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Her birthday

Today was her 18th birthday and she wanted to do something fun and forbidden...
her dad asked her what she would like for her birthday and she told hime. "i want to be fucked and groped by three of your friends all night while you watch them. choose the three with the biggest cocks and the horniest." "Well baby you are sure growing up." her daddy told her. But her knew who he had in mind and where.

He made the arrangements for ten that night. Bill, Jo and Dan showed up at the chosen place. It was a hotel that catered in erotic sex games. When dad brought his daughter in, she was wearing only a coat with nothing under it. The room he rented had a fuck swing in it so her legs would be tied high and her ass and pussy very available to the men. Her dad took her coat and placed her in the swing, tieing her legs well spread and up high. She was then layed back and her arms tied so she could not move.

He then told the three men to undress. As they shed their clothes, she saw the big cocks. The smallest was 9 1/2 and the next over 10 and the third was about 12. Each cock was hard just seeing her young body spread in the swing. They had already decided who would fuck her first. The dad settled back in his chair to watch. He too was naked. Two men started to suck her tits to wait til it was their turn to fuck her. The first man started to lick her pussy. He licked her clit and the lips around it then he spread the lips and pulled the clit with his teeth. Her cunt seeped cum and he licked this off as he then licked her hole. He kissed her hole french kissing it and pushing his tongue in deep. He tongue fucked her fast and felt her cum. He licked the cum out of her wet pussy. Then he rammed her cunt with his big cock. He pushed it all the way in the very first plunge. She felt good on his cock with her tight hairless cunt. He fucked her hard ramming in and out of her hole. She was multi cumming with him fucking her and the two men sucking and chewing her nipples. When he pulled his cock out, it was covered with her cum.

He went to her face as the second guy took his place by her cunt. The second guy had the 10 inch cock and rammed it right in also. He was fucking her and pinching and pulling her clit and feeling her pulse on his cock. As the second guy pounded her pussy the first guy stuck his cock in her mouth for her to lick and suck. He wanted her to clean his cock. The third guy by now was biting and chewing her large nipples leaving marks and bruises on the round globes. The second guy was really fucking her hole hard. He had all 10 inches all the way in her up to his balls. he felt her cunt pulse on his cock several times. Suddenly his cock exploded inside her. He filled her hole and much cum ran out onto the swing and down her ass. He pulled his dripping cock out and then went to her mouth to be licked as the third guy came to her pussy.

The third guy had the biggest 12 inch cock. He was anxious to fuck this young pussy and he planned to ram all 12 inches in her. One guy was sucking and slapping her tits as she sucked the second guys cock and now the third was ready to invade her cunt. He pushed his monster cock to her opening. He was long and thick. He pushed the head inside and felt her stretch. She would really be gaping when he finished with her young cunt. He had 10 inches in her and soon pushed the last two in her. He could feel the walls of her young cunt as he began to fuck her. He pulled 10 inches out of the hole then pushed all 12 back in over and over. He fucked her hole hard with his huge rod. He knew she wanted a huge cock and he was giving it to her. He was sure she would not be able to walk when he got done fucking her with his huge cock. His cock was rounder than a pop can and hard as a rock. He loved to fuck and it was rare he could get some to accept his huge rod. The young girl had no choice but to take the pounding he was giving the tight pussy. Her cunt was stretched and he wanted to put his fist in her when he was done. He wanted to fist that now stretched pussy. As he began to cum and fill her with his warm juice, she too was cumming and her cunt was grasping his big rod as she pulsed. He pulled out and gave her gaping pussy a slap as he walked away. Now she would get to suck this monster cock and clean him up.

The three men looked over at the dad who had been watching his daughter get fucked by his friends and saw how turned on he was. He was jerking his cock as he finger fucked his ass. He had cum all over his hands as he had made himself cum several times. Bill walked over to him and told him to get on all fours as he was going to now fuck the dads ass. The dad had no choice and got down and raised his ass high in the air and Bill then mounted his ass and begans to fuck him. He showed no mercy to the dads ass and fucked him hard stretching him to fit the 10 inches. As he kept fucking the ass then joe came over and started to rub the dads cock to really get him off. Now dad was getting his ass fucked and his cock jerked. It felt so good and soon he was squirting cum everywhere. Now Bill was ready to cum again and filled the dads ass with his warm jizz. As he came in the ass he now started to spank the dads ass. Soon all three were spanking his ass making is sore and bruised. Bill told him, "from now on you will be our bitch and we will fuck you like we did your daughter tonight. Many nights we will fuck both of you as we like her tight cunt too and we will fuck her ass. You have no choice. You both are our whores."

All three men then fucked the daughter one more time before they got dressed and left. The dad then untied the daughter and put the coat on her and helped her to the car. Her cunt was stretched and raw with bruises like her dads ass. These men had fucked her long and hard with no mercy for her young cunt. Dad asked her how she liked her present. She told him. "It was great. They all had huge cocks like I wanted. I want more."

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