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Educated by mom's friend

What started as a surreal vision one night soon became a part of my daily thinking. From the moment that I saw my mother's friend, Margaret, in the basement fucking her with a strap-on dildo, I knew I would never be the same. The entire way I viewed my f****y and the world around it changed forever. Things that were abstract and absured ideas were now realities in my own life. I didn't even really know what a strap-on was, and now my mother was a lesbian being fucked with one by a woman
who chatted with me about Shakespear and ate at our dinner table. My world was upside down.
What I saw between Margie and my mother made my head spin. It made me think and feel things that I hadn't even considered before. I had been interested in boys, but nowhere near as interested as my friends. I had noticed girls at school and in the locker room, but it didn't really occur to me that there could be something more than friendship between girls. That world of lesbians was totally outside of my reality. It was strictly for "them" on TV or the internet. But not anymore. And I
found myself thinking about it more and more. I started watching my friends at school more closely. Watching my female teachers more closely. And looking at my mom, her friends, and especially Margie in a completely different light. I took a new interest in how shirts fell over breasts, how jeans and shorts hugged asses, bangs hung around cheeks and eyes. There was no denying that I was now interested in girls. Only a week or two after that night, witnessing Margie and my mom, my desire for
women was in full flame.
The funny thing is that I was deathly afraid of what my mom would think. Although she herself was a lesbian, her parents didn't know and it was something that she didn't tell anyone. It was a total secret. She talked to me and Sara about finding boys, marrying, having k**s, stuff like that, but never gave us any clue that she was a closet lesbian. I know she would never have wanted her parents to find out, and she was someone who cared a lot about appearances and what others thought. I'm pretty sure that she would be worried if she found out that I liked girls. So it was important that my interest stay my secret - even from her, at least for awhile.
For Margie, my newfound awareness regarding her relationship with my mom was an opportunity that also changed our relationship. I don't know if Sara, my older s****r, knew about Margie and mom at the time. I didn't say anything to her, and I didn't notice anything in her behavior. But Margie's behavior towards me certainly changed. I was no longer just one of her friend's daughters. Now, it was almost like I was one of HER friends. I was now on the inside of their secret circle, not the outside. She would come over and sit by me in the living room while I was watching TV, even if my mom was in the kitchen. She would put her arm around me and sit close. Her eyes sparkled when she smiled at me. It was awkward for me, but she knew what she was doing. She knew that I liked the attention, even though I didn't consciously realize it myself. I guess I had stayed at the door watching her and my mom too long, and she knew that some part of me was interested.
A month after I first saw Margie and my mom together, I had a second, even more powerful experience. This time it came on a Friday night. Sara was sl**ping over at a friend's house and Margie was visiting. It was just me, mom and Margie at home. In light of what I'd seen, I found it strange to watch how casual and unintimate they were in their interactions when I was around. Mom made some popcorn and the three of us watched a movie. I cuddled with mom on the couch while Margie sat in the e-z chair. She never came off as butch, but there was no question that she wore the pants in her relationship with my mom. After the movie, I went up to my room to browse the web and do some research for a school paper. About an hour later I opened my door to go to the bathroom. The light downstairs was off, but the light in my mom's room was on and her door was partly open. The
bathroom is at the other end of our upstairs hallway, my room is near the top of the stairs, and my mom's room is about halfway between mom and the bathroom. I started walking towards the bathroom and couldn't help but look into my mom's room, half afraid of what I'd see. And Margie didn't disappoint.
Margie's eyes were already locked on the doorway when I looked in. She had been waiting for me. She was standing on the far side of the bed, naked, her huge DD's bouncing as she fucked my mother from behind with her strap-on dildo. Margie's face broke into a mischievous smile as she saw me appear in the hallway outside the bedroom. My mother was bent over on all fours in front of Margie, facing me, blindfolded. Her face was etched in an expression of both agony and ectasy. Margie smiled widely at me and smacked my mom's ass, “good girl” I heard her say as she pushed her strap-on deep into mom, eliciting another deep moan. I was frozen in place watching, totally transfixed. Margie leaned forward and slid both hands under my mom to cup her breasts. She kept her eyes locked on me as she leaned back, lifting my mother upright so I had a clear view of Margie's hands. They cupped under my mother's breasts. It felt like my legs had gone numb and my heart had stopped beating as I watched breathlessly. My mother's breasts were beautiful even larger than I realized. They spilled over Margie's hands and were all my eyes could see. Margie hands massaged and squeezed them, teased and pulled her nippled. Margie was testing me, testing to see how much interest I felt. By standing and staring, I'm sure my answer was loud and clear. She slid one hand up over my mother's breast, up her neck and face to the blindfold. She slipped her finger under the blind and just as she was about to expose my secret to my mother, I dashed off to the bathroom.
