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My Favourite Memory Pt 5

Well, as soon as I think I'm going to get to the favourite memory a few others crop up. This time its probably my second favourite one. I metioned a pretty girl called Viv in part 4 and this involves her. We began to go out just after I left school and began to work in the factory. She was into her finals which means she would have turned 16 during that year. I was over the moon having got hold of the best looking girl around and was on the best behaviour.

We did plenty of kissing and soon a lot of groping through clothes. My folks were pretty much unconcerned with us spending most of our time in my room as then I was a smoker and they weren't so I used that as an excuse to keep upstairs. Week by week mine and Viv's petting got more and more intimate. We were both virgins but I was too macho to really come out and say that so I fudgedd the issue a bit and made myself sound experienced. Viv was pretty curious, however, about my body too. She had a younger s****r (another looker) but no b*****rs so hadn't seen any boys nude. I soon was happily correcting that omission.

At first, when the topic came up (I made sure it did) I was a bit reticent. This was wise I think as I never pressured her and so she felt comfortable with the first few scarey steps. Eventually, as we lay in my dimly lit room on my single bed surrounded by posters of various tight trousered Rock Gods (cheers Robert PLant and your prick revealing denim!) at HER suggestion I nervously slid my jeans and undies over my boner and let my prick stand free in hte cool air. I watched her as she ogled it and gulped a little; hopefully at its size rather than because of suppressed laughter! Her breathing was heavy as I began to exhibit my cock for her.

I stretched it up and back and squeezed pre-cum from it. She gasped and said, "Did you cum?!!" "No, no," I assured her, all part of nature. And then I squeezed some more drops from my slit and wiped it around my glans. "Just like girls get wet, " I said. I began to wank myself, slowly at first but then harder and quicker until the inevitable happened and I shot my jism onto my belly. As I had progressed she had moved away a little and looked quite nervous. My cum obvioulsy intrigued her but she was too uncertain to go near it. Turns out she was afraid of pregnancy. "They are active buggers, "I said, "but not that bl**dy active!"

So things progressed more. I showed her my porno and she was more enthusiastic than I would have thought. We moved on to tit sucking, topless cuddles, hands down the jeans and panties (hmm, does anyone ever forget the first time they feel a wet slit open up around their fingers?), full nudity, mutual masturbation and oral sex. Finally after six months or so together we took one anothers virginity in a very tender evening. From then on it was non-stop fucking! At the time the sort of porn I could get was pretty tame picturewise but the stories were raunchier. We began to use the porn a fair bit and I noticed she liked looking at the girly pictures too.

I teased her lightly about this expecting a playful slap but all of a sudden a flood of tears broke out. Like most boys, I was helpless but finally got to the truth. Young Viv had had a sexual experience with another girl when about 10 or 11. Nude romping and examinations, that sort of thing. But it stayed with her and she really thought she must be gay even though she enjoyed my cock. I began to describe some of my own c***dish sex play and said how I'd sucked the cock of a very tough local k** once (true - but more like a kiss on it really). She became more and more relaxed and calm at my talking. I pointed out the porno stories with lots of lesbianism in them and how most authors claimed bisexuality (not that I really knew the terms fully). I remember showing her pics of Mary Millington that were as hard core as I could get then. Some with guys, some with girls!

Anyway, my lovely Viv then gave me the biggest thrill of my young life. It seems she thought another girl in her class, Jules, was also gay, no way to confirm it and absolutely petrified of being wrong. Could we invite her over one night and er...find out? "What, " I asked, my mind leaping with possibilities," you want to see if she'll fuck you?" Subtle, eh? But basically, yes. The plan was set up and strict warnings were given to me: NO WAY was I going to fuck this other girl, Viv and I weren't to fuck in front of her either and it all had to look like my doing. What they nowadays call 'complete deniability'!

