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Seducing My Daughter in Law

Seducing my daughter in law, my story:

My step son, a party guy, married his high school sweetheart against our advice at the young age of 21. His wife, my daughter in law, was a good looking young blonde bombshell with big tits, long legs, a narrow waist and a heart-shaped ass. Seems the hotter they are, the more they are attracted to the “bad boys” like my step-son.

They lived with us in our house, in our spare room. Being in their early 20s, and him being a Mr. Party dude, it was only natural when eventually they split up because of his affairs. She ended up staying with us, and he moved out to join his latest fling.

My daughter in law went through several jobs before landing a waitress job at Hooters. Although I had always found her attractive, I hadn’t really considered how very sexy she was, until she started leaving and coming home in her Hooters outfit. For those of you unfamiliar with the place, the waitresses dress in very short, very tight hot pants and usually have a very low cut t-shirt that displays their ample cleavage.

Each night my daughter in law came home after work, walking by me with those big tits and hot ass, I increasingly became sexually excited about her. After a few weeks, I decided to sneak into her room to see what sexual items I might find. I had to wait very impatiently until my f****y was away and she was at work, and when finally my opportunity came I entered her room with my heart beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart-attack.

I searched carefully through all her drawers, under her bed and throughout her closet. I quickly found a stash of Cosmopolitan magazines, several stories of “How to Give Good Head” earmarked and obviously read fairly often. I wondered if she was masturbating while reading these stories. That thought made my cock hard, and I took my pants and briefs off and started pushing and pulling on my full shaft.

I became rock hard as I stumbled on her vibrator. It was the kind that has straps so a woman can strap it on, with a remote control “penis” that vibrates and moves in circles. The box was in the closet, in a drawer with her panties, and the box clearly had been open and closed a LOT, meaning this strap-on vibrator was getting used a LOT.

I pulled even harder on my cock, stroking my hard shaft up and down, while I inserted my daughter in law’s vibrating penis into my mouth, running my tongue up and down its length, trying to taste her love juices. I then searched her dirty clothes, wanting to taste more of her cunt juices. She wore G string panties, and I was able to enjoy the smell and taste of her cunt in her used unmentionables.

After that, I took every opportunity to sneak into her room, masturbating naked while I tasted her vibrator, sniffing and licking her used panties. But quickly I realized I wanted more. I wanted to do something taboo, I wanted to touch her, to feel her and to fuck my sexy daughter in law. But how?

She was now working a late shift that usually had her home later in the evening, usually after my wife was asl**p. I started waiting up for her, and each night she came home I’d offer to do something nice for her, like giving her a neck and shoulder massage, or pour her a glass of wine. She would always thank me sweetly, but refuse and head up to her room to go to bed.

Then, one Friday night she didn’t come home at her usual time. I waited up, wondering where she was. She finally showed up just after 2am, rather tipsy and smelling of tequila.

“Hi there!” I blurted out. “I was getting a bit worried, are you alright?”

“Oh!” She exclaimed, a bit surprised to see me still up. “Oh yes,” she slurred. “We had a party after work, it was sooo fun!”

She dropped onto the couch next to me, her head fell back and she closed her eyes and smiled a big smile. My cock instantly got hard. I was suddenly in a position to try my luck again at seducing her!

“I might have had just a bit too much to drink, but it was great!” She added. “I was stressed out driving home, but I didn’t want to stay, and I also didn’t want to get pulled over!”

“Of course, I understand!” I exclaimed. “But if you ever need a ride you just let me know and I’ll come and get you,” I added.

“You’re soooo sweet!” She said.

“Let me give you a shoulder massage, you seem very tense.” I said.

But this time, without waiting for her response, I moved next to her, and began giving her a shoulder and neck massage. My cock was rock hard. Would she push me away? At first she tensed up a bit, but as soon my massaging hands started to soften her up, and she relaxed, I smiled to myself. So far, my seduction of my daughter in law was working!