I was breathless and spent 15 minutes just sitting on the toilet trying to get composed. I couldn't believe how bold Margie had been, and how attracted I'd been to what I was seeing. My own feelings were a mystery to me. I finally exited the bathroom and quietly made my way back towards my room. Mother's bedroom door was shut when I returned, so I continued on to bed. I lay in bed, unable to sl**p.
My mind ran over and over the image of Margie cupping and massaging my mother's breasts, kissing her neck. I tossed and turned, unable to sl**p for what seemed like forever. My hand ran up my tee shirt, over my stomach to my breast. I massaged it the way Margie had touched my mom. I pinched and pulled at my nipple, feeling it harden between my fingers. My other hand slid between my thighs and began to circle lightly at my clit. The images of Margie and my mother danced through my head, their breasts hanging beautiful and heavy. I couldn't believe what I was thinking – and though I felt like I should be disgusted, I was even more aroused by the taboo nature of it all.
As I pleasured myself in the darkness of my room, I heard my door crack open. I caught my breath and froze. Sara was supposed to be out for the night. The door slowly opened and I recognized the shadow in my doorway. It was Margie. She quietly slipped through the door and closed it behind her and crept to the side of my bed. She must have seen me move as she entered, because she spoke as though she knew I was awake.
“Alli,” she whispered, “you looked beautiful tonight.”
I didn't know what to say. She was with my mom. I felt like I was betraying my mom to even talk to Margie, but at the same time, I was incredibly turned on to have her in my room. Margie sat on the edge of my bed. She had put on a short, thin neglige. She still smelled like sex. She leaned over me and quietly asked, “Do you like what you've seen, sweetie?” In the darkness I could see her eyes boring into mine. She leaned close, but I couldn't speak. Her breasts hung beautifully, brushing against my bedsheets. Margie wasn't the kind of woman who needed permission, and she didn't wait for mine. She leaned closer until her face hovered just above mine. We gazed into each other's eyes, and slowly she lowered her lips onto mine. My body exploded with a rush of tingling adrenaline as our kiss deepened. Her hand slid into my hair and cradled my head as her lips pressed against mine. I felt myself starting to kiss back, touching her tongue lightly with my own. Her other hand stroked my cheek and neck lightly as our kiss deepened. Then it slid down my chest and squeezed my breast. I was helpless to stop it. “I know what you want,” she whispered, “I've been watching you.” She raised herself above me and slid one of her negligie straps off her shoulder. She lowered her breast to my face and slowly freed her right breast from its cover. “Taste it, sweetie,” she whispered, “don't be shy.” Her nipple was virtually resting on my mouth, but I couldn't bring myself to take it. Instead, I raised my hands from under the sheets and cupped her breast with both hands, feeling its weight and firmness. I squeezed and massaged her breasts. I could feel myself getting more wet by the second as I grew incredibly aroused. I couldnt' control myself any longer and I lifted my mouth to hungrily take her nipple in. The first touch on my tongue was everything I could ever have dreamed and it hardened instantly in my mouth. Her nipple was long and thick and I sucked it like I was a desperately hungry newborn. I heard her moaning as though the pleasure was as extreme for her. “Yes baby, thats my girl,” she said. And it was true – in that moment, I was her girl, and hers alone.
She spent nearly two hours in my room that night. We did not make love. I found out she had a full, hairy bush, but we did not touch each other there. It was two hours of kissing and breast play. From that night on, all I could think of were her breasts. Every time I saw her, I wanted to touch her breasts. It was my first experience with another woman, and it is one of the sexiest, most amazing experiences of my life. And it continued me on the path to where I am today.

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