Each Sunday evening my folks visited my Grandmother. I had long since given up joining them. I was driving by then so we went to Jules' house and Viv demurely called on her. She'd set this up on the Friday at school. My mind and prick were racing I can tell you. Part of me just did not believe this would happen at all. The other part was practically shooting spunk into my panties! It was darkish by the time they came out to the car were I waited. I couldn't see much of Jules apart from dark hair, a roundish face and a roundish body to match. Nervous chatter on the way home but silly girl stuff so I kept on driving with only adding a few daft comments. Then inside and upstairs to my room. The first weird thing was that Jules wouldn't let me close the door to my room. Not that it mattered as we were alone.

So Viv and I began the great seduction! Well, I doubt it would rank highly among great love tales but you know, it sort of worked. I cant recall exact details but I began by joking along the lines of having two girls to play with, a natural rebuff from Viv, then her grassing me up by saying I got these ideas from my porno. Which then got brought out by which I was supposed to be embarrassed. And then the girls got to comparing the bodies of the chicks in the mags...and then with what they both had. I had to walk a line between not giving the game away that Viv and I were fucking four times a week and also hinting that I knew what she packed beneath her sweatshirt! Jules was a bit reticent. To be honest...she was a bit dim. BUT, not entirely anti the idea that was looming in the distance. Her little giggles and coy looks were enough to encourage both of us.

Jules was sat on the floor, her back against the bed but would not join me on the mattress. Awkward! So I had to get down to her level. Viv, who I could see still on the bed was watching me like a hawk as I progressed the converstion. I picked out a couple of lesbian photosets for special praise and made sure Jules closely clocked the dreamy looks of the models as their playmate licked and mauled their tits and bush. i also dared ( ah, the old ones work best) Viv to prove she had bigger breasts than a particular model. This put the ball frimly back to Viv and she grabbed it. With a defiant word she pulled her top off over her head. I watched as Jules eyes took in the full bra cups before her. Ah ha! "Could we really tell like that?" I asked and before Jules could reply Viv had removed her silky bra completley. Her full, pale nippled breasts tumbled forward and next to me I felt Jules' thighs twitch together. With a renewed dare I soon had Jules topless too!

Her bosom was much smaller than Viv's and darker skinned. Her nipples were small and hardly poked out at all whereas I could see that Vivs were puckering up a treat. I reached out and touchd one, lucking at it to harden it more. I then did the same to Jules..all the time aware of Viv's calculating gaze on me... If she objected too virulently the mood was dead. But I knew I wouldn't get too much further. Again I tried to steer the topic to lesbianism but it seemed Jules was not so interested now in that as in me. She snuggled up to me and pulled my hand to her tit. I gently manipulated her warm skin, finding her nipple and stroking it with the back of my hand. She had her head buried at my neck and was gently kissing my throat. Viv was torn between looking at Jules perky tits and warily eyeing how close I was to Jules. At this point I had a brainwave.

I winked slowly at Viv and then gently lowered Jules onto her back on the floor so Viv was down by her thighs. I kissed her fully on the mouth but at the same time blindly reached out for Vivs hand as I went flatter and brought it up to Jules' chest. Me being above Jules now, and my body laying across her she had no way of knowing who was actually holding her tit. Since then I've thought she must have known the difference between a large, factory workers hand and that of a classmate but if that was so she never let on. I could hear Viv's breathing and was aware of her warm hand moving on the exposed flesh beneath me so I went for broke. Gingerly , so that Jules shouldn't suddenly realise I had grown an extra hand, I removed Viv's touch by the wrist. I put my hand to the waistband of the jodpur like trousers that Jules worn and tugged at them. Jules lifted her full buttocks and the pants and knickers all came down to her thighs. "Help her, Viv, " I breathed and agaain kisseed Jules, our eyes meeting breifly with wonder and excitement. "This OK Viv?," I asked over my shoulder and received a faint, "Yeh." I could see Jules eyes widen in disbelief before I kissed her again.