I continued giving her a massage, my mind racing. Now what should I do? This was great, but if I waited too long she would probably get up to leave. I decided to get a bit braver, and see if I could get my hands onto her bare flesh.

“Turn a little so I can massage your back too.” I said.

Again, without waiting for a response I gently but firmly turned her so her back was facing me, while we sat on the edge of the couch, me behind her, my cock harder than ever. I rubbed my hands up and down her back, over her clothes, up and around her shoulders, up her neck, then back down again. She didn’t resist.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“Mmmmm, that feels sooo great! You have such amazing hands!” She said.

Her t-shirt, as always, was tied in a knot in the front, leaving her stomach and lower back exposed. With one hand continuing to rub her back and shoulders over her t-shirt, I placed my other hand underneath her t-shirt and felt her amazingly warm, smooth, young skin. I continued swirling both hands around her back, feeling amazingly horny now that I was touching her bare back. But her bra was still on, and my next goal was to get that off of her.

She was moaning softly as I continued her massage. I put both hands under the back of her t-shirt, continuing my massage with only her bra now a hurdle. Feeling bolder, I decided to go for the bra.

“Why don’t we loosen this up so I can get to your whole back?” I said as my fingers went to the hooks of her bra.

Her eyes, which had been shut, suddenly opened and she turned her head to look at me.

“That’s OK, you don’t have to, this feels good enough.” She said.

“But this will feel so good.” I stated. “It’s quite alright.” I added.

I didn’t wait. I pulled the first top hook off, then the middle, and finally the bottom hook. Her bra strap, now free, slipped conveniently to the sides, allowing my hands to now have complete access to her bare back.

“I don’t know if you should.” She stated, but far too late.

I continued stroking and massaging her now bare back, and she slowly once again closed her eyes. I pulled closer to her now, my head and shoulders almost directly behind her head and shoulders. I gently but firmly pulled her head back, relaxing her head against my shoulder. She didn’t resist. Her hair smelled so good, our cheeks were almost touching, I could feel the warmth of them on my skin. My boner was rock hard and aching to be touched.

My next goal was to move my hands to her front and feel those magnificent tits.
My massaging hands continued to slide up and down her back, caressing her shoulders, rubbing the tension out of her neck, touching her ears, swirling back down her back to her waistband of her tight, sexy shorts. I started moving my hands wider, caressing her sides, gliding up and down her hour glass waist, then up her ribs to her neck, then back down.

She let out a sign and a moan, and under her breath I heard her whisper…
“Mmmm, this feels soooo good!”

My hand continued their probing toward her front, and soon they were massaging her belly, then back around her sides, then up her back. I decided to go for it, and gently brought both hands to her stomach, starting low at her belly button I then started working them up, toward her now loose bra front, and toward those incredible tits.

Again she opened her eyes, as my hands reached her bra and easily pushed underneath the wire supports, heading toward the bottom of her heavy breasts.

“No! You shouldn’t. We mustn’t!” She blurted out, pulling forward away from me and lifting her head. “You’re my dad. We can’t” She added.

I kept my hands under her boobs, not letting her move too far away.

“Shhhh,” I whispered, moving next to her ear. “I’m not your dad. I’m not your father in law right now. Instead, I’m a man, and you are a sexy and hot woman, and what we are doing is as old as time, and as right as right should be. Just feel how good this is.”

My hands moved up her tits, starting underneath those large breasts and moving upward to her nipples, which I caressed and swirled. I teased them and lightly pinched them.

Her tongue licked her lips, but she said…

“No, we shouldn’t! This is wrong, you are f****y!”

“Yes.” I said. “We are f****y, and isn’t this the best feeling, to be caressed and loved by f****y?”

I continued massaging her breasts, the feeling of which sent shivers through my body and caused my cock to be near bursting. As I massaged her tits, I once again gently but firmly brought her head back to my shoulders. She didn’t resist, succumbing to her increasingly warm sexual feelings of her breasts and nipples receiving full attention from my caressing hands.

