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Miss Amber (First Sex Story Attempt)


The day was a scorcher. Too hot for any one to bear on a regular basis. Amber was my college history teacher and I've known her for two years now. Independently wealthy and recently divorced, Amber was the object of many warm and wet thoughts in recent months. Finally an overnight problems with history brought me up her street with butterflies in my stomach and a growing anticipation in my groin.

The air conditioning in the car was broken and the heat was unbearable. My oxford shirt was soaked through with sweat, making it stick to my skin. As I pulled up the driveway, a flood of warm thoughts filled my mind. The house was enormous. She had certainly done well for herself. A large mesa contemporary with extensive landscaping and decorative lighting. I was amazed that it could be so hot at night.

I knocked on the door, the heat and anticipation forming a bead of sweat on my brow. The covered window to the right of the door moved to the side slightly, draw by a set of long slender fingers with deep, dark red nails. The door opens to reveal Amber. Before I knew what was happening, she wraps her arms around me and places a big, wet kiss on my cheek, happy to see me. Amber had always been good to me. Treating me as a close friend and always helping me in my studies.

Taking me by the hand, she led me down the center hall. I couldn't help but notice how her curves showed through the sheer cotton of the sundress she wore. Her hair was jet black, long and straight, a pleasant contrast from her olive skin. Her ass was round and surprisingly firm looking. Her legs long and her toes painted the same deep dark red as her fingers, a striking contrast from the white tile floor and drawing my attention like a super magnet.

She sat me down in the living room and went to fix me a drink. She returned with a tall cold Long Island Iced Tea... she knew that it was my favorite drink. She sat next to me on the couch and we chatted for a bit. After a while she began to explain me the subject. As she spoke, she emphasized her points with gentle strokes and pats across my arm and leg. Several times, she touched my leg with her toe, sending shivers up my spine.

After two more drinks, we were giggling and talking about everything outside the subject. Amber said that she had recently attended a class to learn a new relaxation technique that was quite extraordinary. She asked me if she could demonstrate it on me. At that point, I wanted to feel her touch in any way and eagerly said yes.

She climbed onto the couch and kneeled next to me, placing her hands gently on both sides of my temples. Carefully, she felt for a special place and applied pressure. Immediately, I felt a wave of calm all over my body. Then I felt the couch slide out from under me and everything went black...

When I awoke, the feeling of calm permeated my entire body. I felt cool air all over my skin causing a tingling sensation from my ears to my toes. As my senses returned, I realized that I was in a dark room, completely naked, and unable to move. My wrists and ankles securing me to the soft bed on my back. Small wisps of light danced about the room, the source a large candle a few feet away. From the side of the bed I felt it at first, that long hair gently touching my side, then across my abdomen and then back again... lightly touching, just barely. I could smell the faint pleasant scent of her perfume as the hair moved up my chest and brushed across my face. As the candle light flicked, I could only get glimpses of her... the jet black hair, the ample breast still firm and fleshy, but just the hair touching. The sensation was exquisite. The cool air, the gentle touch of the hair moving back down my chest and across my abdomen and then brushing across my groin making my manhood spring to immediate attention.

As she sees my reaction, she emits a low approving "MMmmmmm" as she swings her leg over mine and straddles it, still brushing her hair about my member. She swings her other leg over and kneels between my legs now, the hair obscuring her face as she reaches up to the top of my chest and rakes her long nails gently through the soft tufts of hair on my chest. The sudden sensation makes my cock rage and almost without control I arch my hips up toward her. She senses this and engulfs my cock with her mouth. I gasp with surprise and sudden intense pleasure as she continues to rake my hair with her long nails and slides her warm, wet mouth slowly up and down my shaft.

Slowing her sucking motion, she rakes her nails down to the base of my cock and places them around the base. I let out a loud moan in response to the flood of intense pleasure. I try to move my hands to her hair, but realize that I cant move. Sensing this, she draws down deeply with a loud suck and releases, staying so close to the tip of my cock that I can feel her breath but does not touch. I try to move it so she continues, but I cannot. I am at her mercy.

"I bet that feels good, doesn't it?" Amber says, and then chuckles. "Well, you are not quite ready yet." I am beyond words. She has sucked me until I am very sensitive. Suddenly she crawls up my body, brushing her hard nipples across my groin, up my chest and across my lips. I open my lips to grasp the nipple. It feels large and hard. Like the finest candy, I like the tip and encircle the base until she pulls it away. My cock is aching now and my senses are on fire. Sensing this, Amber straddles my chest, and leans forward, running her fingers through my short hair. In the flickering light, I can see only her silhouette, with glimpses of the feathers of her face as she leans forward. As she leans forward, her cleanly shaved pussy presses into my lips. They are quite wet already, indicating that she is enjoying things at least as much as I am. She grinds gently against my mouth, as I kiss the puffy lips. With my tongue, I lick the entire length of her pussy lips, careful not to part them. She sits forward, wrapping her legs around mine, rubbing the soft undersides of her feet against my legs. This sensation drive me nuts and I plunge my tongue deep inside her. She clearly enjoys this and moans deeply as she bobs on my mouth, using her weight to f***e my tongue more deeply inside her.

With a quick motion, she lifts herself off my face and lowers her sopping wet pussy onto my now throbbing cock. The sensation is almost too much for me. I get lightheaded, and concentrate with intensity to hold out, to make her moan more. The flickering light reveals her hands running through her own hair, bobbing up and down on my cock faster and more intensely. Her breathing becomes quick and raspy. With a quick motion, she leans forward wrapping her arms around my head and kisses me deeply on the lips. That was too much. She takes it from me. I am powerless but to succumb to her as my body tenses starting in my lower legs right up through my bound wrists. My eyes clamp shut as I groan deeply and release the first gush deep inside her. Enjoying her conquest, her legs squeeze my body as she screams with intensity, releasing an orgasm that has been pent up for a long time.

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