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She stands alone in the quiet room. Blindfolded, she is unaware of what is in the room with her, though she knows that he will be there soon. That knowledge both excites and frightens her. While she knows the fear comes from the uncertainty, from not knowing what to expect from him, she is excited by the mystery and anticipation.

Since she cannot see, she cannot easily judge time, yet it doesn't feel that it has been long before she hears the door open behind her. "He must be barefoot," she thinks, hearing soft footfalls approach. She turns her head as though looking for someone, hoping it is him.

The feel of his warm breath on her ear causes her to jump slightly. She is suddenly uncertain about how to react.

"You're really here." There is a hint of surprise in his voice.

"You doubted?" she whispers.

"I wasn't sure." She senses a strength and gentleness in his warm, slightly accented voice that eases her mind. Preparing herself for the adventure to come, she relaxes in the knowledge that she still has some control over the situation.

He takes hold of her firm hips, moving her to stand directly in front of him. With her back to his chest, he reaches down to kiss the side of her exposed neck. He smells vanilla and citrus, and beneath that, her own warmth.

"So, are you going to do whatever I ask?" There is a sensual rumble in his voice that sends a shiver down her spine. She can feel a hint of wetness starting in her core.


"I thought that was part of the deal," he murmurs as he gently kneads at the soft fabric covering her hips. The feeling of the dress gliding over her smooth skin is already causing him to twitch. He is looking forward to collecting on their bet.

"Not entirely," she whispers. "I always reserved the right to refuse three things."

"What things would those be?"

She gives him a sexy, teasing grin. "I don't know what you're planning to ask of me yet."

"I see," he says, amused.

His hands continue their slow exploration of her sides, feeling the heat from her body. She finds herself relaxing even more into his hands, enjoying both their strength and tenderness through her dress.

"You already know that I have very few boundary issues. Just play it by ear."

They are still speaking in low, restrained tones

"Are you warm enough?"

"I wouldn't mind a couple more degrees, but it feels fine."

"Then I'm going to remove this," he says, reaching up to open her thin cotton dress, helping it fall to the floor.

The movement of the fabric causes her to shiver again. She gasps at the sensation of the soft cotton sliding over her skin. When the neckline's seam slips over her nipples, she feels them begin to rise.

He steps back to walk around her, wanting to see all of her. This is something he has wanted for a long time, so he relaxes into the moment and enjoys himself, allowing his eyes to roam her body.

From the tips of her pedicured toes to the red curls of her upswept hair, her skin is smooth and pale except for the sprinkling of freckles on her arms and legs. Her legs are toned from years of biking and dancing, and her small ass begs for his touch. As he returns to stand in front of her, he spies what he assumes is a small birthmark on her outer labia, and smiles in amusement.

'Odd place for a birthmark,' he muses to himself.

"What are you doing now?" She sounds nervous. The loss of physical contact is an uncomfortable surprise.

"I'm looking at you." His gaze moves up her torso from the dip where her waist joins her hips to her full, creamy white breasts. As he focuses on her nipples, he notices the areola are pale, a subtle blush of pink on her alabaster skin, and a perfect fit for his mouth. He feels his cock twitch again, anticipating the rest of the evening.


"You're... beautiful."

Her head moves, and she reaches out for him, trying to keep up with his voice.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Where are you?"

"I'm right here." He returns to stand before her. As his hand touches her waist, she visibly calms. "Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"I'm fine, really. It's just taking me a little longer to get used to the blindfold than I thought it would. I can't see you, so if you aren't touching me, I don't know where you are."

"I'm not going to leave you alone." He briefly touches his fingertips to her face. "If you're uncomfortable, we can remove your blindfold. You know that, right?"

"No, I just liked standing here with the contact, and you took it away."

Standing still for so long, her body is growing tired. She inhales deeply and stretches her arms above her head, hoping to ease some of the tension from her spine.

He takes advantage of the unguarded moment to slowly move his hands up her torso. "Better?" he murmurs, grinning.

"Yes," she laughs lightly. His touch brings fire to her skin, and she loves it.

With his hands just below her shoulder blades, he leans in and kisses her, nibbling and sucking in turn at her lips. Surprised, her breath catches, but she soon relaxes and responds to the gentle pressure.

