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After a long day at work !

I was in the office finishing up some odds and ends, it had been a long day, and I was taking a leave of absence for the next two months. I had a lot happen all at the same time, a death in the f****y, my husband and I were temporarily separated, not to mention that I had been working 12 hour days for the last three weeks.

I was the last one in the office, and it was quite, and most of the lights were already off. Everything was quite, and slightly eerie, I hate being by myself. So I put my iPod on, and kept doing what I needed to do. I was feeling slightly bummed because nobody had really said anything to me about me leaving. So I worked harder to get everything done so nobody would need to call me tomorrow. Even though I knew that as soon as I walked in my front door, my phone would be turned off.

As I worked on of my favorite bands started playing in my ear. I blocked out everything else and just listened to the song, letting the words float around in my head. I close my eyes, and swallow back the tears that are creeping into my eyes. All of a sudden I feel a hand on my shoulder, I almost jumped out of skin. I turned around to face James, the IT guy who had come back in to finish a project that was suppose to take him most of the night. I took my headphone out, and told him that he had just scared me half to death. He said he wasn't trying to do that, he just needed to know how much longer I was going to be so he could start on his stuff. I told him that I should be done in about 10 minutes.

At that he turned around and walked toward his office. I went back to work and finish what had to be done. Once I was finished I made sure all my stuff I needed to take with me was gathered up, then I walked to James' office and told him that I was done, and that I was also leaving. He then asked me if I was alright. I told him I was fine. He said that it had looked as though I was about to cry when he was at my desk. I told him that it had been a rough week, but I was alright. He said that if I wanted, he was a good listener, and wouldn't mind the company while he did his work.

After debating in my head what to do, I decided that there was no harm telling him what had happened. I first explained that a distant f****y member had died, so most my relatives had been around a lot lately and f****y is f****y. They poke and prod, telling me what I should or shouldn't do, all in the name of love, or at least that is what they always tell me. I also explained that my husband and I had recently decided to take a break, so that we could work things out. I was still mad at him for not wanting to listen to my feelings about everything. I think he just wanted to go bang his secretary with out feeling bad. I often felt that he had walked out years ago, and was just there to make me feel better, the only problem was we hadn't had sex in almost a year, and he never wanted to be around me. I knew that it was over, and that he wasn't coming back. As I explained all this, James stood there looking me in the eyes. I couldn't help but get lost in his deep brown eyes that matched his skin. He was gorgeous, and toned. I had often wondered what it would feel like if he just wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a hug.

Before I could saying anything, James had done just that. He was hugging me. It felt so warm, and I felt as though I could just stay there all day. Unable to hold it back anymore I cried, I cried for my self, for the loss of my husband, for the loss of some relative I barely knew. Embarrassed I started to pull away from him. He just held on tighter, and told me that it was ok to cry, and if I didn't let it out now, it would just eat at me until I did. So I just stood there in his arms crying, but at least grateful that someone was listening to me.

When I finally quit crying, James asked me if I felt better. I told him I did, and thanked him for listening to me. He told me it wasn't a problem and said that if I ever needed someone to talk to again, or someone's shoulder to cry on, he was willing. I thanked him, and told him that I had better get going. He asked me if I was planning on being at work on Monday, I told him that I wasn't, and that I had the next two months off. He said that he would miss me, and that he would talk to me later. Without another thought to it, I went back to my desk grabbed my things, and left.

I drove home listening to the radio, I wasn't really paying attention, it was just on for the noise. I was grateful that James had been so willing to listen, and that I had gotten everything out. It seemed like it had been a long time since I had really talked to anybody and told them how I felt. Before I knew where I was, I was home. I am not sure how I got there, or how long I had been sitting in the driveway. So I parked my car, and walked into the house, grateful to finally be home. As soon as I got in the house I checked the answering machine to make sure nobody called, then went to the bedroom, where I stripped out of my work clothes and then put on my pajama's, just and old t-shirt and some cotton shorts.

I then curled up on my couch in the living room, and turned on the tv, before long I had fallen asl**p. I had started dreaming of James, the softness of his hug, and the warmth of his words. When I stood next to him, I must look like a ghost, because of how fair I am, and how dark he is. The deeper my sl**p became the more fitful it became. I woke up around 1:00am, and decided I had better move to my bed. My sheets felt cool against my skin, and the bed was soft and inviting. I was soon asl**p, again I dreamt of James.

