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Aunties Surprise(2)

I woke with my cock telling me I had a good night only to find Catherine straddling my chest, my arms pinned under her knees, "don't tell what happened last night or we'll both be sent away" I struggled to move her but either because I was half asl**p or her fanny was an inch from my face I agreed and she moved to my side making sure her fanny brushed my nose as she did.

The whole day was a game of me trying to get answers and Catherine teasing me about my cock and being a wee boy. After lunch we went swimming and Auntie decided to stay at home to do chores, after about an hour of teasing I stormed off telling Catherine she was a bitch and that I hated her. When I reached the cottage I slammed the door and rushed to my room shouting about how much I hated her, Auntie came up to the room and asked what had happened between us, I burried my head and tried to avoid the question but after about ten attempts Auntie said she knew, She had heard everything and a she had washed our sheets and found my sperm stains on Cathernes side of the bed. I flustered and denied everything but Auntie knew better, " how did your sperm get on Catherines side of the bed" I knew I was busted so I spilled the beans. As I told Auntie what had happened her hand strayed up her skirt and I heard that now familiar panting and her face started to flush. When I saw that my cock started to pulse and I knew trouble was in store, By the time I explained about Catherines clit and what my cock could do to her vagina I was fit to burst.

Aunt Mairi by now was flustered and was telling me that only women knew these things not girls and if I needed or wanted to learn then she would be happy to teach me and not to listen to silly girls tales.

Later that evening we were all watching TV, us with juice and Auntie with her JD and Coke, as the night wore on Auntie was getting more d***k and her skirt was getting higher and higher up her thighs, just a things were getting interesting she demanded we get ready for bed, I showered and changed returning to the lounge to find both of them in night wear cross legged on the floor watching a DVD. Auntie went to make a snack and Catherine took that cue to flash her fanny at me. I was still upset with her but that sight got my cock moving,I was about to comment when Auntie came back and gave us our snack. I needed to pee and when I came back Auntie and Catherine were both snuggled up on the couch I sat beside them and tried to watch the film, however what caught my interest was Aunties legs, her nighty had riden up and the globes of her arse were staring me in the face. Yet again I flushed and tried to look away but the sight was too powerfull for me to ignore. Auntie reached out and stroked my arm gently pulling my it towards her body, as she moved her breasts were moving further up her top until her nipples were just covered and her full breast was falling to the side. Catherines head was so close to Aunties tits he could have licked them, this thought started my balls aching again and I wished her tit would break free into Catherines mouth. As I moved to get comfortable my cock rested on Aunties arm and she knew I was randy, I wished I could swap places with Catherine. Auntie by now was quite d***k and asked me if I could smell her, "I can smell your perfume" I replied hoping that she didn't hear my voice shake. "No can you smell me not my perfume" not understanding I again said no., she took her hidden hand and placed her fingers under my nose and I knew immediatly what she meant, I had smelt that scent last night from Catherine.

Aunties hand had now found its way into my shorts and was running circles round my shaft teasing my foreskin and stroking my balls. I started to moan feeling my cum rise inside my balls, waiting for the mess to appear again. Auntie sensed my situation and stopped, pushing Catherine off her chest she pulled her nighty over her head leaving Catherine topless with these pink buds clearly visible and hard. When Catherine tried to protest Auntie told her it was part 2 of my lesson, As Catherine protested Auntie stripped her nighty off leaving that beautiful body fully exposed, both sets of breasts exposed and so different. Catherine flushed but the movement of her hips told Auntie a different story. "Teach him more" she demanded " you think you know it all so teach him", "I don't understand Auntie teach him what" she proteted. I by now had my hand on my cock transfixed on breasts and nipples. Catherine knew now that Auntie knew our secret and whimpered an appology but all that time her hand never left her fanny rubbing and stroking that love pot I drooled over last night. " don't be selfish babe let us all see, im naked so should you" with that Catherine pulled her panties down and that heaven I yearned after was unleashed again. Whether it was shock or inexperience my cock had drooped and although I was excited my body wasn't reacting. Auntie glanced at my flacid cock and told Catherine a real woman would get it up again. By the time her hands pulled my shorts off I was ridgid, precum shinning on my helmet. As she gripped my shaft she asked Catherine what she had taught me. Catherine told her she had just shown me her vagina but not done anything," do you want to feel a real woman touch" I trembled and said yes not knowing what was in store for me. Auntie straddled my legs standing above me and pulled her dark triangle apart, pink lips opened and a massive clit apeared moist and angry, Guide his cock in she told Catherine and she took hold of my shaft and placed the head of my cock against her wide fanny lips. I froze as she knelt down feeling the tip of my cock taste vagina for the first time, as her vagina swallowed my puny length her clit was clearly visible grinding my nearly bald pubic bone, this sight and the awesome feeling of her vagina sucking on my cock was more than my balls could take, my body arched and emptied in fierce spurts deep into her body. Auntie relaxed and sat down hard on my cock her fingers rubbing at her clit until she tensed so hard I felt she might hurt me, she screamed and bucked grinding her fanny into me tugging her nipples until she collapsed onto me panting and laughing, Kissing my ear she whispered still three lessons to go. I can't wait.

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