“Should I stop?” I asked in a whisper next to her ear.

She again licked her lips.

“No.” She whispered back. “This feels soooo good!”

My heart raced as I realized that my dream was about to come true! I was about to have my sexual dream of making it with my daughter in law become reality!

As my hands kept up on her nipples and breasts, my tongue slowly reached out to her ear lobe and her neck, caressing them. I nuzzled the nape of her neck, gently biting her ears and neck. Then, slowly, with passion, I probed her ear with my tongue, inserting the warm wetness of my tongue into her ear. She shivered, and I felt her back arch as she moved her breasts into my massaging hands.

I slowly pushed her loose bra, along with her t-shirt, up and up. Her amazing big breasts were free, exposed to my feasting eyes. I continued moving her bra and t-shirt up to her neck, her face, and off of her head. My daughter in law was now topless, her tight, hot breasts and upper body under my control.

I slowly laid her down on the couch on her back, and moved myself off the couch so that kneeling, I could lean over her breasts. While still massaging her right breast with my hands, I slowly brought my head down to her left breast.

Her tits were stunning, and my mouth was drawn to her nipple as if I was a baby reaching for life-giving goodness. For the first time my mouth touched her enlarged, erect nipple. She sucked her breath in as my mouth gently took her nipple in, and my tongue played and swirled around her nipple.

I gently bit her nipple, and again she arched her back, pushing her breasts toward my face. I moved my head to the other nipple, and again engulfed it with my hot, warm, moist mouth. My tongue swirled around her breast and nipple.

It seemed like a small eternity, but couldn’t have been more than a few minutes, before I moved my mouth and tongue lower and lower. I played with her belly button using my tongue, while my hands massaged her breasts, tummy and sides. She moaned again, and again thrust her stomach into my skilled mouth and tongue. My cock was fully erect, I had never been so excited.

My hands now moved lower. I reached each side of her hot pants waistband, and I started pulling her tight shorts down, down her long, sexy legs. She was completely submissive now, and knowing that brought out the dominant, male nature in me. I slowly pulled her shorts down, and she lifted her butt of the couch to enable an easy exit of her now un-wanted shorts.

With her shorts off, the only thing now standing between my daughter in law being completely naked in front of me on the couch was her pretty, black lace G string panties. Once again my hands reached on each side of her now wet panties, and I took hold of the sexy material. I pulled them slowly down her legs. But this time I stopped just as they cleared her now exposed cunt. I took her legs and raised them high into the air, exposing her marvelous ass to my devouring eyes. I slid her panties higher and higher up her legs, then off her sexy feet and cherry red painted toenails.

I kept her legs high, and moved myself into position onto the couch, my face now just an inch away from her wet, moist and salty-smelling slit and beautiful, round, brown bung hole. I slowly lowered my face and tongue to her exposed cunt, and just as my hot, moist tongue touched her labia she shuddered and let out another low moan. My tongue swirled down, around her hot ass hole, then back up her slit to her clit, which for the first time I caressed with my now wet tongue. Wet from her love juices flowing from her ready cunt.

I spread her legs, still holding them in the air, so that I could have full access to her shaved, hot and slutty cunt. What I had only tasted in her panties I was now able to taste directly from her ready pussy. Her juices flowed as I continued to tongue her entire slit, stopping to swirl around her clit, her vagina and her ass hole.

After several minutes of tonguing her cunt, I got up onto my knees.

“Pull my shirt off.” I instructed her.

She dutifully got up and slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head.

“Take my pants off.” I commanded.

Again, she did as instructed and unzipped my pants, took off my belt, and slide my pants off my legs as I helped her by now getting off the couch and standing next to her.

“Take my underwear off.” I ordered.

My daughter in law obediently slowly slide my briefs down, exposing my fully erect cock, which was now weeping pre-cum. My balls were tight against my body.
She took a hissing breath in as she whispered…

“Oh my God, your cock is gorgeous!”

