Lori started licking her pussy and clit as Maria was squirting all over her mouth. Lori’s licking prompted a second prolonged orgasm from Maria and Lori was cumming from the dildo once again.

I plowed my cock back into Maria’s wet pulsing pussy during this orgasm and started pumping her hard. “Slap, slap, slap, slap.” This time is was my turn and I shot a hot load into Maria’s wet pussy. After I shot my load I pulled my cock out and fed it to Lori’s mouth. Lori started sucking it hard and said, “get that hard again, I want some cum.” Maria plopped her ass down on Lori’s face and buried her pussy on Lori’s mouth and told her, “here’s some cum Lori.”

As Lori was slurping away on Maria’s pussy, I went around to Maria’s face and offered her my cock as she kept one hand on the dildo buried in Lori’s cunt she started fondling my balls with her other hand and started sucking my wet, cum covered cock and started sucking it hard. After a few minutes of this great cock sucking, I was ready for Lori’s cunt.

I pulled the dildo out and raised Lori’s legs back into a pretzel position, put a pillow under her ass and Maria held her legs back. I started pounding her pussy deep from this position and got a great angle hitting her G-spot with my cock. Maria was fiddling with her clit while I was fucking her and Lori was moaning loudly. She started cumming from all of the action. Maria and I kept up the action and Lori was having orgasm after orgasm. Each one seemed to get more intense and we just didn’t stop. Lori’s pussy was pulsing from the orgasms and she let out another squirt and a muffled scream. Maria hadn’t let up sitting and squirming on Lori’s face. Finally I shot a load in her pussy.

After I pulled out, Maria got off her face that now was wet and had some cum on it from Maria’s pussy. Lori got up and told Maria “to get on her back” and Lori returned the favor sitting on Maria’s face, grunting to push cum into her mouth. Lori grabbed the dildo and shoved it into Maria’s cunt leaving it in squirming.

Lori started sucking my cock again and I was so turned on I got hard pretty quickly and went for Maria’s pussy, with the dildo still in. Her pussy was very wet, relaxed and loose by all of the fucking by now and I managed to start stuffing my cock into her pussy for a double pussy penetration. The dildo was vibrating and squirming. I managed to get my cock well in and started slowly fucking while holding the squirming dildo in place. What a sensation! Maria was going crazy and going “Oh fuck oh goooood that’s fucking great, oh my god, oh my god oh fuck. She was bucking her hips up and down like a wild a****l and I kept fucking her full pussy. I knew I wasn’t going to last long I was just trying to go slow and enjoy the moment. Maria was cumming over and over during all of this.

Lori was leaning forward as she sat and squirmed on Maria’s face and she started passionately kissing me. Finally I shot another load in her wet stretched pussy and left my cock in place for about half a minute after I came.

We all just fell back on the bed and the girls started laughing. “Wow, Maria said, that was fun.” Lori said, “We have all afternoon, I want to try some more things.” “I’m going to run a bath so we can re-charge in my big tub and turn the jets on.”
I said to Lori, you said something about ass fucking from what I recall?” She said, “That what I’m thinking about.” I said, run the bath get your enema bag out, I’ll prep the two of you before our bath and get you ready for some ass fun.”

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