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My first sexual experience happened many years ago when I went to spend two weeks with my cousin and my Auntie Mairi. To build the scene Aunt Mairi lives alone in a small 2 bed cottage beside a glorious beach in a remote area of Scotland. My cousin Catherine is my other aunties daughter and a lively 13 year old girl just starting to develop into a beautiful young woman and a year older than me. Both mine and Catherines parents had travelled abroad for a holiday and had decided Aunt Mairi was perfect as a minder.

As the cottage only has two bedrooms me and my cousin shared one and Aunt had her own room opposite, neither of us objected as we got on really well together, I was a little shocked as there was only a double bed in our room pushed into the far corner, Auntie must have noticed my hesitation and took me by the shoulder whispering in my ear that everything was fine, and that she had shared a bed with her b*****r when she was young, this made me feel better and I raced over to grab my side of the bed and started to unpack. Catherine complained that she wanted the inside of the bed but I stood my ground insisting that it was mine. Once we had unpacked we went exploring the area around the cottage to see where we were, on reaching the beach I was stunned by the expanse of open space and the colour of the water and not another person in sight but the three of us.

After dinner on the first night all three of us went back to the beach and as Auntie had told us to wear swimwear we were ready for our first dip in the sea, we splashed and played in the shallows as Auntie went further out for a swim, when she got back she called us to go back to the cottage. When we got back Auntie said she would make a cup of tea and for us to watch television, she came back in wearing her swimsuit with a towel wrapped round her waist carrying a tray with tea and biscuits, I noticed her nipples straight away, they were visible through her top large and hard as she handed me my tea her boobs were inches from my face and I could'nt stop staring at them. She noticed me staring and playfully slapped my head saying I shouldn't be looking there, I felt my cock stir and this made me blush more. I glanced over at Catherine to see if she noticed my dilema and my eyes dropped to her budding tits which were also showing her nipples smaller but erect also. She giggled and made a half attempt to cover her chest. Auntie sat on the chair opposite me and using the towel wrapped round her waist started to towel dry her hair. I couldn't help but stare as her legs parted and with only the material of her swimsuit guarding her private parts I could clearly see whisps of dark hair escaping from the sides. My cock by now was twitching madly in my shorts and I couldn't stop it. Catherine went to shower and change into her night clothes and I was left alone in the room with Auntie. I couldn't understand what was happening to me and although I did have erections before this was different I had a strange feeling in my balls. Auntie went to plug in her hair dryer and as she did her arse was clearly visible with the material pulled into a deep groove between her legs, I thought I was going to burst. I must have moaned or made some noise as Auntie turned sharply and stared straight at me, her eyes dropping to my shorts and the obvious problem with my cock. She asked if I ok and smiled as I blushed and flustered in front of her. I apologised and told her I didn't know what was happening to me, she smiled and asked if I felt excited seeing her dressed like this, I mumbled that I did to which she replied "have you ever seen a woman naked before" I told her I had seen Catherine naked a few times a few years ago and other than that just some pictures in a magazine I had found in my mums room. To this she replied that it was "time for that to change" and with that she pulled her swimsuit down over her massive breasts and futher down over her curvy hips and stood before me naked as the day she was born. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, She was gorgeous not thin not fat just all woman. Her tits were big with large dark nipples and past her rounded tummy a dark mound of hair in a neat triangle covering her private parts. Without touching my cock it spurted cum again and again soaking my shorts and nearly making me faint. Auntie smiled and taking my shorts down wiped my now pulsing cock with her towel stroking my balls and pulling back my foreskin to wipe all my mess up. I was mortified and kept saying sorry for making a mess. She kissed me on my forehead and told me to go for a shower and bed saying everything was fine and that it was normal.

I dived into the shower trying to think about what had just happened to me but just kept on seeing Aunties naked body flash into my mind, My cock was twitching and growing again as I pulled on my clean shorts and made my way to bed. Catherine was sitting in bed reading as I entered the room and I shuffled past her into the bed confused yet excited about what had happened. As I snuggled down in bed Auntie popped her head round the door and wished us both a good night closing the door behind her. Catherine asked if I was alright, I told her I was fine just tired. She giggled about me getting an erection earlier and asked if it was my first one. I pushed her arm and told her to mind her own business feeling embarrased and a bit angry. She noticed my mood and put her book down to talk to me. She told me she saw Auntie strip off her swimsuit as she was just about to come back to watch telly but had stopped at the door and watched as Auntie got naked and then cleaned my cock with the towel. I told her I couldn't help what happened and that I didn't know why it happened, she asked if that was the first time I had spurted sperm and was Auntie the first naked woman I had seen. As her voice was soft and understanding I told her it was and that I thought I had peed myself except it was thick and gooey. She laughed and said she would tell me about the Birds and Bees. She asked if my cock got hard often I told her it did more and more now. When she asked if I played with it I blushed again and said no, why would I. "Do you want to learn or not" she asked. "yes I do but its hard to talk about it with you" I replied. With that she told me to trust her and do what she told me. I agreed as long as it didn't hurt.She giggled and said I would enjoy it. She told me to take my shorts of and lie on my back, I told her I would only do that if she took her panties of too. As soon as I said that she jumped up and pulled her panties off exposing a light fair mound with a few whisps of hair covering it. I stripped my shorts of and my cock stood up hard again. She gasped a bit and told me it was quite big for a boy my age at the same time she rubbed between her legs with her hand. I asked if I could see her tits and she said yes as long as she could touch my cock, when her top came off I was shocked how different they were from Aunties far smaller, her nipples were small and pink but sticking out quite far. I giggled and said they looked more like mine than a womans, she slapped my head and said they were still growing and for me not to be cheeky. I could see her fingers had wet on them and asked her if she had peed a bit. She laughed and said no and that I was a stupid boy. My cock by now was pulsing again and I started to get that feeling in my balls again, Catherine said she would show me girls bits and what boys should do with them, She asked me to touch her nipples but not to squeeze them, I did as I was told and was amazed how hard they were, she moaned softly and opened her legs slightly. I moved onto my knees so I could see what she was doing as she rubbed her mound, my cock was rigid and close to her arm as she moved beside me. She pulled her legs further apart and told me to look as she explained her bits. "this is my vagina, this is where babies come out" "No way I said, they cant fit there", she sighed and told me to just listed. My cock by now was close to bursting and had brushed against her arm a few times leaving some sticky precum on her skin. As she showed me her pee hole and started to explain about her clit I felt her other hand cup my balls and gently squeeze them and move onto my cock slowly pulling my skin back to reveal the purple head glistening with preum, she continued to gently rub her clit all the time getting redder and starting to pant and moan. She moved her hand slowly up and down my cock and I could feel huge pressure rising in my balls as they climbed into my body. I let out a loud moan and stiffened as a large wave of pleasure passed through me and my cock spat loads of cum onto her tits and belly covering her right nipple completely anf flowing into her belly button. She gasped and laughed as I collapsed onto her chest my head on her left breast her nipple finding it way into my mouth. I gently sucked and licked her nipple as she tensed and shivered as her hand worked faster on her clit and moaned loudly as her hips rose of the bed shaking wildly under her fingers. She collapsed back onto the bed holding my head against her breast and explained that she had just had an orgasm. She went on to explain that the stuff coming out of my cock is what makes babies in a woman, and showed me her swollen vagina still pulsing as it gaped open, she told me that if I kept quiet about what we did she would show me more and more as our holiday progressed. We dressed again cuddled up and slept as best we could though my mind was racing about my first sexual encounters and the lesons still to come.

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