My alarm clock and woke me up, I had forgot to turn it off again. I tried to turn over and go back to sl**p, but it just wasn't working out for me. So I got up, showered and dressed, and was figuring out what to do for breakfast when my cell phone rang. I had forgotten to turn it off. I looked at the Caller ID, and noticed it was James. Thinking I had forgotten to log out, I decided to answer it. He was calling to make sure I had gotten home ok, and that I was doing alright. I told him I had made it home fine, and that I was doing a lot better then last night. He told me he was glad, but wanted to see it for himself, and told me to meet him for breakfast at a coffee shop down the street.

I hung up the phone feeling almost giddy. James had called me, to talk to me. I grabbed my purse, and keys and left. I had managed to get there in just a minute or two, I was actually excited to see him. When I got there it was easy to spot him, he was sitting at a table in the corner. He stood up when he saw me walk in, and I could feel myself blush. James was not a tall man, but he wasn't short either. He was broad shouldered, and had probably spent all his free time in the gym working out.

He told me that I looked better, but looked as though I hadn't slept. I told him that I hadn't slept very well, but I felt a lot better, and thanked him again for listening. Again he told me it wasn't a problem, and he was glad to help. He said that he could never stand it when a pretty woman cried. I started blushing and looked down at the table. It had been years since my husband and said anything that sweet. He put his finger under my chin, and lifted my face so that I was looking him in the eye, and then told me that he meant what he had just said. As I started to mumble thank you, he kissed me. I felt as if my head was spinning, I didn't know if I was dreaming again, or if this was real.

He broke the kiss, and said he hated to do this to me, but he had to leave. He promised me that he would see me again before Monday. With that he walked out of the store, and left. I sat there stunned not sure what had just happened. I sat there wondering if I just cheated on my husband. Then I remember he had walked out on me for someone else. I was not going to feel bad about this, I wanted it.

I had to do some shopping, I had no groceries in my house, and I was tried of eating out. On my way to the store on a whim I decided to get some new underwear, and a few toys. I hadn't bought toys in a while, I just used what I had. I walked in to the lingerie store and found a cute black lace bra and panty set, I also found a lavender satin set that complimented my skin tone. So I bought both sets, with James in mind. I then went to the adult store and found some dildo's that were suppose to be life like, and some nipple teasers. My nipples are a major hot spot for me, I loved to have them played with. I finally made my way to the grocery store and bought enough food for about two weeks.

I went home I took the new toys and underwear in to the house first, then went and brought in all the groceries. Once all the groceries were in the house I went and found my new black lace set. I put them on, and then wearing only my underwear I put away the groceries. As I put everything away I wondered if James would enjoy the view.

By the time the groceries were put away I was so wet, my panties were soaked. So I tried out my new toy, the dildo was a little larger then I was use to, so I slowly worked it in, it felt so good to my pussy. Soon I was pumping it in and out of my pussy with such furry, the entire time wishing it was James that was inside of me. My orgasm washed over me, I sat there only partly satisfied, I wanted James and I knew that was going to be the only way I would be totally satisfied.

After my little play session, I called James and asked if he had time to come over to my house for dinner. He said that he would be there. I went to work on dinner, and my plan as soon as I hung up with him. Dinner was going to be easy, I was just going to cook a creamy pesto with chicken and penne noodles. As soon as the sauce was done, I went to work on my plan. I wanted to make tonight, a night that James would never forget.

At 7 o'clock, James showed up, looking so good. I invited him in, and told him that dinner was ready, and to just sit in the dining room, and that I would be out in just a second. He did as I had asked, and I went into my bedroom, and changed into a sexy dress that I have. Then I walked into the dining room. His eyes glued to me, and I felt my pussy tingle. We ate dinner, and talked, and laughed it felt good to just be with someone. When we finished dinner, I got up and went and got his plate, bending down just enough to let him see down my dress.

I put the plates in the sink, then walked back into the dining room. When I got to the sink, I felt his arms wrap around me, and pull me into his chest. I felt safe, and loved the feel of his warmth . He then turned me around then he started to kiss me, deep and hard. I pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. James reached around me and unzipped my dress, and with that I stood before him in my new lavender underwear. He looked at my body, and told me I was beautiful. I blushed, that was something that I hadn't heard for a while, and doubted a little.

