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My First Male sex experience



My first sexual experience happened once summer as I turned 17 years old. I had been a virgin up to that point and knew very little about sex. I had begun masturbating when I was around 10 years old in private but had always been taught that sex was something dirty and not to be discussed.

I had been invited for my birthday to spend the night at one of my friends homes. I was looking forward to being away from home and had been looking forward to this outing all week. A little after 7 on a Friday evening I left home and arrived at my friend Bobby’s house

Bobby was a tall skinny guy standing about 6’2” and weighing about 180. He had medium length blond hair and blue eyes and was eight years older than me at 25 years old. I had known Bobby for most my life and he was a great friend. There were two other friends staying with us that night and I was the youngest of the group. Luke was the next youngest at 21 and Chris was the oldest at 26. We had all grown up in the same neighborhood and I had known all of them most my life. Both Chris and Bobby had babysat on occasion when my parents had gone out for a night when I was younger.

Bobby answered the door and welcomed me inside where Luke an Chris were already seated on his couch listening to music and drinking a beer. The teased me about it being my birthday and then finally threw me a beer. I opened it and took a sip. I really did not care for the taste but wanted to fit in so drank it down starting to feel a slight buzz from my first bottle. I was handed a second bottle and we all sat around listening to music and snacking on some stuff. I was surprised when after my third beer I was feeling light headed and went in to use the bathroom. When I returned the guys all said in celebration of my birthday I needed a good birthday spanking. I tried to resist until Luke got up off the couch and gabbed me and carried me over to the couch.

Luke was a very muscular guy who had played football in High School and still worked out. He was 6’00” and weighed about 200 lbs of pure muscle. Luke laid me across his lap and gave my ass a sharp slap through my jeans. I tensed up and let out a “ouch” as his hand made contact with me and I tried to squirm off his lap and from his tight grip. All the guys laughed and continued teasing about my birthday spanking and I heard Chris and Bobby tell Luke if it was my birthday I needed to be in my birthday suit. I tried my best to hold onto my clothes but was no match against Luke and found myself stripped completely naked and again over Luke’s lap in a few minutes. This time he let my ass have it good and gave me one of the hardest spankings of my life. I was crying before he finished and could feel my ass like it was on fire. Luke laughed and said he could feel my cock stiffen from the spanking.

I don’t understand why but it was true, I had a small sized cock at about 5” rock hard and while Luke spanked my ass despite the pain I felt incredibly turned on and by the time he was finished had a full blown hard on. As Luke picked me up from his lap and stood me in front of him the other guys all remarked about my hardon and referred to it as my little stubby. Chris walked over to me and and got undressed and and then sat on the couch in front of me. I asked him if he was going to spank me too hoping that he was and he said yes. I laid over his lap and he gave me a spanking but not anywhere as hard as Luke. In between blows he rubbed my ass as if trying to massage me and I could feel his cock poke into my side. When I got up I looked to see he had a big cock at about 8” long. It looked so amazing I wanted to touch it and see what it felt like. When I looked around both Luke and Bobby were also all naked now too. Luke had a nice looking cock but it was only about 6” while Bobby had a long and skinny cock about 10” long.

Luke brought me over to the couch again and sat down pushing me down in front of him. He pushed my head into his lap and holding the back of my head pushed his cock into my mouth. At first I was a little scared of it but it tasted and smelled so good I soon began to run my tongue around the big fat head of his cock and worked more and more of his length into my mouth. I felt hands on my ass and and my cheeks being spread open and soon an oiled finger being pushed into my tight tiny little virgin hole. It hurt like hell but also felt really good as the finger was pushed in and then worked inside me till the pain was gone and there was only pleasure.


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