He pulls her body closer to him, not moving his hands from their position. She enjoys the erotic sensation of his clothing brushing against her bare skin, and places her hands on his waist.

Before she can do anything more, he steps away, and she sounds a wordless complaint.

"No, not yet," he teases. "I think we're going to have to do something about you."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Will you allow me to tie your hands?"

This leaves her silent.

"I won't tie you so tightly that it causes you pain. You'll also be able to get out of it if you feel the need."

She thinks for a moment before telling him she will allow it.

"Thank you." He walks away, returning with a silk scarf, tantalizing her by drawing it slowly down her arms before loosely binding her wrists.

With her hands tied behind her back, he walks around her again, trailing his fingers across her body in a feather-light touch. She gasps, and goose bumps appear under his trace. Her nipples immediately harden further, and she can feel her pussy moistening even more.

He allows his fingers to dance up and down her body as he walks. First he draws his fingertips across her shoulders, then the length of her arm, along the undersides of her breasts, over her abs to the other arm, and finally to the small of her back. She shivers with pleasure and moans lightly.

"Do you like how that feels?" His whisper is husky with desire, yet he pulls his hands away from her. After hearing her moan, his cock strains within his jeans.


He is still moving, and it frustrates her that he isn't touching her. She continues turning her head, as if looking for him.

"What about this?" He stops behind her, leaning in to kiss her slender neck. She sighs as his hands move up to cup her full, heavy breasts.

Pressing into his chest, she smiles. Somehow he knows what she likes, and she is willing to let him continue.

Not wanting to let her get too comfortable just yet, he allows his hands to move about her body again. Change is good for a person after all, he tells himself. Why not try something different on her. It is always possible to return; those beautiful breasts aren't going anywhere.

"Are you okay?" he asks.


As his hands explore her body, she wriggles her bound hands until she is able to lightly massage the growing bulge she feels in his jeans. She murmurs her approval of his actions and turns her head toward his, seeking his lips again.

They kiss, and he wraps his arms about her, pulling her firmly against his chest. He slowly brings one hand up to her neck and just behind her ear, holding her in the kiss. Twining his fingers into her hair, he deepens the kiss, until he notices that her caresses of his cock have grown more assertive.

"Wait a minute," he laughs, fighting back a groan as he breaks off and steps back. "No, I don't think we need you doing that just yet."

"Don't tell me you weren't enjoying it," she teases.

"You have great hands," he agrees, adjusting himself in his jeans, thankful she can't see, "but it wasn't part of the bet."

"Are you seriously going to tell me that I can't touch you because I lost the damn bet?"

"Yeah, I am."

She could hear the grin in his voice.

"What kind of sucker bet was this?"

"As I recall, it was your idea."

"Okay, I suggested we make the bet, but why would you set these terms? What's in this for you?"

He wraps his arms about her waist and kisses her, lightly drawing the tip of his tongue over her bottom lip. "Does it really matter?"

"I suppose not." Pressing herself into him, she resumes the kiss, allowing his tongue to probe her mouth. Her tongue caresses his, leaving him free to let his hands roam.

His hands are deliberate in their movements about her body. He seems to be trying to discover all her most ticklish areas, and the way she squirms under his touch indicates he is finding many of them.

"You're really ticklish." He grins delightedly.

"It's nice of you to notice," she giggles.

"I couldn't help it. At least, not the way you keep wriggling about, which is honestly pretty damn sexy. Are you like this everywhere?"

"Well, I kind of think you should continue learning on your own. You seem to be pretty good at picking things up quickly," she teases. "Or you can go back to your changing things up."

Though she is still blindfolded, she knows he is smiling at that.

"You have a good point," he breathes. "Although, I think I'd like a change of scenery, because I plan on taking my time with you."

With that, he lifts her into his arms and carries her across the room.

She feels herself being lowered onto the bed. "Are you going to leave my hands behind me?"

"Excuse me?"

"Having my hands tied behind me here could get kind of uncomfortable, don't you think?"

"Oh, that. Yes, you have a point there."

He maneuvers her into a seated position and reaches behind her to loosen her hands. Before she can do anything, he ties them again, this time in front of her, then pulls them up and fastens them to what she can only presume is the bedstead. Although bound, she is not uncomfortable.

"You really want to have me tied up?"

