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My First Big Girl

I was in my room thinking of girls witch I normally do not think about but i have always wanted to try. Then there was a girl who walked in she had red hair fat with big tits.

"My name is Hana I heard you wanted to try girls"she smiled.

We kissed i was horny for her and wanting her to touch me all over. I was in a wight dress with see through panty’s and no bra. Hana sucked my tougue and lay me down. Then she ripped my dress of showing my tits. Hana sucked them playing with them I moaned.

"Your so cute baby I can't wait to fuck you"she smiled.

Then she tore of he shirt her breasts where big she lay my head on her chest I suckled her nipples my first time it was like sucking a sexy angel. My red lipstick was all over her.

"Now let me see that pussy"said Hana.

Hana pulled my panty’s down, she sucked my hairy pussy it dripped and was all over her lips. Hana's tongue licked me all out it was so hot and nice. Then she got my head drilling it into her cute fat pussy. I gazed at it blushing I licked the wall it tasted so sweet and juicy we where both naked at this point.

"Lets rub pussys"she smiled.

Hana and I rubbed our pussys it felt so nice, it didn't hurt like a guys cock would if i was a virgin. We both moaned and we we wet inside she kissed me with he lips. Then finally she stuck on a strap on I sucked it first before she fucked me.

Hana, I moaned, as she fucked me, my tits bouncing up down it was nice and hard. We made out as her strap on went deep inside me trying to make me cum. I screamed, Hana kissed my neck I came all over her strap on, she licked me all out and all over it.

I would love to do this again and I think I will because girls know how to have fun.

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