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Tessa punishes her sex slave

I had chosen a long black satin nightdress. It was straight with a slit at one side, thin shoulder straps and lace at the bust and hem. It felt so sexy in my fingers as I delighted in its feel before putting it on – so smooth and cool. Then I raised it above my head and let the full length drop over my body, almost shivering with pleasure as the cool silky material caressed my flesh from my shoulders to my ankles. I smoothed it across my chest and stomach and luxuriated in its sexy feel against my cock.

My cock hardened as the sensuous satin d****d over it. Form a half hard position, it rose to full erection just with the delight of being covered in satin – the satin of a nightie from my lover. It smelled of Tessa’s sweet and heady perfume and d****d so sexily over my cock and balls. I held it tight to my stomach to rub into the soft material as the end of my knob got wet from the stimulation and a little piss leaked from my foreskin.

I arranged two pillows on the bed. One at the head was wrapped in my lover’s white lace slip fresh from her wearing it and smelling of her sexy perfume. With the lace edge at the top so my mouth would rub on it as I wanked. The other one was at groin length and had a long blue cotton skirt across it. I lay down with my face in the slip and my satin sheathed cock rubbing into the pretty skirt. My piss and precum wet knob rubbed smoothly against the satin of the nightie. I lay with my hands by my side and felt my hands taken above my head and my wrists tied to the head of the bed with a silk scarf. Another scarf was used to blindfold me and a third to f***e into my mouth and gag me tightly.

Tessa was my mistress and lover. She was a gorgeous woman in her late 40s with a beautiful sexy slim body. She had bobbed auburn hair, brown eyes, small delicious breasts with nipples that rose to sharp points when aroused. Normally she was a very conservative and restrained person and gave that impression to all who met her. She always dressed very smartly and always in a dress or skirt and top. I had met her professionally and our relationship had become sexual one evening when I kissed her as I was leaving. The kiss developed into a deep French kiss and within minutes we were in her bed. That was months ago. Since then we had discovered a mutual interest in all sorts of perverted and filthy sex acts. Tess had not been able to indulge her interests whilst her husband was alive and her daughter at home.

Now she lived alone and since we had been together we had converted one room into our play area. The bed mattress was plastic covered; the bed was fitted with restraints there was a frame for punishment, we had a cupboard full of toys and sexy clothing. Today she was wearing a light blue full skirted cotton dress with short sleeves, dark holdup stockings and very pointedly, no underwear for our sex play.

My cock was leaking more and more delicious precum as this happened and I anticipated what was going to happen to me. There was a steadily greater accumulation of wetness on my nightie and it felt delightful. My nightie was raised at the back to the level of the top of my arse and my legs f***ed apart as my partner wanted to see my hole and the back of my balls. She squeezed my balls hard and the tears started in my eyes. Then she fingered up my hole with no warning and no lube and that hurt as well. I knew this was just the start though. As I got accustomed to her fingers in me, so they were rotated and f***ed in as far as possible. Then she pulled them out and wiped them on to the slip under my face so I would have to taste and smell my own arse while I was tied there. All the time I was trying to rub myself against the satin nightie to increase my own excitement and hardness.

The first thrash of the cane was preceded by a swish and the electric pain shot through my body. I screamed into my gag and the pain increased the amount of spit I was soaking into that scarf. She went back to fingering my arsehole, using her hand to feel inside and part my cheeks before another slash of the cane, this time on the inside of my bum cheeks caused the tears to start from my eyes. Her hand held my cheeks apart as she punished me between them. Caning first one side and then the other before hitting right on the hole again and again. I was in floods of tears and begging her to stop, but she could not hear me through the gag and would not have stopped anyway. Then I felt a much bigger object open my shitter and knew I was being buggered with a thick butt plug. It was f***ed straight in, making my abused hole feel raw with the single thrust.

Tessa rotated the plug in my arse to make sure I could really feel the discomfort and the pain. Then she pulled it back an inch or two and I felt her tap it sharply with her hand. I knew this was the precursor to a harder strike that I had only had once before. I felt her studying the plug and then she aimed her cane at the visible end. It only half struck, but it was still enough to send a deep aching pain into my bowels. Her second hit was better and she went on caning the end of the plug up my arse for ages, each hit taking me closer and closer to passing out with the pain. Then she stopped and with a sharp tug, ripped the butt plug out.

I lay there feeling the pain subsiding of my caning and the gradual return to some normality of my ****d arsehole. I could feel liquid leaking from my hole and assumed it was bl**d from my anal ****. I could hear Tessa making herself cum with her fingers and moaning as her orgasms swept over her. I could just see her sitting on the edge of the bed side on, but could not see her hands on her clit and in her cunt as she was still wearing her dress..

Then she came to my hands and untied them and instructed me to roll onto my back. It was very painful and uncomfortable to lay on my caned and violated bum, but I did as I was told and had my hands retied above my head to the bedhead. My gag was still in place, sodden with saliva and this was now removed. I knew what Tessa had in mind once she also tied my ankles to the foot of the bed. I was now in place with my head resting on the slip covered pillow in a pool of drool and the other pillow still under my hips to raise my groin up. I had cum when I was being arse fucked, so the front of my nightie was wet with spunk and it clung to my half hard cock.

