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D***k Girls and the Consequences

We staggered out of the pub and across the street and sat in the bus shelter. Too late for the last bus, which had departed long before the last order call, but Pia was so out of it she slept in the most awkward of positions, oblivious of her condition or state of dress.
We were part of a 'Hens night out', and now we are so pissed and somehow, I have the honer of the 'Bride To Be' passed-out, across my lap.
Perhaps you guys might answer this question, Is fucking the bride to be, a massive turn-on for other males, making them prime targets on their last nights freedom?
A car screeched to a halt and backed-up to the shelter where we both sat in a d***ken hazy sl**p.
Three men got out and started helping us into the car, Pia in the back and I in the front. Once secured in our seats, the doors slammed shut and off we sped into the dark.
I can vaguely remember snippits of conversation as they discussed where to stop, but we drove well into the countryside out of town, where the least chance of being disturbed, was their main aim.
'This ones cunt is ready for us' came the thick coated comment from the darkened interior back seat. I could only assume they were already readying her for sex as articles of clothing were flying around and her knickers were thrown into the front seat for the driver to savout the moistened crotch.
'I am first with this one,' the driver said, as he reached across and slipped his hand down my knickers giving my clitoris a cruel twist, making me scream out in pain.
I was strangely calm considering our plight, I knew were going to be ****d and I was resigned to the forthcoming event, with a strange feeling of calmness.
Pia was in fact being ****d as I thought, but thankfully she appeared to be unconsious to the abuse being enacted on her form between both these men.
The car had stopped, where we were I had no clue, as I had dropped-off at the point of thinking about Pia being fucked.
The door opened on my side and I was half pulled and half lifted from me seat and plonked onto the bonnet of the car, where my clothes were ripped from me, leaving me clad only in garter belt and stockings
I clung onto the grill vent where the wipers were as the first crudely entered me. I was face down and he was on top banging so hard someone muttered, 'Fuck mind the car, you will put a perminant dent in it', to which they all laughed.
I was pulled from the bonnet and repositioned, standing from the side and now more consious, due to the violent fuck I was receiving and the extreme cold I was feeling.
There was no thankful passing out, no, I was wide awake and experiencing every thrust into me.
Pia was thrown across the other side, where the assualt on her similarily clad nude body commenced, by the second guy, as the conversation showed she was fucked during the journey out to the place.
She was looking at me and we instinctively reached out and held hands. She was like myself very calm showing only the slightest grimace from the assualt on her, which I soon learnt, was from an anal ****, as the second guy had a phobia about putting his cock in her pussy due to his companion having cummed in there.
'Did you cum in her?' was the anxious shout to my attacker, as he moved away from me, having done the dirty. He was in me like a rat up a drain pipe, humping me without waiting for an answer, he was clearly enjoying the abundace of free pussy on offer.
The guy in Pia pulled out and walked around to me, urging the younger guy to finish as he wanted to maintain his erection. No sooner said than he complied and this warmth I could feel, as my crotch was cold.
He lined himself up to the task in hand and I let out a scream as he tore into my ass, without consideration just contempt for the slags across the car bonnet, coming out dressed like we were gagging for cock and these brave souls were doing both of us a great service by providing us with three cocks each in one d***ken fueled session, how lucky we were and may god be praised.
Grabbing me by my my tits I was physically pulled off the bonnet and held in an upright position while he continued to tear my ass with each thrust, and strangly I looked at Pia and wonder why she never felt the same pain and laughinly thought to myself she must do anal big time, strange how the mind works.
'I'mmmmmm Cummmminnnnggggg' he mouthed, and in doing so pulled me onto my knees and f***ed his cock into my mouth. 'Dont you fucking swallow', he said menincingly, 'Dont swallow' he repeated and soon the salty tang engulfed my taste buds down the side of my mouth as he filled me up.
I was gagging, there was too much semen, but under threat I held it firm like a seal proof container, not a drop leaked from between my closed lips.
Pia was made to kneel in front of me. We were f***ed together, breasts crushed hard against each other, and we put our arms around each other, to comfort and steady and the warmth was welcoming.
'Cum swap whores' came the call, decending into a chorus from all three. We understood the meaning, and Pia opened her mouth, covering my lips with hers, I felt her soft tongue trace my lip line at which I eased my load bitter into warm open mouth. 'Open yours' was the new order, we had completed the cum swap with consumate ease and I opened my mouth to expose a complete swap of his seed into Pias. 'Now back' he said clearly getting excited by the prospect two beatiful women were swapping and partly swallowing his sperm, like we were eating at a posh resturant and dining on caviar.
I covered Pias lips, kissing her full on the salt encrusted lips and took her load back, observing she must have swallowed half of it on the first swap
Sealing my lips and hold the precious load, puffing my cheeks slightly to fool him into believing I had a mouthful, Pia was ordered to open wide, which she dutifully did, and so on we went while they smoked and discussed what to do with us.
Eventually there was nothing left to swap, the sperm was nestling in the confines of both our stomochs, being turned into nurishment for our bodies to feed off, and soon we were swapping our spit and slightly laughing at the ludicrousness of it all.
Suddenly all three jumped into the car, reversed and took off. So sudden in fact we were still in our enbrace as they disapeared from sight. I looked at Pia and said, 'Where's the spit?' 'Fuck I swallowed it' and we both burst into a hysterical fit of laughter.
We were naked except for stockings, and I with a belt to hold mine up. No other clothing were in sight to retrieve and we had no clue as to where we were.
We were cold so we sought some shelter and embraced each other and I have to confess I had a warm feeling cuddling up close to her.
I cant say why but I kissed her full on the mouth again, with such passion building in me, when she pulled back and, 'Mariel, what the fuck are you doing?'
I was confused and when I came to my senses we were still sitting in the shelter, waiting on the rest of the gang to emerge from the pub.
Fuck guys, that helps to show you readers just how dirty a girl can think and how horny she can be when aroused.

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