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The Upper Deck...

I waited tables between 2000 and 2001 at a downtown casino in Las Vegas when this event occured in my life that opened my eyes to the possibilities involved in the scope of my sexual opportunities. A straight couple dined on the early morning breakfast special at one of my tables towards the end of my graveyard shift. They were an attractive, well-mannered pair in their early 30's. As they dined they had become quite needy of random extra items that I realized were just the means to get to have more of my company as they dined. It was slow and I had no problem with this. That, and the fact that I did think the guy was rather doable. When the bill came they gave me the money owed and asked me a few more of the rather intimate getting questions they had. Well, the guy mostly played speaker as the female just smiled at me non-stop. But, her smile was radiant and it affirmed the validity of her beauty as it matched the rest of her stunning features.
Cutting to the gut of the story, the point that is; the couple had been working up to the ultimate question on their minds this Vegas morning. The best culmination of the trip to this SIN CITY, where WHAT HAPPENS HERE< STAYS HERE, would be an erotic 3-some between them and I. Inviting me up to the hotel room they had in the same casino, they were quite adament abot this happening. I was very scary about losing my job and said no. ( Any employee of this casino that was seen on the security cameras entering guests rooms after workhours were automatically written up. Even if f****y stayed in the casino, the casino required them to meet you in the lower levels of the casino ). Slighty strong rule, yet I needed my job way more than a romp in the sheets with an out of town couple still feeling the liquor rom the night before and looking to keep the high of the neon lights and big luck going. OKAY!!!
When this was explained to them another option presented itself. They would take me to an adult bathhouse. The most frequently mentioned one in Las Vegas is the Red Rooster on Sahara Ave. But, this place required that it be male/female couples only. As do the other establishments of this kind that catered to NON_GAY clients. So, that was a NO GO!!!.
At another obstacle came another idea from the couple. They would simply give me a ride home and stop by the place on the way to see if the method of persuasion that I was succumbing to would maybe work as well on the bath house staff. They were closed though.
Now, I am sure that the couple would expect me to invite them in to my home; and they were right. Yet, instead of tearing off all of our clothes and allowing the flesh to feel the writhing of 3 bodies intertwined in numerous sensual posistions until a climactic burst of bodily fluids spewed forth all over each other, again and again; I was f***ed to say my thank-you's and my good-bye. Why?
Well, the first thing was having not ONE piece of furniture in the entire apartment. I had no problem getting it on with them on the floor as much as I was a little embarrased. The second, and MAIN reason, I was not able to experience my first MMF encounter with these peopl was the #rd room mate in our 2 bedroom apartment whom was layed out evry night and evry morning in my bedroom because she is my CUZZ-O and I allowed her to make her pallet in one corner of the HUGE master bedroom I had. And, of course, she was there, snoring away, when we arrived. So, 3rd strike and I am out of the game.
What started as a flirtacious table in my restaraunt that had me sort of floating on my tippytoes at first, had now turned into 2 extra hours of time on my already aching feet from working my 8 hour shift. I was still in my work clothes, smelling like steak and egg speacials, and was not feeling as sexxxy as when at the table initially.
I took the number to their home in California and we parted our ways. But, we never talked again after that DISAPPOINTING morning. Yet, it let me know that my GAY MINDED way of thinking needed to be broadened to allow itself to acknowledge that even PREDOMINANTLY straight people want to get at my SEXXXY A@@. And, that made me fell more satisfaction than any 3 way fling I missed out on would have. So, I continue being my LUSCIOUS self and have continued to appreciate, and at times accept, the invitations recieved from unfamiliar sources.

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