"Relax. I think you'll enjoy it." His voice is teasing, yet tender. "You'll still be able to get out of everything if you really want to."

He eases her into a reclining position on the bed, then leans over to deeply kiss her.

Before she can fully respond to him, he is gone. She feels him rise from the bed and senses him moving away. "Where are you going?"

"Don't worry, I'll be right back." His voice is soft.

She can hear the sound of fabric moving, the soft rasp of a zipper, and realizes he is undressing. With the blindfold, she is somewhat frustrated in not being able to see him. Since that apparently has to be the case, she wishes desperately for her hands, wanting to touch him, to drink in his skin as fully as possible. At the same time, she is willing to let him play it out.

He returns to the bed and lies down alongside her, dr****g an arm over her torso, wanting to both tease and please her. One hand traces a slow, achingly light path up and down her ribcage. At the same time, she feels his lips caressing her cheek, nose, forehead, ear, and finally, her lips. Their kiss builds and his wandering hand moves to cover her breast.

She moans softly, the sound muffled by his mouth. The warmth coming from his bare body amazes and comforts her. She loves the feel of his hands on her body, and tries to communicate that to him by pressing up into his hand.

Her movement encourages him to caress her breast, massaging the underside, running a finger over the nipple before bending down to gently suckle first at one, then the other, each time drawing her full areole into his mouth. God, he loves the feeling of a nipple hardening in his mouth. Her sighs tell him that she is excited as well as pleased.

Slowly, his free hand continues to move along the length of her body. At her hip, he raises his hand to brush the smooth skin with the backs of his fingernails, again raising goose flesh. She gasps and twists her body, angling her hips toward him, wanting to feel him, his hand, his mouth, his cock, anything, between her legs.

"Lay back," he chuckles. "You really are ticklish. I didn't think anyone could be this sensitive, but here you are."

"Maybe I need more contact."

He reaches over to nuzzle her neck. "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you."

"Is that a promise?" she grins at him from behind her blindfold.

Instead of answering directly, he smoothly runs his hand up her chest, caressing between her incredible breasts, and moves to nibble at her ear. He plays with her hair as it lies on the pillow behind her.

"Please, I need you to kiss me," she whispers.

He is silent, yet he brings his hand to her face, caressing her cheek, tracing a line along her lips. She opens her mouth slightly at this pressure and draws his finger inside, sucking on it softly, running her tongue along it as she teases with the catch and release of keeping his finger in her mouth.

He moans lightly, his cock stiffening further at the suggestion she gives through the tension she maintains on his finger. Slowly, carefully, he pulls his finger from her lips, then leans in to kiss her, thrusting his tongue between her teeth, allowing it to dance with hers. His hand moves down her body to knead at her thigh, subtly spreading her legs further apart.

Breaking the kiss, he paints sensuous designs down her body with his tongue. When he reaches her hips, he adjusts his weight to slide between her long, slender legs, and continues moving his tongue down her inner thigh. Although he can smell her arousal, he f***es himself to move along her leg, toward her knee.

The tickling sensation on the inside of her knee is intense. Not being able to see what he is doing, she has to rely on her other senses. She has always been very tactile, and his touch is teasing and powerful, causing her to writhe and gasp in pleasure.

His tongue continues drawing pictures along her inner knees and thighs. Her legs move, trying to get away from the intensity. She tries to beg him to change what he is doing, yet is only able to moan and whimper in crazed desire.

Slowly, he moves up her thighs, coming nearer to her center. Wanting to tantalize her even further, he pulls back slightly, gazing at the pink moistness of her pussy. He blows a gentle stream of warm air along her slit, from base to clit, and watches as she jumps in surprise.

She moans to him that it feels wonderful.

While he is sure of what she wants, as her pussy is oozing moisture, he turns instead to lick the creases where her inner thigh meets her body. She twists toward his mouth, trying to redirect his attentions, aching for more; yet he resists, licking and nibbling steadily along her outer labia. When he is ready for more, his tongue darts out, soft and tender, and barely presses just below her firm clit before withdrawing. She calls out his name, desperately needing him to continue.

Smiling to himself, he begins his explorations. He allows his tongue to slowly dance through her folds, savoring the sweetness of her pussy while gently kneading at her hips. Though he is tentative at first, her throaty whimpers quickly let him know that he can become more daring. He rolls his tongue into a U-shape and thrusts it into her dripping opening, slowly fucking her with it. As her hips strain toward him, his hands move to her breasts, and he sends his tongue out to lick, flick, and suck at the little bud that rises to him.