Tessa came to the head of the bed and climbed across my face so she was kneeling across my face and facing my feet. Her light blue skirt covered my head as she lowered her arse and cunt to my face. I licked eagerly at her sweet cunt, probing up inside her juicy tunnel and licking back across her hard little clit. I tasted her lovely musky cunt juices. I cleaned and sucked, taking her vulva into my mouth and sucking the lips before pushing my tongue up her as far as it would go. She slowly came to a shuddering orgasm on my face, moaning and screaming as the tension built to a climax.

She rested for a moment and then moved forward on my face, telling me I was to be rewarded for the pleasure I had just given her. She settled her arse on to my lips and I realised I was to lick and suck her anus. She had now showered all day and had not been careful in wiping herself. So I had to lick and suck at her sweaty and dirty anal hole

The taste was bitter. It was the act of sucking straight from my lover’s arse that made the whole degrading process so infinitely satisfying. My cock had got hard again and Tessa leant down to circle it in her hand through the satin of my nightie and gave me a slow wank through the wet fabrice. The juice coming from the end was a mixture of cum that had already welled up my shaft but not been ejaculated and pre cum before I came off again.

She went back to kneeling over my face. She lifted the skirt of my nightie to my waist to expose my hardon. Then she pulled my foreskin back and enveloped the head of my knob in her mouth. I gasped with pleasure as I felt her mouth round my cock by Tess’s tongue and lips.. I was so excited that I could not last long. As I came off, so Tessa held my foreskin closed and a small jet of cum squirted out up her arm and onto her blue skirt. My cock continued to pulse spunk until eventually it turned to a dribble.

Tessa took her hand from my cock and pulled my nightie down again over my now deflating penis. She pushed the wet and satin down on my cock and used her hand to rub the almost liquid cum into my groin so that the nightie stuck to my cock.

Then it was back to my face, her skirt up again and this time her cunt pressed into my mouth. We were both very messy by now and everything Tessa touched had saliva and cum stains. Now I was going to get her piss. She had perfected a way of making a nice regular stream of piss so I could take it all in my mouth and swallow without spilling too much. She relaxed herself and a lovely warm stream of my darling’s piss entered my mouth and I started to swallow at once. Again and again Tess’s piss filled my mouth and I drank the lovely nectar from her until she could produce no more.

Now I had had a treat – for drinking Tessa’s piss was a genuine pleasure, I needed a final bout of punishment. The dirty scarf that had acted as a gag before was reapplied to my mouth. Tess tied it tight into my open mouth, kissing me across it before she stood up again. She retrieved the cane and this time with me laying face up I could see everything she was doing. She stood by the side of the bed and used the cane to touch various parts of my satin covered body. She touched my chest, my thighs and my penis. Then she raised the cane above her head and brought it down with f***e across the front of my thighs. The thin satin was no protection and the pain was terrible as blow after blow struck home on the tops of my legs. Just to make sure, Tess tucked up my nightie so she could see the livid welts she was making, so she could see where the cane had drawn bl**d. Then she caned me on my bare thighs until she decided I had had enough. My nightie was pulled down again and Tess decided that my chest should be next.

I was in agony. My tears were running down my face and if it had not been for the gag my screams would have been heard a mile away. But that was just the preliminary. Now she was caning my chest, making a point to be as hard as possible across my nipples. The lace top to my nightdress took very little sting out of the blows as Tessa really laid into me. I tried to scream, to tell her to stop, but only grunts came out round the gag and the pain just intensified. In spite of the fact I had cum twice in our sex play, I came erect again and my cock throbbed with each blow on my chest. Tess pulled the thin should straps of my nightie down onto my arms and looked at the mess she had made of my front. Not only were there deep livid red welts, but several had bled and bl**d was still running from many of the wounds. My punisher stood back and spat into the bl**d contemptuously.

She still had not finished. My nightdress was hauled up again, this time to my waist. My erect cock stood up in front of her and Tessa said that I was going to get the most excruciating pain last. She took aim with the cane and landed a hard blow on my ballsack. The agony was intense but I scarcely had a chance to feel it properly before other blows with the cane hit my cock and balls. It had become unbearable almost from the moment she hit my balls the first time. I was writhing in torture unable to get away and unable to make any meaningful noise. Then it stopped. Tess put her cane down and at once lowered her mouth over my cock and using her hand on my shaft, sucked really hard and I came again in her mouth and she swallowed what I managed to ejaculate. She lay next to me again. Now she freed my gag and put it to one side and untied my hands. Fully clothed she lay against me and kissed me on the mouth as she ground her skirt clad cunt against my groin. I was still crying with pain, but she rolled onto me and ground her cunt against my damaged penis and came off in a huge climax, crying out with pleasure as she brought herself off in the middle of my pain.

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