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How I was enjoyed by the group...

Aunt Rosy welcomed us on her cruise boat. Even after 4 years of marriage I had no issue. My hubby had a nice stiff hard cock and we both loved sex. But his sperm count was very low and despite our regular sex , he could not get me impregnated. Aunt Rosy knew this and sometimes she used to worry about it.
In the vacations, Aunt Rosy arranged a cruise and called us to spend time with them. Aunt Rosy was young and had lost her hubby at an young age. She had nice boobs and a sexy figure. She was spending a luxurious life. She used to stay with her boy friend Roy, who was a young attractive virile man. She had invited another young couple Rahul and Reena who had just married and were her relation. It was a sort of honeymoon for them.
It was great fun enjoying company of each other and spending time in dining, wine and sex---on high seas. All of us were young and used to enjoy cuddling and petting and fondling each other freely and intimately-- without any inhibitions. We used to discuss sex openly and used to enjoy the erotic porn films sitting together. The gents used to kiss their partners, fondle boobs freely and caress each other intimately.
One day Rosy called me in her cabin and said--- "Vanita, do u want to experience motherhood? This is cruise is a very good opportunity and may be such opportunity may not come back in life......"
As every woman wishes, I too wanted to experience motherhood. But felt shy to admit it. I just kept silent.
" I will arrange everything and the young boys would be more than happy to enjoy your beauty and give you the divine experience of motherhood".-- She said, holding me in deep embrace she kissed me on my lips. Her kiss and caressing felt so nice. She lovingly fondled my boobs and kissed me again. I felt she had already talked to my hubby and others about this plan and planned for the great occasion.
Next day after early dinner we were sipping the light liquor drink that she had arranged and it was making us all excited and lose all our inhibitions. There was a hot porn film of swinging couples--being played on the screen. Hubby was playing with my boobs. The other couples were also busy in petting. Aunt Rosy called me and hubby and asked us to sit near her. Me and my hubby both sat on either side of her. She held me in her arms and embraced me in most intimate manner. Her loving hands started slowly roaming all over my body .. It felt so nice...Her hands were becoming more and more bolder and started playing with my boobs. She easily located my nipples and was slowly pinching them. That was driving me crazy.She held me in her arms and kissed me on my lips.
" Look at her boobs, look at her nipples, ---look how beautiful they are" --she was telling others.
"Come here and enjoy her beauty"--she said.
Her friend- Roy, Rahul and Reena --all came and sat besides us, on the King sized bed.
She slowly pulled me on her lap and my head was now lying in her lap. Her hands on my boobs and the pinching of my nipples was driving me mad. Her tongue had already managed to enter my mouth and was exploring the inner depths of my mouth. My breathing became faster and my bosom started heaving and could be easily seen by everybody around us. One could easily see big tents in the pants of the young boys around us. I could imagine the cocks all stiff and hard and bouncing up and down and all ready for action.
With one hand she pulled my hubby to her and gave him a deep kiss on his lips.
" Oh look at the tent in his pants."
She caught hold of my hubby's stiff cock and pinched it.
" Vanita your hubby has a nice hard stiff cock.. The devil wants to come out." "Reena, free his cock. Let it breathe free air. The poor fellow is uncomfortable..." She was telling Reena.
I could see Reena happily going to my hubby and she opened his zip and pulled out my hubby's stiff hard bouncing cock from the briefs. It had become all stiff and hard and oozing lot of precum.
"Reena, better take care of the devil.. It has grown all stiff and hard see how it is bouncing up and down....." Rosy aunt spoke.
Reena caught hold of my hubby's cock and was happy playing with it.
Meanwhile Rosy Aunty's hands were fondling my boobs and her tongue was exploring my mouth. I was shaking with excitement. Both Rahul and Roy were looking at all this. I could clearly see the tall tents in their pants.
" Look how her body is shaking. Roy, why don't you help me in freeing her boobs...? And you Rahul please massage her legs....Let her clam down and relax..." Aunt said.
Roy immediately pounced on my boobs and he opened all the buttons of my blouse and pulled the blouse away. He caught hold of my boobs and gave them a good mauling.
" I will lift Vanita a bit, Rahul, please open her bra clips...." Rosy aunt spoke.
Aunt lifted me a bit up in her lap and quickly Rahul opened the clips of my bra and set free my big boobs....
Meanwhile Roy had removed my saree and I could feel his hands were playing with my panties. Roy quickly removed my panties and my whole body was now totally exposed to the whole group.
" Come on Roy,and Rahul let us play with her beautiful body and fondle it." Aunt was heard telling.