Pleasure swelling within her, she grows impatient with her bonds. Crying out in surprise at the skill of his tongue, she breaks her hands free from of the scarf that restrains them. With one hand, she tears at the blindfold. The other flies down her body to hold the top of his head, then slides back to pull him deeply to her.

He reduces his motion to a soft palpating and slides two fingers into her wet, velvety depths. She cries out in ecstasy as he locates her G-spot with firm caresses. It isn't long before her back arches and a smooth gush of cum fills his mouth and covers his hand and chin. He stays with her, greedily drinking in her sweet juices.

Her body quivering, he rises and moves up to gently kiss her while still massaging her breast. They embrace, tenderly kissing, yet he laughs a little when he realizes she's removed the blindfold. He raises himself above her, leaning on his elbows, enjoying the feel of her breasts as they press into his chest.

She chuckles, low and soft. Her gentle panting as she rides out the last of her orgasm has her nipples rising and falling against his chest. "That feels nice," she whispers.

"It does."

"I don't know what you were doing with your mouth just now, but it was incredible."

"Well, thank you," he grins at her affectionately. "If you don't mind my saying so, you taste great."

She blushes at him, and they slowly realize that her breathing is becoming increasingly erratic. Looking down, she sees that her nipples are being teased to a new stiffness by the soft, dark blond hair on his chest. As she gasps in amazement, she whispers to him that this has never happened before.

He bends down, slowly kissing all about her face as she rides out a small second orgasm.

Gradually gaining control of her breathing, she brushes her hand down his back until she reaches his ass, squeezing it quickly yet firmly. From his hip, she travels inward and slides her hand between his legs to take hold of his erection.

Taking him in an easy grip, she massages his length before moving on to allow her fingers free play. He gasps in amazement at the sensation her touch brings. She is fearless in her explorations, moving her hand gently yet surely along his inner thighs, over his balls and back along his increasingly firm shaft. Her kiss is confident, seeking out and teasing his tongue.

Finally, he has to break off. He whispers, asking, "Will you let me make love to you?" His cock is so hard it is almost painful. The thought of sinking it into her warm, wet pussy is the only thing keeping him moving.

She smiles, gently laughing, "Why are you asking? Isn't that what this was about all along?" Becoming serious, she adds, "I want you to make love to me. I always did."

He groans in anticipation. Her hand, still playing lightly over his erection, moves to gently guide him in to her well. He slowly presses into her, marveling at how tight she is. She moans softly at the pressure his thick cock creates against her walls.

Once fully seated, he stops, enjoying the warmth and grip of her beautiful pussy. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her, almost fearing she will break under his touch.

They hold one another for a moment before he withdraws slightly, only to begin a quiet, powerful thrusting. Her hands move over his back, pressing, scratching lightly, gripping as she rolls her hips to him, encouraging him in his movements. At the same time, she brings her legs up, using their strength to hold him to her. He tries to vary his pressure, yet finds that the excitement is only building.

"You feel so good; you're so hot, so wet," he whispers while nibbling on her ear.

"Don't stop, please. I love how you fill me," she murmurs back. She kisses his neck and shoulder, gently biting at him when the pressure from that wonderful friction is greatest.

As the rhythm builds, her hands clutch at his waist as she feels his cock twitching within her walls. He rears up, his hand in her hair, grasping the back of her head as his release finally comes in great spurts deep inside her.

An instant later, and she is crying as her body shudders under him with her own mind-blowing orgasm.

He gently presses into her a few more times before leaning down to kiss her. They gaze at each other, amazed. Her hands move over his back in a soothing manner. She brings one hand up to cup his cheek, and they kiss again.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, he stirs as if to move from lying on her. She holds him to her, craving the closeness.

"Please, just stay here with me."

"I'm not too heavy?"

"No, no you're not." She draws her hand along the side of his face, watching his green eyes.

Without releasing her, he rolls to one side. "Yes, I am. It doesn't mean that we can't hold each other though."

They lay together in the dim light, learning the language of touch. Finally, she tucks her head under his chin, falling asl**p to the sound of his gentle breathing.

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