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Camping with Stepdaughter 19

Lesly, Susan and I walked through the edge of the parking lot on our way back to camp. I looked down towards the other camps. I could see Bonnie as her k**s ran out to greet her. She looked back and gave me a smile. I should have felt bad about fucking another man’s wife, but I didn’t. He had just seen two young women naked and had gotten sucked off by Susan’s sweet young mouth. I was wondering if I would get another chance to tap that beautiful ass. I noticed that the men in the other camps were starting to stir as well. My girls had a reputation by now as horny little sluts. I looked back as we walked up the trail. Men were already heading out for walks.

We hadn’t been back to camp for more than a minute when Lesly and Susan were pulling off their clothes. They grabbed their robes and towels and headed to the stream. It wasn’t long before the trees were alive with action.

They kept their robes on for a while. It seemed that they were waiting for the men to arrive. After about 10 minutes of just wading around in their robes Lesly pulled Susan to her and gave her a long hot kiss. Susan slid her hands under the hem of Lesly’s robe and tightly squeezed the firm cheeks of her ass. Lesly pulled Susan’s robe open exposing her beautiful breasts with her dark nipples standing at attention. Lesly cupped her breasts and started alternating between licking and pinching each one. She then moved one hand down Susan’s toned stomach and slipped her fingers into her steamy little pussy. Susan pulled at Lesly’s robe and it fell open. By now I think every man in the campground had taken up a position around the two little lovers. They moved out of the water and slid out of their robes. Lesly knelt down in front of Susan and f***ed her legs apart with her hands. She started to slowly rub her pussy with her fingers. Susan slid her hands into Lesly’s hair and pulled her face to her crotch. Lesly’s tongue teased the sweet folds of flesh between Susan’s legs. As Lesly ate her pussy she grabbed and pulled on her nipples Soon Susan’s hips were moving in slow circles pressing into Lesly’s face. Knowing that she was being watched added to her excitement. She was breathing hard and with every breath she would let out a loud sensual moan. It wasn’t long before she was engulfed with pleasure and her legs started to shake. She grabbed the back of Lesly’s head and pulled her face tightly into her quivering pussy. Her orgasm subsided and now it was her turn to pleasure Lesly.

Lesly sat down on a big rock and spread her legs wide. The sun hit the bright red little patch of hair just above her swollen clit. She took her fingers and spread her lips open giving all that were watching an unobstructed view of her tight little hole. Susan knelt between her legs and slid two fingers into Lesly’s wet pussy. The way that Susan was kneeling exposed her swollen pussy with her nectar running down her legs to the crowd of men. Lesly threw her head back and let out a loud moan. Susan’s fingers were sliding in and out of Lesly at a feverish pace. With every thrust Lesly would raise her hips up off of the rock. Susan then replaced her fingers with her tongue. It only took about 30 seconds for Lesly to be taken over by her orgasm. She shook so hard that if Susan hadn’t grabbed her legs she would have fallen off of the rock. When her body had finally quit shaking she pulled Susan up and gave her a long kiss as she rubbed her little ass.

They then slipped back into their robes and came back up to camp. They dropped their robes and went in and cuddled up on the bed and went to sl**p in each others arms.

I watched as the trees came to life with men heading back to their camps. Even though I had just watched an unbelievable lesbian show, all I could think about was Bonnie. I opened up a beer and started to make ready to cook supper.

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