He must have seen the doubt in my eye because, he told me he meant it, then he picked me up like I was a feather, and told me he was going to show me that he meant it. He then walked toward my bedroom. On the bed were a new set of satin sheets, James laid me down on the bed, and started to kiss me slow and deep. He said that tonight he was going to show me what it meant to have a black man. With that he slowly started kissing my shoulder, and worked his way down my arm, when he got to my fingers he started to suck on each one, it was such an erotic feeling. I could feel my panties soaking through. He repeated the process with my other arm. Then he started to kiss my neck, it started to give me goose bumps, I hadn't felt this way in years. He worked his way down my neck to my bra, then kissed my stomach working is way down to my panties. When he got there, I heard him take in a deep breath, then he let out a sound of satisfaction, as if he were happy that I was wet. Then he started to work his way down my legs, and did the same thing with my toes that he had done with my fingers, it was so awesome, I couldn't believe it.

When he was done with my toes, he came back up to my face, and started sucking on my ears, it felt unbelievable. I wanted him so bad, I could see the bulge in his pants. I reached over and lifted his shirt over his head. I told him he was a little over dressed. I then undid his pants, he stood up and his pants fell around his ankles, then he stepped out of them. He then slid his boxers to the floor by his pants. Standing next the bed I had a perfect view of his large cock. He was probably close to 9 inches long and about two inches thick. I got wet just thinking about it. Before I knew what I was doing I was taking his cock in my mouth, I have never really enjoyed sucking cock, so I was surprised at my self when I did it. As soon as I put it in my mouth he got harder. I took as much of it as I could into my mouth and I keep working him. Just before he was ready to explode he pulled out of my mouth and told me not yet.

He then gently pushed me back on to the bed, and then took my right nipple into his mouth, and starting sucking it gently at first then with more urgency, just when I thought I was going to come he switched nipples and did the same with the left as he had just done with the right. By the time he was done with that I was ready to scream with pleasure.

I felt the head of his cock at my waiting wet pussy. I opened my pussy to him, and he slowly and gently slid his cock in. He was bigger then I was use to, so he was going very slow. Once he was in completely, he slowly started to glide in and out of my pussy, and with each thrust he went a little faster, until he was pounding me, and I could feel his balls slapping my butt. I met each of this thrusts with just as much vigor as he had. I loved the feel of his hard shaft in my pussy.

We both came at the same time. My orgasm was the biggest I had ever experienced, and he came for what seemed like several minutes. With that he collapsed on top of me. With in minutes we were both asl**p exhausted.

I woke up a few hours later to James once again sucking on my nipples, this time he did not do it gently, he was very rough, but it felt good. I was wet as soon as he started sucking so hard.

He pulled me out of bed and pulled me into the shower, and turned the water on. He then started to scrub my body, making sure every inch of me was clean. He started with my head and worked his way down to my feet. He avoided my pussy, but scrubbed everywhere else. Once he had rinsed me off, he told me to put my leg up, that he was now going go clean my pussy. I did as he asked, and then he started to clean my pussy with his tongue. The feel of his tongue on my clitoris made me shiver with enjoyment. He worked his tongue around all over, and I was grateful to have him do it, I greedily pushed my pussy on to his face wanting more.

He stopped and told me it wasn't time for me to cum again. I was slightly disappointed but grateful, because I wanted the chance to have him inside me again.

Standing in the hot shower, he pulled me to him and started kissing my neck and then down my chest. Once again sucking on my nipples with such urgency. I couldn't help but love it, and I could feel my pussy dripping from the attention. I pushed his head into my breast hoping that he would suck it harder.

When he stopped sucking my nipple he turned me around and had me bend over. Once I had done that he entered me from behind. He entered slow, but when he felt how went I was he began to pound into to me again, I wasn't expecting the f***e so I let out a gasp. He grabbed my hips and began to push and pull me off of him. Once I got the rhythm down, he started to play with my nipples, tugging at them, and twisting them. When he did that I couldn't hold it any longer and I came. Shortly after my orgasm started, he came too.

He turned off the water, and dried me off with a towel, then dried himself off. I was weak from having an orgasm standing up so he helped me to the bed, where I collapsed for the second time that night. I must have fallen asl**p because then next thing I knew is I was waking up to the sun shining in my window.

I was expecting to find James in bed with me still, but he wasn't there. I was very disappointed. So I got up put my robe on and walked to the kitchen. To my wonderful surprise James was still there. He had started to make breakfast. When I walked in, he told me that he was going to cook me breakfast because I was going to need the energy for what he had planned for me today.

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