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In the coffee shop

I've been chatting online for a couple of days to a beautiful girl, let's call her "Steph". From the first time I chatted with her I knew that she was a gorgeous, sexy girl like me and there was a massive instant attraction for me. Chatting and sharing naughty pics and videos was so horny and I know she loved it too. What made it doubly sexy was that she was married but I was her secret when he was out at work.

One day, we decided to meet up for a coffee. My body was tingling with anticipation all the way to the coffee shop...if her photos were true, I was in for a real treat. I arrived at the coffee shop first and waited, hardly able to contain myself.

I saw her come in and knew immediately it was her. She looked around the coffee shop for me and at first couldn't see me...her face was so disappointed. Then I caught her eye and her face beamed with excitement as she came across to my table.

"Oh my God, it's you" she said. I smiled and that online spark suddenly became real as I met her in the flesh. And oh what glorious flesh it was. My mind started racing as i thought about our sexy chats and the things she said we'd do together when we met. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I became overcome with the need to touch her, kiss her and lick her.

We chatted for a while, like we were old friends. I could see her flirting with me, just like I was flirting with her. I looked at the other people in the coffee shop and wondered if they could tell we were two horny girls ready to please one another.

We were talking about our sexy chats online when suddenly I just found myself saying "I need you, babe....I need you now".

She gave me a look, grabbed her bag and strolled off to the toilet, just glancing behind at me as she opened the door. I grabbed my things and followed her into the empty toilet.

The toilet was clean and smelt nice as we entered one of the two cubicles. Once the door was closed, she kissed me... tenderly and sweetly. My god she tasted good.

I fingered her hair as my tongue dipped into her mouth, now with a little more urgency. We knew we didn't have long and we both wanted it so so much.

I could feel her hand cupping my little breast, searching for my nipple that was now getting hard under the silky bra I was wearing. Steph's breasts were just what I expected - larger than mine with beautiful nipples. I bent my head to take one in my mouth, nibbling and sucking on it to make it hard for me.

My jeans fell to the floor easily and I felt Steph's fingers stroking my tender little clit. The minute she touched it, electricity zapped through my body and i thought I was going to cum straight away. Her fingers were now exploring my pussy lips as I nibbled her ear, smelling her perfume. My pussy was wet and waiting as she put two fingers inside my tight pussy. I'd never had more than two fingers in me before, but this time my pussy juices let her add a third finger felt good.

My pussy was pulsating as her fingers went in and out, at first slowly but now more and more quickly, sending my body to places I'd never been to before. Her other hand was casually caressing my tight little bum and then she moved it round, closer to my tight virginal arsehole. The pleasures in my pussy were so intense that I felt no resistance, no pain as she slowly slipped her moist finger into my bum. OMG..I'd never felt that before - both my holes being pleasured by a sexy lady's fingers.

Within seconds, I felt my orgasm building inside me, like a volcano ready to explode. Her fingers were now touching each other through the thin wall between my pussy and my bum and I could feel it throbbing with spasms that were now starting to move through my entire body. My body started to shake as my orgasm peaked, but then came back again and again to give me 3 orgasms, each one better than the one before. Each one, making my moans louder than the one before.

Jesus, I'd never been so horny and this lady had brought me to places I never thought possible. She spoke gently to me, saying "Come on. Take me to your flat. I need to cum too."

As we opened the door to the cubicle, another lady was washing her hands. She must have heard the groans of my orgasm a few minutes earlier. As I caught her eye in the mirror, she gave me a little grin. She knew alright, I could tell, and to this day I've often wondered if she too had her fingers in her pussy as she listened to our love-making in the cubicle next to her.



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