I had closed my eyes and left my body in the hands of all of them to play with it-- the way they liked....I was as if in some deep trance and enjoying for the first time the heavenly experience of so many hands and mouths doing so many different things with my intimate body parts. I had never experienced such joy. I was just shaking in their hands.
I could feel Aunty's hands and may be Rahul's hands playing with my boobs. I could feel my lips and mouth being invaded by them. Rahul was busy fondling my legs and I could feel his hands near my pussy. My pussy had already become totally wet. Somebody had located my clit and was playing with it too....
" Look at her nipples ---how stiff they have become...Come on-- feel them..." Aunty was telling. I could feel Roy and Rahul pinhing my nipples.
" Reena, look at her nipples and her rose bud...Feel how stiff they have become..." Rosy Aunty was telling Reena. I could soon feel Reena's hands touching my nipples and pinching my clit..
My whole exposed body was shaking uncontrollably in their hands and they were mercilessly playing with it and driving me crazy. My pussy had all become totally wet--making it so easy for any cock to push in....
" Now she is ready. Come on Roy, Be the first to satisfy her hungry pussy...." Aunty was telling Roy.
I felt my body being lifted from Aunty's lap and being deposited on the bed. I could feel somebody separating my legs. I never wanted to open my eyes but enjoy what was happening to me.
I could feel the tip of a hard stiff cock being slowly pushed in my wet oozing pussy.
" Roy give her slow long strokes" I could hear Aunty telling Roy.
Roy was giving me long slow strokes. His cock was a bit thicker and bigger than my hubby's. His cock started exploring the inner depths of my pussy and each stroke was giving me immense satisfaction and joy. I could also feel Aunty and Rahul massaging my boobs and someone kissing me and driving his or her tongue deep inside my mouth. I was in heaven.
" Oh look at how Reena is playing with stiff hard cock of Vanita's hubby"
I heard Aunty telling others.
Rosy aunty took my cock in her hands and gave it a nice squeeze...
" Reena, make his cock happy..." Aunty was telling Reena.
My hubby pushed Reena on the bed and mounted her and started giving her nice strokes.
I was totally engrossed in enjoying the feelings in my pussy. The stiff hard cock was hitting me deep inside and driving me almost mad with pleasure.
I could feel his strokes now becoming faster and quicker. He was also holding me very firmly in his embrace and thrusting his cock deep inside to the hilt. I could feel his balls slapping against me at the end of each thrust.
" Oh, his cock appears to be getting ready to shoot----Hold her firmly and deposit all the cream from the cock deep inside her pussy...." Aunty was telling.
Roy was now holding me firmly in his strong embrace and giving quick fast strokes.
Meanwhile I could see Reena and my hubby both reaching their climax. Hubby had deposited his cock cream deep inside her pussy. Reena closed her eyes and and was enjoying the sensations that the cock had created deep inside her...
My body was shaking beyond any control and vibrating in his embrace like a leaf in a typhoon. I had never experienced such a feeling in my body. It was just shaking and I was experiencing the throes of a towering climax.
" Look at her climax...See how her body is trembling in his embrace.. Deposit all the cock cream deep inside her....Let the cock be milked to it's last drop" I heard Rosy Aunty telling.
Roy's cock was now throbbing deep inside my pussy and squirt after squirt of the cream was getting deposited deep inside my pussy. I could easily feel the squirts hitting me deep inside.....
" Now it is your turn Rahul". I heard Rosy Aunty.
Soon Roy was replaced by Rahul and I could feel the fresh cock giving it's deep thrusts in and out of my pussy.
" Rahul, hold her firmly under you and give her long deep strokes". Let the cock reach the innermost depths of her pussy..."Anty was telling Rahul.
Rahul was much younger and his cock too was very enthusiastic in giving strokes. The cock was giving nice deep strokes... But the poor thing could not last for long. May be the cock had become too much excited just watching Roy and the fondling it had taken at the hands of Reena and Rosy aunty.
Rahul held me firmly and I could feel his cock pushed deep inside and just pulsating while giving squirt after squirt of the cock cream. His cock deposited all it's cream deep squirts --inside my pussy.
" Now it is your turn. " Aunty was telling my hubby.
Reena had already milked hubby's cock. Hubby lasted just a few strokes and I could feel his cream depositing once again deep inside my pussy.....The experience of the pussy milking three stiff hard cocks was unique and exquisite....
The whole experience was just fantastic and the routine continued for the rest of the two weeks we were on the cruise. Rosy aunty, Reena, Rahul and Roy---all of them enjoyed my body almost every day and gave me the heavenly experience. I don't have to tell further that the two weeks on cruise,were more than sufficient to get me impregnated and give me the gift of motherhood..

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