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Thailand for the girls

'Nice and smooth' and 'Feels like silk' are some of the comments, men make about Thai girls' pussies.
Well here is a turn-up for the book, I have first hand experience of Thai cock, and let me tell the disillusioned ladies, it's good, even the young boys know how to stick it up, if you let them.
I visited and small town south of Bankok, called Hatyai, on the west coast, flying in from Singapore, with another Swedish girlfriend.
We came to witness things like the 'Tiger Show' whch is where girls do wonderful things with their pussies and men fuck you as you stand watching. We were in the mood for a memorable night before flying home and some Asian cock, more for them humping blond white girls, but equally more for us trying all the different races.
We checked into our hotel, having decided to share a room, as we both had a penchant for group sex, although we knew our tastes we never really discussed it, but I had watched her being fucked before and masturbated as I watched her get it.
She was not unlike me, tall but a truer blond, shaved pussy, long-legged, and a shaped ass, which she used as a back-up for her pussy, I felt like a back-up for her.
We were not bi-sexual but were very much at ease, walking around in the nude and discussing sexual encounters and swapping notes on previous lays.
She had showered and dived in next, and no sooner was I in when the door knocked.
She looked out through the peep-hole and remarked it was a girl. Covering her nude self, still wet from the shower she opened the door and in walked this teenage girl with a basket of fruit accompanied with a boy of about ten years of age, well I assumed that but as you know they all looked young for their ages.
She welcomed us to the hotel, offered the fruit, and a massage all in one mouthful. 'What do you think' she called out to me, as I stepped out from the shower, and standing completely naked, in the bathroom doorway, looking at the boy, whose eyes were wide open said, 'Sure, give it a try' and smiling at the boy, slowly covered my nude form with the towel.
I emerged into the bedroom to find her lying on her bed with her towel across her bum and this teen Thai girl straddling her in her knickers only.
Her breasts were really small, almost tomboyish and she was massaging my friends back in long smooth strokes.
I opened the minibar and took out a can of Thai beer, opened it and sat on my bed and watched her hands washing over her back and down her flanks.
'Fuck Mariel, I'm getting wet here' she said and burst into a fit of laughter.
'You planning a bit of girl on girl', I asked, half hoping she would say yes, and give me a reason to do something naughty in front of her b*****r.
'Fuck you mariel' she said, 'But lets go to one of those massage parlers and get some boys', emphasizing the 'boys' and not men.
She must have picked up on my expression of raised eyebrows, and matter of factly said, 'Boys can be virgins, and we dont want Aids'.
'Does your b*****r Fuck' she asked the girl, 'He no fuck! Fuck!' she said, not angrily, but casually and in an even tone.
'I would like to see his cock', I said as I took a deep drink from the can, halve smiling, halve seriously. We of course were conversing in Swedish, so the girl would have been clueless as to our personal chatter.
My girlfriend, now tiring of the massage, turned around and as the girl started to work her breasts, asked about the nightlife and the men.
'You want fuck fuck' she eagerly responded and the boys face lit up big time.
I proped myself onto my bed against my pillows, and drew my legs up, giving the boy a clear view of my open crotch, 'What the fuck', went through my mind as he drank in my womanhood, in its full splender.
His s****r took no notice of my change in position on my bed, as from her angle I looked like I was just sitting drinking, but from the foot of my bed, he was guest of honer, and when I slipped my left arm down my flank, reached under with consumate ease and opened my vagina for him to savour the pink on display, there was no doubt in his mind, what was in mine.
He got up and sat beside me, reached in and clumsily touched my pussy.
'Easy sweetheart' I said, 'Nice and easy' and I took his hand and worked it rythmetcally in and out, his long fingers coating well in my lubrication.
His s****r worked on my friends breasts, while watching her b*****r commit a sex act with me. 'You pay' she asked, 'Sure honey' I replied, and there was a smile on everyones face.
I turn slightly and put the empty can on the dresser beside the bed and in the same movement, slid my hand up his shorts, encircling his cock, and began to jerk him off under his shorts.
His s****r said something to him in Thai, and he stood up dropping his shorts and exposed his erection to all three girls in the room.
'Wow fucking nice cock' said my friend in English, and his s****r reached out and took hold of it, and drew him closer to her, thus giving my friend an opertunity to take hold of it. 'You like too' she said, and my friend, pulling him towards her, said, 'Sure I like' and greedily encircled her mouth around it and drew in deep.
Her hand slipped between his legs and cupped his buttocks, and in doing so guided him with a rythmic ease, forwards then backwards. As I lay there my view was all from behind and I was facinated with her hand as she managed to secure him in position by easing her thumb into his anus, thus giving more control to the mouth fuck she was controlling.
'Hey!' I said, 'I thought he was mine' There was no response from her, she was chewing on his member, now lying on her side, with the s****r now stradling her thigh, leaning on her hip, and humping her thigh, watching her b*****r getting a Swedish blow job.
I eased myself off my bed and knelt behind the boy. Taking hold of the boy by his hips, I started to kiss the soft skin of his buttocks, tracing my tongue down the crack and onto her hand.
Feeling my tongue working there she withdrew her hand and bringing both into play, pulled his buttocks apart for me to explore unabated.
Ringing his anus with my saliva laden tongue tip, did the trick, as for within the the first insertions, he orgasmed into her mouth.
I looked up as I could feel his final thrusts down her throat and looking from around his buttocks, was surprised to see her getting a pussy massage from the s****r, who know behind her and completely naked.
His cock slipped out of her mouth and he turned to face me, and I obliged by giving him a suck in my mouth accompanied by a ball licking and scrotum cleaning.
The two dirty Swedish bitches had feasted on a young Thai boy and his s****r, who lets face it, had came to our room offering the sex or a massage in the least.
We had an evening ahead of us where gang sex with Asian men were on the menu and a night in bed with the b*****r and s****r for myself was still to come.

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