“Do you know how to suck a cock?” I asked.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “I can. I can suck cock.”

“Suck my cock like the nasty little slut whore that you are.” I stated.

Her mouth, red lipstick leading the way, slowly moved toward my cock. She slightly opened her lips, and gave the tip of my cock just the slightest kiss. Her warm, willing mouth then slowly opened wider, and she licked her lips in a large, slow circle before guiding her mouth down the length of my shaft.

I closed my eyes as the intense feelings of my daughter in law’s wet tongue and warm mouth engulfed my cock, moving slowly up and then down the length of it.
Slowly at first, then gradually picking up speed she continued to work her mouth up and down my swollen shaft. She moved her hands in rhythm with her willing mouth, and I realized that the lessons she had been reading in Cosmopolitan were lessons she had learned very well! She did know how to suck a cock!

After several minutes she had me so worked up that I knew I was close to cumming, but I didn’t want to cum yet! I was reserving my first explosion for her hot, wet slut cunt.

I gently pushed her down, away from my now twitching cock and onto her back on the couch. I then got up onto the couch over her. I spread her legs and then slowly lowered myself onto her. I was now naked and lying on top of my naked daughter in law. My fully erect cock was lying on top of her wet, hot cunt. Our eyes locked, and slowly I started rubbing my cock up and down her wet slit, making sure to rub her clit as I passed it back and forth over her moist cunt.

“What do you want?” I asked her quietly

“Mmmm, I want you.” She whispered back, her hips bucking into my hot cock.

“What do you want me to do to you?” I asked again.

She licked her lips, then whispered, “I want you to fuck me!”

“You want this hard cock?” I asked.

“Mmm, yes! Fuck me with your hard cock. I want you inside me!” She whispered tensely.

“Yes, you’re my slut, and I think your cunt is ready for my hard cock!” I said.

“Yes!” she exclaimed “Yes, please fuck me with your cock, I am your slut!”

With that, I placed the tip of my cock at her now slippery and juicy love tunnel. I pushed the head of my cock gently in, just far enough to start parting her slutty pussy lips. She quivered and again tried to buck her hips up, forcing my cock to enter her. But I pulled it away.

“No no!” I said. “You’ve got to wait for this cock!”

Again I brought my cock to her cunt, and again I gently parted the outer lips of her hot, wet pussy. I then started pushing my cock slowly, inch by inch, deeper into her cunt. Finally, my cock was fully in her now open and willing cunt. I left it fully inside, while my hands rubbed her tits, pinching her sensitive nipples. I then started to move my cock fully out, then slowly and fully back in to her pulsing cunt.

My dream had come true, and I was finally fucking my daughter in law! I started quickening my pace, and as I did she began bucking her hips, matching my thrusts. Our pubic bones slapped together, as did our bellies. And with the rhythmic “slap! Slap! Slap!” I also heard the sucking sound of her dripping cunt as my cock alternately buried itself deep, then slid almost completely out.

Our climax started building, and we fucked faster and faster, until I felt that ball-tightening feeling and knew I was about to have a major orgasm. Her breathing was fast, and her eyes were shut, her knees up, her toes clenched tight as she too started to get off.

“Oh fuck me harder, fuck me harder, I’m going to get off!” She cried.
I felt the twitching and clenching of her vagina and her hips madly ground hard against me as she came. Her orgasm was a crashing one that overtook her whole body. My cock felt harder and more sensitive than ever as the waves of my orgasm started pulsating from the tip of my cock head to my brain.

I shot hot load after hot load of white, sticky sperm deep into her still twitching cunt. Our orgasms were timed together perfectly, and we each cried out as waves of orgasmic bliss overtook us.

Completely spent, I collapsed onto her sweaty body. I had done it! I had seduced my daughter in law and fucked her amazing sexy, slutty cunt and body! But our night was not over, we had another amazing session of sexual exploration and energy, and I was able to get off again, this time exploring her virgin ass.

But that’s another story for another time!

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