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My wife's first blow job.

When my wife and I started dating I was 22 and she 16. I did not want to rush into intercourse right away with her. She wanted me to take her virginity but wanted her be sure she was ready. So instead we fooled around a lot.

She gave me her first blow job one October Saturday after noon in 1989. We had kissed quite a bit all day and I even licked and fingered her virgin clitoris during the course of the day. By night fall we drove back to her parents house and parked in their dark drive way. We began to kiss pretty hot and heavy. It was then when she reached for my cocked and began to jerk me off with my pants sill on.

I quickly pulled down my pants and released my cock. I was as hard as a rock and from all the fooling around knew my balls were full of sperm. As we kissed she jerked my cock nice and easy. I told her to go down on me and she did willingly but also said she never sucked a cock before. She started slow by licking the tip of my penis. She was pretty good but often would bite me because of inexperience.

I told her she ought to take off her blouse and bra as my sperm would likely cover her clothes. She did so and revealed those wonderful 36D size tits that since she was 12 years old made her 8 years older s****r envious of her. My sweet future wife sucked me slowly for a long time. She was no pro but kind of knew I liked it slow as a long build up helped me shoot a sizable load of baby making juice.

After 20 minutes she had me on the ropes. Without any notice from me I came hard deep in her mouth. The first shot was so large and spilled so hard against the back of her mouth it made her gag. She pulled quickly and then next several shot of sperm hit her face, neck and breasts. She was coved in my seed. She could not believe a guy could produced so much sperm. As her faced dripped with my sperm I kissed her deeply and lovingly. I so enjoyed massaging my seed all over her breasts.

When we got dressed we both reeked of sperm. We decided that I would walk her to her door, kiss her good night and she rush upstairs before her mother noticed her. Instead her mother greeted both of us and asked me in for tea. My tea was my mother in-laws drink because she was from Ireland. I accepted and my wife sat next to me on the love seat. I kept thinking any moment she was notice her 16 year old daughter was full of sperm from head to waist. I mean how could she not we stunk so badly, but she never did. To this day I will never understand how she did not.

From that point on she knew we would never have a problem getting pregnant, knowing from her first time getting me off produced enough sperm to get three girls pregnant. I have to say she was right. Today we have four wonderful c***dren and we did not even have to try.

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