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Doctor Taboo f****y Medicine

A taboo is an act everybody agrees, must not happen. There are many taboos in modern culture that are practiced by two consenting adults that are harmless when understood. It is my job to help make people understand. As a Doctor, I will do what ever I feel necessary to help a patient. Sometimes, I make mistakes but after all this is why I have insurance. Here is an example of what I do

"John , I have been your doctor for 10 years and I know when something is wrong"
" Dr T you can read me like a book"
"A dirty book"
John is 30 years old and with a wife and 5 year old he is aging to quick in my opinion. He has fallen in a rut and I have a good idea how to fix him up. Well, it more like fixing his cock 1" from his mothers pussy and see what happens.
A week later John was back in my office as an in patient, and so was his 60 mother to help her son. You see as Dr Taboo I sometimes must create a cure. John's Mother was told she needed to be here just incase her son ran into problems. John had know idea what was about to happen and he did not care. He woke up with a hard-on three days ago and is horny as ever.
The cure for John is simple, so simple he forgot that dear old mom is the pill he needs to swallow. The deepest human bond is that of Mother and c***d, this is known. But when it is Mother and Son and sexual bonds are broken allowing genitals to engage there is know better cure.
John was fully reclined with cock in hand as we wheeled Mom between his legs. She was given a slight steatite and a major libido enhancer. The room is dark as I hook mom into my custom made harness system I like to call the 'i****tor" She is know only 20" above her sons erection. Her legs spread apart as I lower her ass two inches above her baby boys hard on. This precision piece of equipment will soon drop 4.5 inches. That is two and ahalf inches of hot taboo fucking sex with mother and son cock in pussy. "Oh MY GOD, MOM" and "STOP STOP YOU'RE MY ONLY SON AND YOU ARE FUCKING YOUR OWN MOTHER YOU SOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SE SE SE FUCKING COCK IS MAKING MOMMY CUM, OH MY FUCKING GOD JOHNNY FUCK ME FUCK MY MOMMY PUSSY SHIT. MOM MOM IF FUCK CUMING IN MY MOTHERS HOT MOTHER FUCKING SHIT OHHHHH FUCK.
As a doctor nothing is finer then to see a son come in his own mothers pussy.

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