I then lowered my head to Jules breast and began to nibble on her slightly humid skin. Once more I blocked her view of Viv but his time I could see Viv. She was right on the point of breaking my nose! However, again I winked at her and to make clear my intentions I waggled my right hand fingers in front of her. I lowered this hand to Jules' stomach and smoothed the small rolls of puppy fat I found there before snaking lower. Jules had her knees together still and her feet planted flat on the floor. I slid my hand over her naked thighs up to her bunched clothing and eased it over her knees where it flopped to her ankles. I slipped my hand between her kneecaps and then let my hand slide back. Oh, the wonder of feeling a young girls hot flesh part so willingly as her legs spread wide. I heard Viv gasp as she caught her first close up glimpse of aroused female flesh. My hand fluttered down those soft, soft inner thighs and came to rest on Jules' hair covered mound. This was the second pussy I had got to feel and was immediately made aware of the maxim, "There's no two alike". Viv, being blonde was much lighter covered with pubes than Jules, who had a bush that spread into her thighs from her puffy outer lips. I circled my hand gently and felt Jules sigh and quiver. Peeping at her I saw she was well away with the waves of lust, her eyes closed and mouth open and breathing heavily.

I remember going to find her clit and being surprised to find that her slit had a definite hook of skin at the top of it whereas Vivs sort of tapered out along her clitty shaft. Jules clit seemed much smaller as well, the tiniest nub of flesh compared with Viv's pea sized area. All this I took in quickly and then once more grabbed Viv's wrist. I led her hand between Jules thighs and waggled my eyebrows. A look that had definitely been one of daggers turned into melting joy as she nervously caught my idea. I had to make sure my hand stayed away but for the next ten or so minutes I was treated so a most erotic experience. I continued to block Jules' view of her own lower body with my own torso as I held her head to my neck and sucked at her squirming, perspiring perky little brown tipped breasts. I looked down along her body with the view of my large breasted and beautiful blonde teenage girlfriend slowly fingering her cunt to shuddering orgasm. I could see, in fact I was riding those bucking hips and seeing the tufted pussy rise and fall as my Viv smoothed, poked, tickled, tweaked and rubbed at her oozing flesh. There wsa a moment of panic as at the crucial moment Jules' thighs clamped together but her ecstacy was too intense for her to realise it wsant me she trapped in her soaking cunt. Once her thighs relaxed Viv hastily sat back and removed her hand a dazed grin on her face.

I knelt up om one side of Jules and did something that I had been dying to do for twenty minutes.. I unbuckled my jeanes and hefted my cramped and aching cock into view. I reached across Jules and grabbed at Viv's jeans and scrabbled at her flies. She too needed release and pushed her trousers down her thighs exposing her blonde muff and deep cleft to both Jules and I. I grabbed my prick with one hand and squeezed. A large dollop of clear juice sprang out and swung down to land on Jules' damp belly. I thrust my other hand between Viv's thighs and my fingers immediately sunk knuckle deep into her quim, never before had she been so wet and so open. Removing my hand from her pussy I caught Jules hand and thrust it to Viv's bush. But No...she pulled back from her schoolmates moist slit with a shake of her head. I was too far gone now to care so I returned my hand to Vivs snatch at once. She ground down on my fingers as two of them slipped into her tight little cunt. She franticall rubbed at her own clit as she knelt there opposite me. We faced one another, kneeling, her friend all but naked on the floor between us and within a minute we had both brought ourselves to a throbbing climax. She came first, her frantic rubbing bringing a loud cry from her and I swear I heard a loud squelching from her pussy. Just a few more strokes on my rampant cock and it shot out a burst of spunk that I thou
ght was going to split my tool down the middle. I actually hit Viv's navel with the first shot and her bush with the second...the next few landed across Jules' belly and tits as she drank in the scene above her...

God, I am so hard now thinking of it. Of course we all accepted it was just fun and passed it off without Jules thinking Viv was gay...I think. Anyway, Viv enjoyed it but decided it wasn't a full on thing for her. She actually preferred cock! I often add bits of imagination to this memory like the girls really going for it or me fucking them both but this was the full extent really.

So another fond memory of mine with which to bring myself off..can you blame me?

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